Obama: If There Were More Gov Workers, Deficit Would be Lower, Tax Revenues Would be Higher

Maybe instead of asking for his birth certificate, we should have been asking for his first grade math scores. Sometimes the only response to something so insanely stupid is an old meme.

Barack Obama – citing the job losses since he took office — said “the economy would be much better off,” unemployment would be 6.5 percent and the national deficit would be in decline if there were more federal, state and local government workers.

“If those layoffs had not happened, if public sector employees grew like they did in the past two recessions, the unemployment rate would be 6.5 instead of 7.5,” Obama said. “Our economy would be much better off, and the deficit would still be going down because we would be getting more tax revenue.”

This isn’t one of those, “If a train going over the cliff at 1000 miles an  hour passes another train that’s on fire and being attacked by coyotes, which of them is more like Obama” puzzles.

Numbers are finite. If you add more government workers, then you have to pay for them. Tax revenues from employed government workers is never going to begin to equal the tax revenues spent on paying their salaries. And that means the deficit will go up, barring some of the deceptive number games that Obama Inc. has been playing.

At some point in his second term, Obama decided to give up even pretending to feint at the truth and just begin telling crazy lies on the assumption that his supporters can’t tell the difference.

“Yes I care about the economy. That’s why I support illegal alien amnesty because drastically increasing social welfare spending will make our economy boom. Then I propose to hire lots of government workers to cut the deficit. Then I’m going to steal all your wallets and buy Michelle one of those cloned thousand dollar burgers I keep hearing about so you’ll have more jobs.”

Obama used to put more effort into his crazy lies. It’s a shame to see him go downhill this way.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    That’s Marxist economics for you. No math needed.

  • Jsjk

    And then he was claiming that the Kestone pipeline would create “50 jobs.” Obama is such a blithering idiot. I think he’s number blind (suffers from dyscalculia). He is incapable of grasping elementary math. (I think that’s been known since his first term in office). The more one hears from Obama, the lower my opinion of Havard (actually, many Havard “grads” do not deserve to claim they have a university education — academically, they are sub par — more on a level with junior high students. One would think that this would cause Harvard some embarrassment, but guess they figure illiterates are attractive).

    • herb benty

      The Keystone XL pipeline from Canada would supply America with cheap oil from a responsible, democratic friend, instead of sending billions of dollars to OPEC who could pull an embargo anytime. Several thousand jobs to start with many more in spin-offs. By the way, those would be high paying jobs created by Industry. Obama spent a Trillion in stimulus that created no jobs, why does Obama chuckle at good jobs? Canada also buys a lot of American machinery and hardware for the Oilsands. Why is oil that travels thousands of miles around the world from despotic countries, less polluting than Canadian oil that is on top of the ground?

      • DevilsTrumpet

        Obama’s own State Department has said the Keystone pipeline will create 42,000 permanent jobs in America,if he doesn’t approve this project,we’ll just build the pipeline across a few provinces and ship our oil to China,one way or another,we’re selling our oil.I do not understand why Obama will by dirty oil from regimes that oppress women,murder political dissenters and destroy the environment while we offer ethical oil,we are a democratic sovereign nation that is a huge trading partner with America.Go to the Alberta oil sands and you will find Americans working there,I bet they’d rather be working in their own country but “You didn’t build that” Obama thinks working for the government is the only way to fix the economy.Why is he taking the advice of the Muslim Brotherhood,is that why he continues to buy oil from America”s enemies?

        Does your lead-from-the -sidelines Commander in Chief even have batteries in his calculator?While Detroit goes bankrupt,he’s too busy comparing himself with the son he never had and telling other nations that they can’t have the same luxuries enjoyed by Americans because”the world will boil”. The world is laughing at this man.

        • DevilsTrumpet

          Greenhouse gas emissions from American coal-28.3%.
          Greenhouse gas emissions from the Canadian oil sands-.15%

          • ziggy zoggy

            28.3 % of what? 15% of what?

        • glpage

          “Does your lead-from-the -sidelines Commander in Chief even have batteries in his calculator?”

