Obama Gives Pal Pres $148 Mil, Pal Pres Still Refuses to Back Obama on Syria


Soft power. You are witnessing it in inaction.

That $148 million by the way is only the latest installment of the whopping huge increases in aid to the Palestinian Authority under Obama. As noted in “Muslim Self-Esteem or the Stars“, “Foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority shot up from $414 million to $980 million in 2009. Due to the various funding mechanisms, including through a dedicated UN agency, that amount is not even close to the full sum.”

But all the money that Obama is lavishing on his good buddy Abbas, hasn’t bought him much of anything.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke out Sunday about the publicly debated possibility of a Western strike on Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack in the country.  The Palestinian Authority “will never support” the bombing of an Arab country by a foreign state, he said, calling for a political solution in Syria.

Asserting that the U.S. is likely to attack Syria, Abbas was unequivocal in stating the PA’s “position towards it is fixed, we are against a military attack.”

Considering that Obama literally pays Abbas’ salary, not to mention helps fund the various schemes which funnel money into his family’s pockets,  Abbas could be more grateful. But why bother?

He knows that Obama is a chump.

  • rogerinflorida

    Just another stage in this theater of the absurd.