Obama Goes to UN, Lies, Claims “Mission Accomplished” in Afghanistan

obama liar

It’s become an annual tradition. Every time Obama heads to the UN, it’s time to break out the crazy lies. Last time he blamed a YouTube video for the September 11 attacks. This time he’s claiming that the War in Afghanistan was won.

“Next year, an international coalition will end its war in Afghanistan, having achieved its mission of dismantling the core of al Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11., Obama said.

The disastrous Afghan surge had little to do with Al Qaeda which was hardly a presence by that point in Afghanistan. Obama had the intelligence that showed this was the case.

As he justified sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan at a cost of $30 billion a year, President Barack Obama’s description Tuesday of the al Qaeda “cancer” in that country left out one key fact: U.S. intelligence officials have concluded there are only about 100 al Qaeda fighters in the entire country.

But that hasn’t stopped him from repeating the same crazy lie again and again.

The United States was mainly battling the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorist allies like the Haqqani network. Neither of those have been defeated.

Al Qaeda hasn’t been defeated either. It just broke up into regional franchises and is more dangerous than ever. Zawahiri is still on the loose.

Obama lied about why the surge was needed. Now he’s repeating the same lie to explain why he’s withdrawing.

“For the United States, these new circumstances have also meant shifting away from a perpetual war-footing,” Obama said.

Obama attacked Libya in his first term and now wants to bomb Syria. And at the same time he’s bizarrely claiming that he’s shifting away from a war footing.

This man is just a shameless compulsive liar.

  • Cornish

    He’s a sleeper……….

  • Aizino Smith

    We are going to withdraw most of our troops except maybe for some trainers.

    The Pakistanis are going to surge and fill the vacuum with Pakistani Army troops being loaned to the ISI to work as paramilitaries. Within 5 years the Pakistanis will have overthrown any friendly American government, if you can call Karzai friendly.

    Karzai has been working for his country (& for himself, which is not a crime.that is so long you do not skim too much which the Karzais do. If the Karzais retire to Dubai with billions, I hope the Taliban follow them there.) for over 30 years. But he was a fund raiser during th soviet Afghan war not a fighter. He might have the acumen for Afghan politics, but this situation is going to also take military acumen, guts and a military power base. He does not have it.

    That is assuming that the Pakistani Taliban do not eat its’ host.

    Obama ensured that Iraq is an Iranian client and now he wants to ensure that Afghanistan is a Pakistani client state.

    Unless African Americans are writing history books in the future, historians will treat Obama worse than Nero.

  • Aizino Smith

    We are not and were not on a war footing except for the military members, who served multiple tours.

    • eddie

      dumbass, its called doing your damn job. most of us who took part in the ‘war-footing’ went back to give back, people there cant walk on goat paths or anything bc of IED’s

      • A Z

        “For the United States, these new circumstances have also meant shifting away from a perpetual war-footing,” Obama said.

        Obama said we were on a war footing. Compared to previous wars, we were not. 2%of the population went to war and the rest carried on as before.

        I am not saying that we should have had higher taxes or rationing or whatever. But the majority of people did not inform themselves of what was happening. they know more about sitcoms like “The Office” than why we were in Afghanistan, who the players were and so forth.

        if the population was on a war footing, the majority would know that Al Qaeda was not on the run.

        Obama parsed his words very carefully like “I did not have sex with that women And it depends on what the definition of is is” Clinton

        We know what liar Clinton is. Similarly Obama is a liar. He said they DISMANTLED ALQAEDA CORE. That is like saying that the dismantled the HQ of an army, but the HQ at the division, battalions and company level were all, intact and their staffs were still busy fighting you. In a real war hitting an army’s HQ is a setback but does not mean the army will stop fighting or lose.

        And the core will regenerate. Has Zawahiri said “you killed 50% of the core we will stop recruiting”. Naw they are recruiting, rebuilding and still planning new ops.

  • Gamal

    gotta win that third term!

    • MalalchHaMavet

      Only two (2) terms allowed, if he wants a third term, Michelle from Hell will have to run

    • MalalchHaMavet

      Only two terms are allowed by law, unless Obama bypasses congress and amends the law to serve his nefarious purposes

      • Gamal

        I know there are only two terms allowed but with Obama you never know. Also if Hillary replaces him I’m not sure we’ll be better off.

  • muck fuslims

    Of course Hussein-Obama lied, he IS the head of Al-Qaeda!

  • areyoureallyserious

    Where have I heard the phrase “Mission Accomplished” before? Was it… OMG.. It wasn’t Obama saying that (as the quotes prove he never said it here), it was the OTHER guy. Why does the headline put that phrase in quotes (implying that it was actually said) when in fact it wasn’t. Accusing someone of lying by lying is so Front Page Mag! LOL

    • ziggy zoggy


      George Bush overthrew the other Hussein IN ONE WEEK. Your Liar in Chief Obangi

      • areyoureallyserious

        Ziggy Zoggy (the actual name you used) How exactly am I a racist? What did I say about ANYTHING that even referred to race? Fact is, and I know facts are not something you seem to be familiar with, the STATED MISSION of the Iraq War was to find and eliminate the Weapons of Mass Destruction that we said that they had. You don’t get a “Mission Accomplished” for not doing what your mission was. The Taliban on the other hand, was in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Not Iraq. The Taliban was actually the de facto ruling party of Afghanistan until the fall of Kandahar. I would continue but you don’t have any facts… you can’t even name any of the individuals you speak of properly. Your other comments are not worth mentioning because you have nothing to even contribute to your claim let alone support or defend it. And I live in NW Indiana. If you want to supply your contact information, we can finish that sentence any time you want. After two tours in that sandbox about a decade ago, I’m pretty sure polishing you off won’t be a problem.

