Obama Inc. Defends German Homeschool Ban as “Promoting Tolerance for a Pluralistic Society”


But don’t worry. Obama Inc. would never outlaw homeschooling here to promote a tolerant and pluralistic society. Just like it would never force religious institutions to fund abortions in the name of a tolerant and pluralistic society.

It can’t happen here. Not till next year at any rate.

The Justice Department said German laws outlawing homeschooling do not constitute persecution and they want a German homeschooling family kicked out of the United States, according to a briefing filed in a high profile asylum case.

“The goal in Germany is for an open, pluralistic society,” the Justice Department brief states in their battle against the Romeike family. “Teaching tolerance to children of all backgrounds helps to develop the ability to interact as a fully functioning citizen in Germany.”

Germany has a national law requiring children to either attend public school or a government-approved private school.

The Romeikes had already been fined and German police once forcibly escorted their five children to school. They were notified that they could ultimately lose custody if they continued to home school.

The family was initially granted asylum, but the Department of Justice objected and demanded the Christian family be deported.

“Attorney General Holder is trying to seek dismissal of this case because he believes that targeting specific groups in the name of tolerance is within the normal legitimate functions of government,” said Michael Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. “This cannot be the ultimate position of the United States without denying the essence of our commitment to liberty.”

In their latest court briefing, the Justice Department referenced international court rulings that held “parents could not refuse the right to education of a child on the basis of the parents’ convictions, because the child has an independent right to education.”

They also referenced a German court ruling that states “the general public has a justified interest in counteracting the development of religiously or philosophically motivated ‘parallel societies’ and in integrating minorities in this area.”

Nothing creepy about any of that. Or as Melissa Harris Perry would say “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

Or you know… the state.

  • glpage

    Did Holder forget that German law does not apply here? Did he also forget that home schooling is not illegal in the USA? It seems to me he is trying to establish some precedent to eventually form some federal edict banning home schooling. Gotta love the fascists in action…

    • OfficialPro

      I’m sure Holder is one of those that would love the USA to adopt all of Europe’s crazy laws. For Diversity.

    • asa2222

      I don’t think he cares much whether he makes any sense or not.

    • southwood

      “Fascists” is exactly right. In fact this German law was introduced by the Nazis. Yes Hitler and Obama, Goebbels and Holder all of the same mind.

  • Moliminous

    The key word in this issue is asylum. The family sought asylum for their religious principles, not simply the fact that they wanted to home-school their children. German’s laws about home-schooling notwithstanding, they do not apply in the US.

    The family was denied asylum pure and simple. If they were from palestine, Egypt, Iran or Mexico, they might get a nod however. If they promised to register as Democrats, they’d have visas right now.

    This is a fraud.

  • Well Done

    Bureaucratic opposition to home schooling only makes it more obvious what the purpose of public schools has become – they are indoctrinating young people to be staunch leftists. Young people are being told that anything good is due to tireless efforts not only by the hard left, but by various leftist activist groups. In the U. S., young people are told that the Repubs represent only about ten percent of the electorate; moreover, they are told election results don’t show that only because of fraud! The U. N. is in on the scam; they sent observers for the last federal election whose stated goal was to look for “cheating by conservatives”. Quite insane, since about 95% of actual, documented incidents of cheating were done by Democrats.

    A lesson can be learned from this: the left invariably accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they themselves do.

  • G.Dunn

    It seems very funny to me that in the name of tolerance, the German government is intolerant of homeschoolers. I am a homeschooling mom of eight (German, by the way), and one of children married an Indian man, another married a mixed race woman…we have multiculturalism at home and nobody in our family, or friends, or our church has a problem with that. Tolerance is learned at home and then and experienced outside the home. If it does not start in the home, it cannot be taught in school.

    • jeremyjanson

      The “name of tolerance,” HA! What a hysterically Orwellian thing for the German government to say. Why don’t they just give up, realize that they’re a nothing society filled with nothing people, and submit to their new Islamic overlords – they’ll probably run the country better than they would.

  • tanstaafl

    No one in the Obama administration has heard of MYOB.

    • OfficialPro

      liberals are busybodies. That is their nature, because in order to ‘make a difference/save the world’, they have to stick their nose in other peoples’ business.

  • pennant8

    Home schooling NO, madrassa’s YES

  • quousque

    Amnesty for illegals, in my opinion, is a wholesale asylum granted on let’s say economic grounds. Yet our ruling class and ‘silence of the lambs’ political class cannot find enough backbone to grant asylum on truly faith based grounds. It is not that just ‘something is wrong with this picture’, it is travesty of the best traditions of this nation.
    But, whatddya want folks, global governance raises its ugly head and as always, W.J. Clinton and his DOJ were trailblazers in these matters. Elian Gonzales affair comes to mind.

  • jeremyjanson

    And of course, to progressives, “whole communities” is just another word for the state, which isn’t surprising, because most of them live in cliquish urban-type places that don’t HAVE communities.

  • delm31_nabla@yahoo.com

    Homeschool anyway. Kids are not state property. There are times when authority should be questioned or defied.

    • OfficialPro

      they’d have to go off the grid. Run off to Switzerland!

  • OfficialPro

    It’s all the more clear when people start finding out that a prominent sex education “progressive” in Ontario is arrested for child porn.

  • Jen

    This situation is simply ridiculous! Does Germany not understand that you CAN teach children to respect others of all races, etc at home? Nothing but forced indoctrination at work there.

  • raymond francis jones

    Obama knows, home schooling prevents government brainwashing of peoples children,which is what he wants to do himself.Home schooling is done by the father and mother who can see political liars for what they are, and keep their children free from the governments evil teachings.

  • dirtybird

    Obama is a part of a longstanding Masonic conspiracy to destroy Christianity and impose an all-unifying Islamic caliphate on the entire world.