Obama Gives Somalia $1.5 Bil, Somalia Bans Christmas

Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan

Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan

Somalia has about 1,000 surviving Christians. And that’s a challenge in a country where everyone is either in an Islamic militia or trying to move to the United States to sponge off welfare and plot terrorist bombings.

In 2009, four Christian orphanage workers were beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam. Now Somalia has gotten enough of its act together to ban Christmas.

The Somali Government has banned celebration of Christian festivities in the country.

The Director General of the ministry, Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow Aden, and the Director of the Religious Matters, Sheikh Ali Sheikh Mohamud alias Sheikh Ali Dhere, held a press conference in the capital Mogadishu, to make the announcement.

“We alert fellow Muslims in Somalia that some festivities to mark Christian Days will take place around the world in this week,” said Sheikh Ali Dhere during the press conference, adding: “It is prohibited to celebrate those days in this country.”

Mr Aden, on his part, stated that all security and law enforcement agencies had been instructed to counter any such celebrations.

He added that copies of the directive were delivered to hotels and other meeting places in Mogadishu.

Meanwhile Obama has plowed at least $1.5 billion into the terrorist Muslim hellhole.

On January 17, 2013, the United States formally recognized the Federal Government of Somalia as an acknowledgement of the recent political and security gains in Somalia.

The United States is committed to assisting Somalia. At the second London Conference on Somalia on May 7, Deputy Secretary William J. Burns announced plans to provide, subject to Congressional notification, an additional nearly $40 million for Somalia.

Since 2009, the United States has provided over $1.5 billion in assistance to Somalia, including $545 million in FY 2012.

The U.S. Government hopes to continue substantial financial support to Somalia in future years that will support Somalia’s progress and transition to longer-term development.

Meanwhile Somali migration to the United States continues unabated so that the United States can become as peaceful and tolerant as Somalia.

  • guest

    Why are we in Somalia. The press is famous for asking average Americans where this or that country is and reporting that they know not. Or for reporting surveys that show that they do not know.

    So the average American could not be demanding that we stop famine in a country they do not know how to find on a map.

    Oh that is right, those enlightened news people were showing starving people, children with distended bellies and flies crawling around their eyes nose and mouth.

    With the rules of engagement (ROE), white mans burden, charges of colonialism and imperialism, how did the maven’s of the press expect us to succeed in Somalia?

    Really how did they expect us to succeed? As soon as we got there, the peanut gallery press led by the like of Dan Rather and others were going to criticize the American military, the American government and the American people to death.

    • WhiteHunter

      You are exactly on the mark, and your history of our “involvement” in this festering cesspool of filth and death is accurate letter for letter.

      It began with Bush Senior idiotically responding to the press reports and tear-jerking photos of starving Somalis–he sent our troops with food and medicine to save the starving and diseased.

      Then came “mission creep” (doesn’t it always?) with “nation building” and all the rest of the crap that never, it seems, builds a “nation” (how can you “build” anything out of dung except a dung heap?), billions of dollars, and scores of American soldiers’ lives lost to the savages FOR NOTHING.

      None of this accomplished anything at all: The relief aid was stolen by the whorelords; the baboons are still starving and diseased–and still hate us as much as ever–and only one new “industry” has been built: piracy against unarmed container ships and tankers off the Horn of Africa (just ask Capt. Phillips and his crew about that).

      Obama needs to treat Somalia exactly the way he and his HHS Department would treat a patient with terminal cancer: convene the Death Panel; pronounce the case hopeless and an unjustifiable waste of resources that could be better spent elsewhere; then yank life support and let this corrupt, festering, filthy, terminal “patient” die and rot.

      • Drakken

        The first time we were over there was during Desert Shield where the country descended into chaos and had to rescue every western countries embassy personnel including the Russians. We killed so many we could not count them. The more Khat they did, the more brave and suicidal they became, we were happy to send them to their up close personal meeting with allah with our compliments.