        • Aizino Smith

          “Next year, an international coalition will end its war in Afghanistan, having achieved its mission of dismantling the core of al Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11., Obama said.

          That is just another way of saying Mission accomplished but in parsing legalese.


          • areyoureallyserious

            “My fellow Americans: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” George Bush, May 1 2003. No need to sift through that statement to determine it’s a lie. There are plenty more. Again, the headline uses quotes. As if that’s a statement he actually made. He didn’t. Like Obama, don’t like Obama. Either way, I honestly don’t care. My biggest objection isn’t your opinion about the president (or any other). Rationally, I have a problem with fabricating reasons to not like him when there are plenty out there. Change the headline to something accurate and report the story. Stop making things up and don’t preach to a choir of idiots and morons. Life get’s easier when the truth gets told. Simple.

          • Aizino Smith

            “My fellow Americans: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” George Bush, May 1 200

            True Story at the time he said it. Artillery rounds were not flying thru the air. There was no enemy armor. etc.

            The guerilla war gradually built up from there.

            One thing I wonder about is the decision to disband the Iraqi army and put a few hundred thousand young men out of work. In that case would we still have had the insurgency that we had.

            Yes, we, who read FPM, are all idiot s and morons here. Never mind that I have passed professional engineering certifications exams and more

            No just us droooooling idiots and you, our den mother.

          • areyoureallyserious

            4 Casualties ON THAT DAY in Iraq. So yeah, no fighting going on. Everyone was playing Madden on XBox 360’s and drinking Pepsi, right? That month we lost 19 Americans. Please, because I know you’re a patriot, diminish the loss of these lives. The month before that we lost 52. 52 dead Americans but there was no fighting, no armor, no artillery. You have nothing to stand on with this. If you cared to think of this war as what it was instead of whitewashing history to absolve the person responsible then you would see it. Regardless, my point was not about Bush as much as it was Obama and the article. The QUOTE from the headline was never uttered. You can’t QUOTE something that you decide to infer from a comment. That is actually libelous. Here are the names of the Americans who you didn’t care to remember that gave their lives so that Bush could stand on a carrier and give a speech filled with untruths. Familiarize yourself with them. They deserve better than to be brushed under the rug so you can try to make a point.

            May 1, 2003

            Spc. Jeffrey F. Nichols, 21, of Granite Shoals, Texas, died May 1 in Baghdad from wounds suffered when his vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), Fort Polk, La.

            Lance Cpl. Casey L. Casanova, 22, of McComb, Miss.

            Cpl. Miguel A. Guzman, 21, of Norwalk, Calif.

            Lance Cpl. James F. Kimple, 21, of Carroll, Ohio and

            Sgt. Glen E. Martinez, 31, of Boulder, Colo. died May 2 in Al Anbar province, Iraq, supporting combat operations. They were assigned to the Combat Logistics Battalion 1, Combat Logistics Regiment 1, 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, Calif.

          • Aizino Smith

            4 Casualties ON THAT DAY in Iraq. So yeah, no fighting going on.

            4 casualties is not major combat not for any army of that size or for the nation.

            But go ahead and say that 4 casualties is major combat. Sooner or later people will look at you askance. The contradiction are just too great.

          • areyoureallyserious

            I’ll remember that sentiment when you dredge up Benghazi. And again, I’m glad you diminish the sacrifice of those 4 brave men as not important. I’m pretty sure their families think that was evidence of heavy fighting.

          • A Z

            4 dead in a day after a war is not much. U.S. soldiers were still being killed in Germany after Germany surrendered by Werewolf.

            4 dead for an embassy or a CIA operation is a freaking disaster.

            There is a difference in the size and scope of the operations. But hey do some more hand waving.

          • Aizino Smith

            Actually Obama’s words are much more damaging than this article’s headline

            ““Next year, an international coalition will end its war in Afghanistan,”

            The saying “the enemy gets a vote” is true.

            The ideal that we are taking our marbles and going home, therefore the conflict/war is over shows such a complete lack of good sense and/or will power that it invited derision and attack by our enemies around the world.

  • Gee

    He has also been attacking Pakistan and Yemen without Congressional approval or oversight as required by US law

  • Walter Sieruk

    Obama with is policy of folly of trying to make an “peace alliance ” between the current goverment and the ruthless fiends who compose the Taliban is foolishness indeed. For theTaliban have proven, time and time again, by their own actions that they are a group of vicious and malicious thugs with no honor and would keep their word in anything that they might promise only as long as it would suite them and no longer. Thus in any so called “negotiations” they will be very disingenous and will dissimulate. The offlcals ofthe Karzai goverment before listening to the folly and foolishness of Obama should instead heed the wisdom of Sun Tzu in THE ART OF WAR which teaches “We cannot not enter into an alliance with neighboring princes until we are acquainted with their designs.”
    To put this in a more current and updated way, it may be said that “We cannot enter into an alliance with theTaliban unlit we are acquainted with their designs.”
    With the Taliban we all may be sure that their intentions are evil.