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Obama Finally Admits Gun Violence is an Urban Problem

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 1, 2013 @ 6:55 pm In The Point | 8 Comments


It only took a few months of blaming rural America for urban America’s problems for Chicago’s favorite son to come clean about the real issue [2], which isn’t Newtown or rural gun ownership, but urban gun violence.

The New Republic article chronicles how Obama avoided gun control, a winner in Chicago politics, but a loser nationwide, because he clearly had his eye on the big chair. Now that he got his second term, the real O is coming out to play. He’s not interested in “The mythic land of Common Ground. Compromise was a conversation for the distant future, one he would entertain only after making a muscular argument and creating the political space for his ideas.”

But for the first time Obama admits that it’s not really about Newtown, it’s about Chicago.

Part of being able to move this forward is understanding the reality of guns in urban areas are very different from the realities of guns in rural areas. And if you grew up and your dad gave you a hunting rifle when you were ten, and you went out and spent the day with him and your uncles, and that became part of your family’s traditions, you can see why you’d be pretty protective of that.

The reality, as I documented extensively in a series of articles for Front Page Magazine, is that gun violence is an urban proble [3]m that takes place in urban areas that voted for Obama [4]. It’s a problem largely related to gangs and minorities [3].

This is the first time that Obama has marginally acknowledged this, indicating that there will be a change of tactics when pitching the issue to rural gun owners in order to win them over. But the question to be asked is why should Americans be penalized for the broken systems of Obama’s urban base?

The “reality” of guns in urban areas is that they are either in the hands of criminals or in the hands of people protecting themselves from criminals. Organized crime will always be able to get its hands on guns. Gun control does not penalize gangs, it penalizes legal gun owners.

Now that Obama has finally decided to be honest about gun control, perhaps he will stop hiding behind children and stop exploiting Newtown and start talking straight about why thinks the Second Amendment should be compromise to stop urban violence.

When Obama finally comes clean to the rest of the country, then we can have a serious discussion about gun violence in America.

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