Obama Exploits Shooting by Gunman Who Passed Background Check to Call for Background Checks

If it doesn’t work the first time, the only answer is to do it all over again.

Obama’s permanent campaign, which lets him spend a lot of time traveling and hardly any time working on the real economic issues that are a priority for most Americans, has taken him to Minneapolis where he is busy exploiting the Accent Signage shooting spree to call for an assault weapons ban and universal background checks.

The problem is that Andrew Engeldinger, the Accent shooter, used a Glock 19 pistol that he legally bought after filling out a permit-to-purchase application with the police and passing an FBI background check.

Obama’s gun control proposals would have done nothing to prevent Andrew Engeldinger from killing a number of company personnel after being fired. Nothing. Zero. Zip.

But rather than report that simple fact, the media completely blacks it out, while falling into line on the latest official lexicon from the White House by describing some rifles as not only “assault rifles”, but “military style assault rifles.”

Meanwhile Obama’s non-profit and non-partisan campaign is “coincidentally” distributing a letter from the son of the head of the company calling for universal background checks even though his own father’s shooter passed a background check. Sami Rahamim has teamed up with the anti-Semitic Keith Ellison to promote an attack on the Bill of Rights. Is that what his father, Reuven Rahamim would really would have wanted? To see his son promote a politician hateful of Israel and Jews?

Engeldinger bought a pistol and then angry over being fired, launched his killing spree. No amount of dishonest claims about “military style assault rifles” or background checks would have changed that. You don’t need an assault rifle to kill a whole bunch of people. A pistol will do it too.

  • tagalog

    "This time we REALLY MEAN IT!"

    • douglasjbender

      "Anybody want a PEANUT?"

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    When the majority of Americans finally realize that the Pyromaniac-in-Chief has zero interest in protecting anything, other than his radical agenda, the Second Amendment will be stripped and that is that. On the other hand, if they dig deeper and realize that the economic cliff, nudged over through ObamaCare, has everything to do with gun control, then perhaps the overall plan will take shape – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/18/obamas-march-

    As to the Jewish useful idiot son, another leftist casualty…

    Adina kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • JacksonPearson

      Get a copy of ObamaCare, and do a "Second Amendment" search. It's an eye opener.

      • pagegl

        The first executive order Obama signed closed all his records so we can't do a background check on him. There are those that claim that this executive order really opened up presidential records, but, the current President can claim executive privilege to keep the records closed.

  • john spielman

    back ground checks? how about a background check on our commander in chief Obama to see if a "community organizer' is really qualified to be president.

  • tagfu222

    I wonder if the gun control people would accept this. A system that determined if a person had a legal right to purchase a gun, but did not keep track of the actual firearms purchased. I am not sure how to make the system work. In my case, were I live to get a pistol permit you have to go through a FBI background check. I should be able to use that permit to purchase a firearm without having to enter the NICS system.

    • Jack Zeller

      The only time you are permitted to buy a gun is if you are NOT entered into the NICS system.

  • JacksonPearson

    The only problem with the One to be calling for background checks is, he signed ObamaCare into law, and it contains a provision within that prohibits the government from having, or creating files, or data bases on guns and ammo. So "ObamaCare, with the "Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights" already written into law, will be a pain in the butt for gun control zealots,

    This may be the only thing the dems have ever done right! /Sarc

  • Mary Sue

    Background checks aren't as helpful as one might think. There's always people that have nothing on their records before they "snap".

  • Lentenlands

    Given the hour and the desperate situation this Nation now faces, why are the traitorous politicians violating their oaths of fidelity to the Constitution not being arrested, impeached and punished? Politicians who introduce legislation to disarm the People should be. In Missouri a bill was introduced along these lines, but we already have a process called impeachment.

    In NY, Gov. Cuomo and Senator Skelos should be arrested, impeached and imprisoned for their crime against the People and their infidelity to the Constitution that they swore fidelity to. If this were to happen across the Nation, the forces of disarmament could not so easily influence politicians to violate their oaths. The reason that politicians and judges spend their careers plotting against and outright betraying the People and the Constitution is that no one ever moves to arrest and stop them. If we continue to do business in America the way that we have, can we ever expect different results?

    Why not demand the arrest and impeachment of politicians working to destroy that which they have sworn allegiance and fidelity to? If this became a popular movement, it might be a game changer and put these rats on their best behavior. Tens of thousands of People clamoring for someone's arrest and prosecution can be very motivational.

  • Ar'nun

    Background checks had support and could have passed as a compromise. But then a bunch stupid Liberal newspaper editors had to start printing the information in the news papers or filing FOIA petitions so they could and guess what, we are no longer willing to make that compromise. Sorry, you dumb Progs are just not trust worthy enough to have that info.