    • Drakken

      As one who has been there twice, it is the ultimate sh**hole, period, you cannot help these savages, when we were stupid enough to feed them the first time, we just made it possible to feed 10 times the amount 5 years later. We shot the skinnies by the thousands and they still kept coming for more, when the army took over they tried that hearts and minds stupidity, and it manifested itself with Blackhawk down. You cannot reason with Islamic savages, you just eliminate them all, by whatever means necessary and call it a day and do not allow them into the west period!

  • Jerry Coccoli

    For all the people in SOMALIA that have approved the purging of Christians and banned CHRISTMAS – I say say DIE! DIE! DIE and I want you to meet Allah as soon as possible you 7th century illiterate bastards. If you hate Christians so much, why do you cannibalize each other to be the among the throngs who cannot wait to get to this wonderful Christian country. Our administrators for emigrants prefer your types over non-Christians. Don’t you all feel so blessed to be in a country that is subject to a media that despises everything Christian and exalts everything Islamic? You illiterate Christian hating bastards will have a grand old time in the “New United States of America.” The media honchos will love you to death – AS LONG AS YOU SOMALIANS DON’T MOVE NEXT DOOR TO THEM.

    • Sharif

      It is sad to see people like you representing Christian and it is the likes of you that hijacked Islam. Just because someone call himself a Christian or a Muslim does not make them part of that religion if they have no respect for humanity. The quran is literally been brought by god to protect all the books of god including the bible and the Torah from corruption and it has done so since it came together by the will of god 1400 yrs ago. Unfortunately the bible you refer to and the Muslims who tooth pick the verses of quran to suite there selfish egos truly do not represent the words of god. It takes a decent person with less foul mouth to understand and contemplate gods words. I pray for those brothers with hate in their hearts to be guided in the right path, ameen

      • defcon 4

        Damn you’re dumb. “the likes of you that hijacked Islam”. Yeah, when Muhammad killed his critics and slaughtered, expelled or enslaved all the Jews in the Saudi peninsula it was all the fault of the Christians.
        Islam, killing, enslaving and persecuting itself to “peace” since Muhammad molested his first little girl.

        • KIdGallahad

          Good talk. Seems there’s a terrorist sympathizer in every bunch who hates when a Christian recognizes Islam for what it really is.

      • Biff Henderson


        Let’s put your claim that those that have hijacked Islam to a simple test. Explain to me how the master-sex slave scenario sanctified in the Qur’an is respectful to humanity. Da’wa involves speaking the truth no matter how it will be received. You have two choices: turn tail and run or set yourself up for a barrage of criticism. Either way, you will end up looking like a blathering fool. The stench of Islam precedes you by 1400 years and sweeping blanket statements of a Dandelion of Allah is fluff that dissipates in the wind.

      • Drakken

        If you haven’t noticed muzaloid, the Christians are no longer falling for the turn the other cheek garbage, they are sick of you muzaloids to the back teeth, now it is time to pick up the sword and do what must be done and rid ourselves of you and your kind and call it a day. Deo Volente! God Bless the Crusades!

    • Aniga Kaliya

      Tell me more about this New United States of America…

    • Homer J

      Sheikh Ali Dhere is the media spokesperson for the Al Qaeda-aligned Somali terror group al-Shabaab….this guy and the likes of him is what the weak Somali government is fighting and the US government (both the Bush and now Obama administrations) have offered support.

    • Jonathan Hughes

      The Muslims Allah is the devil. The Quran has one actor in it throughout.It is the Devil. it is easy to figure out. The gentle, meek lowly commpassonate, patient, forgiving Jesus is not in it. The KJV bible teaches that Jesus needs to be in us. No such teaching in the Quran.

  • bookish1

    Barbarians. No wonder their people are starving.

  • defcon 4

    Why are the najjis kaffir in the USA being required to pay jizya to the Somalian muslimes?

    • Drakken

      The skinnys in the US and Europe send billions in money back to the mother country and obummer thinks we can have dialogue with such sub humans.

