Obama: F-16s to Muslim Brotherhood Yes, F-16s to Egyptian Military No


During Kerry’s confirmation hearing, he claimed that Morsi declaring that Egyptians should nurse their children on hatred for the Jews was no reason not to give Morsi a bunch of F-16s.

“Not everything lends itself to a simple classification, black or white,” Kerry said. “We have critical interests with Egypt, critical interests.”

Apparently those interests were limited to keeping the Muslim Brotherhood in power, because now that the Brotherhood is out of power, suddenly no more F-16s.

Barack Obama has delayed the delivery of four U.S. F-16 fighter jets to Egypt because of the country’s political unrest, officials said Wednesday – reversing earlier assurances from the Pentagon.

Pentagon spokesman George Little said the U.S. no longer believes it is “appropriate to move forward with the delivery” of the jets.

It was appropriate when a terrorist group was in charge of Egypt. But now it’s… inappropriate.

You’ve got to give the first democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood president of the United States credit. He did warn that if Egyptians overthrew their first democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood president, that would endanger American aid to Egypt.

For the first time in his life, Obama told the truth. Sort of.

But here’s where the hypocrisy becomes farcical. As Morsi’s abuses increased, in June, Kerry was forced to argue that we weren’t giving Morsi aid because he was undemocratic… we were giving it to the Egyptian military.

Despite stating in a May 9 memo that “we are not satisfied with the extent of Egypt’s progress and are pressing for a more inclusive democratic process and the strengthening of key democratic institutions,” Kerry said the aid should go forward.

“A strong U.S. security partnership with Egypt, underpinned by FMF (Foreign Military Financing), maintains a channel to Egyptian military leadership, who are key opinion makers in the country,” Kerry wrote in the memo.

So in June, Kerry was claiming that we had to give aid to maintain our relations with the Egyptian military, not with Morsi. Now Morsi is gone and Kerry, along with the rest of Obama Inc. have been exposed as shameless liars.

  • Reese

    Wow…….just wow…….Obama and his Administration are exposed over and over for just how corrupt and anti-freedom, anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-Jew, pro-Communist, pro-Islamic Supremacist, racially divisive they are. It is truly amazing that the American people, or half of the American people, don’t even realize the extreme level of corruption Obama and his Administration practice on a daily basis…lying, cheating, bullying, abusing power, dividing, manipulating, targeting and hurting innocent Americans just because they don’t agree,

    • Deevan

      A bunch criminal and full of HATE thoughts. Please be a human……Love all

      • Nathan Brazil

        Love all?

        ….um, no. Reese was just speaking the Truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.
        ‘Please be human…love all’. You’re joking, right? That’s a pretty sick, twisted + sad (not to mention stupid+naive) thing to say…

    • kikorikid

      Reese, Fairly succinct, all factual, I’d say you got it!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    At this point Egypt can get their jets from Israel.

    We just might have an Egyptian regime that is more pro-Western than our current American regime.

  • edlancey

    The Egyptian military should ask China for no strings attached aid – in any case the US is borrowing money from China to make the F-16’s.

    • Deevan

      what about when the same jets are used to MURDER Palestinian children…..Please have same feelings for all of the children of the world…….

  • glpage

    Kerry was exposed as a shameless liar well before this incident. By withholding the F-16s Obama is giving tacit, if not outright, support to the MB. This will do nothing to help resolve issues in Egypt; it probably will give encouragement to Morsi and the MB and further inflame Egypt’s problems.

    • kikorikid

      YES, Likely.

  • Xxxxxxxxxx

    Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. You two faced idiot. It’s time for you to support democracy. I am ashamed we have you as our President.

    • Sandra

      And lets not forget that Al Qaeda is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, ie, he is supporting the terrorists of 9-11! unbelieveable.

  • Sandra

    This will be a bit disturbing to watch but helpful. How Obama is supporting ” liver eating” ( literally btw)Muslim Brotherhood, in Syria as well.


  • pityu

    The FRAUD that is the Obama administration