          I’m beginning to wonder if he has any functional synapses between his ears.

        • herb benty

          Bravo, thanks for the common sense that is getting rarer these days.

        • herb benty

          Does your lead from the sidelines………..just thought I should correct that, your, . I am opposed to liberalism, socialism, marxism,communism, facism. I am all for free markets with some regs that keep crooks out, minimal govt., free citizens with the right to self defence using guns if nesessary. The only problem with what you wrote, and it isnt a big one, is that the commie- Islamic laughter is joyous laughter.

          • DevilsTrumpet


      • ziggy zoggy

        I thought the idea of the pipeline is to use America as a doormat to the Gulf so Canadian oil could be shipped to overseas markets? I thought the companies involved already have more than enough employees to finish a temporary construction project? Are we going to build another Panama Canal style project and hand it over freeloaders who don’t pay rent? Am I missing something here? Maybe we could let Canada use America as a landfill and sewer, eh?

        • herb benty

          Thanks for demonstrating what a troll is. There is more oil in Canada than Saudi Arabia, We just thought it natural to sell it at a very good price to our best friend, and get OPEC’s foot off Americans neck. There are thousands of new hires, paying very good wages to American families that even your unions want. Cheap energy from Canada is not what Sierra Club, Soros and holywood loonies are paid by the sheiks to promote and Obama is in bed with them all.

  • chan chan

    Heh, heh. Priceless pseudo economics from Barry. It just beggars belief how leftists think.

  • Judahlevi

    If you hire 10,000 government workers, pay them $60,000 a year plus benefits (add $25,000 a year for generous government benefits), you will spend $850,000,000 (almost a billion dollars). If they pay 25% of their salaries in taxes (it will probably be less than this but let’s be optimistic) this is $212,500,000 in tax revenue from these workers.

    $850,000,000 in costs minus $212,500,000 in revenues = $637,500,000 in losses by hiring 10,000 more government workers.

    Sure, that makes sense.

    • herb benty

      He wants the VOTES massive government would bring him and his marxist buddies and gals. He doesn’t give a damn about regular American citizens. With him it is all about POWER, unending control.

  • Veracious_one

    The Obama administration also said unemployment creates jobs…..

  • Anamah

    What seems to be a joke is what this overvalued icon of the media has in his collapsed mind…what a surprise in the discovery of a perfect null in mathematic, an ignorant illiterate in relation to practical matters of personal finances and the most simple try to organize life.

    The man is incapable so how he made his fortune?

    That would be an interesting investigation.

  • herb benty

    Is Obama getting like that crazy King Ludwig who lived in that fancy European castle, or is it just me? Then again his marxism would REQUIRE a massive hiring of government employees. Permanent Democratic voters would be the reason for this seemingly hairbrained scheme. Commies take over forever, they aren’t interested in 1 or 2 terms. Obama is a dyed-in -the-wool tyrant, his words and his policies prove it. Isn’t this against the Constitution some how??????

  • RedStateVet

    OK, progressives, are you still glad you elected this hopey-chnagey fool? He writes a great slogan, but as the last 5 disastrous yeasts have demonstrated, he has no fracking idea what he is doing.

  • cxt

    So the plan is to sort of take money out of one pocket then put it in the other pocket and call it revenue?
    Leftist econ policy never fails to amuse–except that its cause all sorts of very real harms to those that try it.

  • Christopher Riddle

    This”Man”(obviously)hasn’t a CLUE as to Economics 101!Nor(it would appear)do ANY of his cabinet members!!When is the last time(or first,forthat matter)that you purchased a product labeled”Made By US Government Workers”???????????

  • concerned citizen

    See what low information voters chose to run this government. How could anyone make a comment like this.

  • ziggy zoggy

    LOL! :-)

  • AG

    This is great logic. Next time I need work done on my house, instead of hiring contractors I will just pay myself to do it and increase my income.

  • chhelo

    Government workers create little wealth they consume it in the form of taxes and we get little in return.

    BHO is a good example. takes millions a day to pay for his lavish life style and zippo in return. Total waste of money like the rest of the political leadership.