  • Jason Bloomberg

    This is definitely not journalism. I’m sad I wasted time reading your rambling.

    • Jason X

      You said that already on another story. You will become a fixture here sot of like a town fool.

      But if you are into self abuse or a life in mendacity, stick around.

      We can use you for a lesson in morality or in your case what immorality and mendacity means and looks like.

    • Biff Henderson


      What does it take for you to feel you are not a sad, little creature? Maybe I can be of some help with your dilemma.

    • Notalibfool

      How do you define journalism Jason? Is it something that only supports your viewpoint?

    • Drakken

      Hey progressive, I have a suggestion, why don’t you go there and help them ? I really really want to see what happens next?

  • Sarah

    Your views are quite humorous, and seeing as Americans distroyed Somalia in the early 90’s, and are now trying to deplete it’s oil resources. So in a nutshell, America owes it, and who cares about Christmas we know you don’t do it for God, or Jesus give gifts another day. Anyways God bless u all

    • Create understanding, not hate

      This is total ignorance on display. From the quotes in the article the rules apply to 1. muslims (NOT CHRISTIANS) celebrating christmas in somalia.
      2. If you don’t know this, the U.S. takes more out of Somalia than the $1.5 B it gives back e.g. Somalia has the world’s the busiest shipping lane where the crude oil and cargo we buy in the U.S. and the weapons we sell to Asia and Middle East transits through without paying any taxes.
      3. The article creates false associations and generalizations. This is not a decision of all the people of Somalia, just two bureaucrats with no public input.
      4. The CIA runs blackholes in Somalia and drones kill innocent people all the time but you don’t this hateful writings from Somalis.

      Please stop propagating hate.Instead, create understanding for the benefit of all people. It seems creating hates sells.

      • knowshistory

        oh, i get it. somolia owns all that oil that travels in the indian ocean. it is now established international law that any nation with a coast is owed taxes by any merchant that uses the sea, and if they refuse to pay, just send out armed tax collectors to take what is owed. there was a time that this was called piracy, and pirates were hung, but that was a time when real men controlled western governments, not the cowardly traitors who have infested positions of power in all western countries.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        “It is prohibited to celebrate those days in this country.”

        Do you have a statement that shows this applies only to Muslims?

        • wes

          More kool aid drinkers Daniel… liberal lies and mis quotations..

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Somalis destroyed Somalia. And have gone on destroying Somalia. And every other place they set foot.

    • guest

      Troops arrived in Somalia at the auspices of the United Nations after

      after the Somalia warlords stole the aid from the NGOS.

      In particular the scandalous Habr Gidr clan tried to steal all the food from the United nation charities to force other clans to accept it’s leadership. The other clans had a choice of fight or stave to death.

      Are from the scandalous HABR GIDR clan?

    • Drakken

      Your another brain dead skinny who thinks us westerners owe you something, GTFO!


    Who cares about chrismas, people in Somalia are working very hard to keep their families alive from drones, war and draughts. Christmas is not a Somali culture nor in our religion. Somalia is not like USA..it is a Muslim nation..there are no christians anyway..Where are these christians you are talking about? If they are real Somali then why arent they seen? Somali people are known to be people who fight for their rights..so if there were christians in SOmalia they would have been fighting for their rights. So stop writing these bullshit insulting articles. AND NO ONE WANTS 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS FROM OBAMA..AMERICA IS BROKE ITSELF GO FEED YOUR VETARANS WHO ARE SLEEPING IN YOUR STREETS AFTER YOU USED THEM TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. GO FIX THE INJUSTICES IN YOUR COUNTRY BEFORE YOU TALK ABOUT SOMALIA. SOMALIA BELONGS TO SOMALI PEOPLE AND THEY CAN DECIDE WHATEVERTHEY WANT.

