Obama Gives Detroit $150 Mil to Demolish Buildings


Question. What would it cost to demolish all of Detroit?

Detroit, America’s first official post-apocalyptic city, has a problem. No one lives there. The solution is to demolish a lot of abandoned buildings which are now being used by packs of stray dogs which then attack people.

Nothing in the preceding sentence was made up. Sadly.

So Obama, who once claimed that Detroit was alive and Bin Laden was dead, is doing his part to make Detroit as dead as Bin Laden.

Barack Obama is committing at least $320 million to revive bankrupt Detroit, primarily through grant and funding programs, to raze blighted buildings, hire police and firefighters and improve transit.

A delegation from Washington led by Attorney General Eric Holder, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx will meet with Michigan and city officials today.

“We’re going to continue to support the efforts under way in Detroit and ensure the federal government is an active partner in supporting the revitalization of the city,” Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council and head of an interagency working group on Detroit, said in a statement. …

The White House will commit $150 million for demolition of blighted properties and neighborhood redevelopment, in federal and other funds. Block grants of $65 million and $25.4 million from public and private sources would be used to tear down and refurbish buildings.

I would ask why Holder is leading an urban revival delegation, but we are dealing with the most politicized Attorney General since the Kennedy administration so we can just be glad that he didn’t bring assault rifles to hand out to the local drug dealers.

How many buildings can you demolish for $150 million? The fact that we’ve even having this conversation says everything there is to say about the Age of Obama.

Emperor Nero could probably have done it cheaper.

  • Veracious_one

    What’s Detroit going to do with the newly cleared land…build mosques?

    • DB1954

      At taxpayer expense, of course. Sunni Islam, the new state religion of America.

  • DogmaelJones1

    But, wait, Daniel: Isn’t destruction the leitmotif of the Obama administration? This new program is entirely consistent with his policies.

  • Gee

    Just declare Detroit an Artillery Range and the US Army could do it for free.

  • Biff Henderson

    Wouldn’t it be more constructive to give the bored area youth a mandate to torch these properties and then bring in heavy equipment to spread the ashes? Set up modern day CCC camps and pay the little rapscallions for what comes natural.

  • herb benty

    Quick!! Hide the evidence of the decadence of Democratic rule!!!

  • pupsncats

    We know one of Obama’s priorities has been to reward corruption and failure, particularly that of Democrats in control of the money.

    Detroit is a window to our future as the state gives itself more power and control. Big government, big business and big labor, rife with corruption, have destroyed a once prosperous city and now the taxpayer is required to rebuild it so it can be destroyed again.

  • caiusKeys

    If you like Detroit, then you’ll love Obama’s second term.