    • Michael

      I agree with you: Somalia to the Somali and American to the true Westerners. Send over the few Christians left over there and get back all the true Somali to Somalia. We should extend the same principle and practice to all countries who think like you. Amen

    • knowshistory

      you are absolutely right. somalia for somalians. finally, someone is talking sense. now, about those poor somalian “refugees” that traitors in our government have invited to parasitize america————would you care to send your pirate ships over here to pick them up and restore them to the glory of somalia? i would be happy to help in letting your people go (home to that islamic eden on earth, somalia).

    • Daniel Greenfield

      We could feed our veterans easier if we didn’t also have to feed and care for your clans of Somali “refugees”.

    • Drakken

      Well GTF out of my western country then, oh that is right, you skinnys love our welfare money.

    • USA

      get out of the country you damn somali. all you do is live off welfare and destroy the great country of America. Fuck you and the country of somali. It is an embarrassment to call Obama my president

  • v

    The only way to combat this is to scare Somalians coming to the U.S.out of their wits, by announcing a purge of Muslim Somalians, similar to the one they practice in their hell hole against Christians. They will quickly realize that there will be a push back and re-think their strategy. Remember, they believe “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. So when we start poking their eyes out, they will re-think their methods. I know them well. They are basically cowards, they will show courage when there is no resistance

  • tommo2

    It took Somalians 20-years of civil war to wreck their country and now they’e coming to do the same to yours.

  • Qado

    It’s a shame to see people who follow these front page articles, hope you all find out one day this is sham news, that only creates hate and nothing else. Most of these readers have 8 grade education, and full if hate who also think they loosing a country that existed twenty generation before them, and exist twenty generation after their ignorant booty expires.

    I can’t believe this is what journalism had come to. Hope this poor writer has no plans to go to Mogadishu, I heard they love welcoming reporters who bash them……. Lol

    • Daniel Greenfield

      “Most of these readers have 8 grade education, and full of hate, whom
      some of you also think they are loosing a country that existed twenty
      generation before them, and will exist twenty generation after their
      ignorant booty expires.”

      • Qado

        You don’t have to high light my topic, English is not my first language. It also shows your weak journalism to reply or nag with your readers, maybe you hoping to find weak minded people who feel your ignorance. The world needs each other even if some people are too ignorant to understand diplomacy. I am thankfull America does not take advice from you sir, we sacrifice in behalf if diplomacy now, becouse founding father new it will pay off in the long run. But you sir seem to think only on short term, who cares about Christmas in Somalia? I don’t. Why don’t you try talking about Christmas in Saudi Arabia, becouse you know you can’t. Journalist carry their balls in a sack, but not you Sir rubbish.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Who cares that non-Muslims have no freedom in Somalia?

          We do.

        • Notalibfool

          Why is it you supposedly intelligent and diplomatic people rarely care about the condition of Christians in troubled regions?

          “Who cares about Christmas in Somalia?” Maybe those in Somalia who happen to be Christians do. Maybe anyone else in Somalia who cares about religious freedom cares.

    • Notalibfool

      This is sham news, huh? So what is the “real” news?

      You are full of hate yourself. Examples: “Most of these readers have 8 grade education” and “ignorant booty.”

      For the record I am a university graduate (with honors, sorry to brag). Tell us about YOUR education, oh wise one.

      • Qado

        PhD on ignorance

        • Notalibfool

          That’s what you earned, Qado? Not exactly something you should be advertising.

    • Drakken

      Well Quasimodo, if you have a Phd, why don’t you go there and help your people and quit sponging off of mine?

      • Qado

        Okay buddy once I get done rebuilding your Lewis and Clark trail, and get done helping people get prepared for spring floods and safe your house, also tell Uncle Sam to stop taxing me becouse people assume I am muching on their taxes, I will go help my people, becouse big brother little nephews don’t feel like helping poor people who get tossed around between warlords, and radicals, I hope that makes you feel good, becouse unless you seen a child sucking his dead mother breast while a volture stands beside it. Then maybe you would have a change of heart.

        Have gnight, my last reply to this article honest truth.

  • Somali warrior

    Daniel Greenfield
    This is not a news article.
    Did you finish school? Are even qualified to post articles?
    Did you not know Saudi Arabia who is a US best friend has sharia laws?
    Why are you mixing politics and religion?
    Somalia is dealing with major problems and this is what you focusing on?
    Stop the hate articles.

    • Notalibfool

      Quit whining Somali warrior. My “president” has just wasted $1.5 billion on your country. Meanwhile millions of American citizens are struggling to get by.

    • Drakken

      Well Skinny, head on back to skinnyland, religion is the politics of skinnyland and depending on whose tribe you belong too.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I have as much use for Saudi Arabia as I do for Somalia.

  • Aniga Kaliya

    Idiots…. no one banned Christmas. The only record of it is in christian hate group sites… The religion of Islam allows other people to practice their faith. In fact; I, a Somali, have been wishing people a Merry Christmas, not a Happy Holidays, why? because you are entitled to you have your holidays, and me, mine.

    And this 1.5 Billion you speak of, who actually got it? the government your government ‘recognized’ that’s who… not one penny got to the people. And why would they do that? So they could own them.

    You are cowards who believe everything you read on drudge report or Alex Jones.

    • Qado

      Don’t waste your time in him. He seems to leech on negative points only.

      • Notalibfool

        And you seem to leech on being ignorant.

        • Qado

          You must be the wife of the writer, or just him

          • Notalibfool

            And you must be smoking something.

    • Notalibfool

      Idiots and cowards? You sure are kind and tolerant.

  • ** Civilian Target **

    And all this while cutting back on funding to our veterans.

    • Dex613

      are you forgetting about george bush??

  • Dex613

    Bunch of keyboard warriors i wish someone said something disrespectful to my face. None of you guys have the balls to say what you really feel face to face. Cowards!!

    • ZZ

      Wr all know you’re happy to be a hypocrite. If this weren’t a faceless forum you would have to face guys like me.

    • Drakken

      Yeah ok Sparky, if you want to prove how tough you are, come on over to the sandbox and play with the big boys.

  • Dex613

    Christmas is a pagan holiday! Jesus was born in the summer SMDH!!

  • Dex613

    I still love christmas lol who doesnt like to hang out with family get free stuff and overdose on food. XD

  • Dex

    Oh please don’t talk about wasting money, one tenth of all military spending would eradicate world hunger.

    • Dex613

      i love how someone would dislike this

  • Homer J

    Sheikh Ali Dhere is the media spokesperson for the al Qaeda-aligned Somali terror group al-Shabaab….this guy and the likes of him is what the Somali government is fighting and the US government (both the Bush and now Obama administrations) have offered support.

  • Jama

    for those who have taking money remember you are going to be ask for and for he who give money is going to be ask this question; who, when, why, how, and where… and stopped hating each other…

  • Dex_613

    I would like to take the time to highlight the issue of a columnist named Daniel Greenfield spreading hate at frontpage magazine. It is clear he has an agenda and he lacks the knowledge to present credible information to an intelligent audience. What a shame because you could have gained a new reader but I will never visit this wesbsite again. This is due to the fact that your magazine is central to the problems that exist in our society today, shame shame!!

  • Dex_613

    Stop trying to censor my comments. This is the world we live in!!

  • Dex_613

    One tenth of military spending is all it would take to eradicate world hunger and you guys are crying about 1.5 billions thats pennies compared to what your country spends on its military. Lets be real there are many social issues that need to be addressed in America so when you point a finger there are four pointing right back at you!

  • Dex_613

    On the issue of christmas being banned in somaila, I do agree it is not the direction Somalia should be heading towards. I believe the future of Somalia hinges on the establishment of rights for minorities and women.

  • Jonathan Hughes

    Christ cannot be gotten rid of by going after a holiday teaching nothing about Jesus. Jesus is the best thing for all mankind. Don’t go after him. Whatever you do to whoever including yourselves you are doing it to Jesus.