Obama Inc Finds Way to Waste $250 Mil on UN and Palestinians at the Same Time


Giving money to the United Nations is a waste. Spending it on the whining terrorists living in Gaza and the West Bank is an even bigger waste.

But what if your name is Obama and you want to double your waste factor? Then you dump 250 mil on a UN agency that exists for no other reason than to cater to the whiny brats with a fictional identity and a live of killing people known ad Palestinians. And that way you get the worst of both worlds.

The United States announced a new contribution of US$123 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which will enable the Agency to continue its work serving a population of some five million registered Palestine refugees in the region. This latest donation brings the total U.S. contribution to UNRWA in 2013 to US$ 244.5 million.

“Despite the difficult economic situation worldwide, the U.S. has proven once again that it is dedicated to the development of Palestine refugee potential,” said UNRWA Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi.

(By way of contrast , in 2012, the total cash donated to UNRWA by all Arab states was less than $16M, of which Saudi Arabia gave $12M.)

Now that comes on top of the foreign aid given directly to the Palestinian Authority. Obama had unblocked $500 million in aid back in March. And Kerry is pushing for a 4 billion dollar investment plan in the PA.

Man that Sequester sure was devastating.


  • Melinda Craig

    wow these idiots nickle and dime us taxpayers to death they say they have a financial crises and need to raise taxes and do stuff like this

    • queen of israel

      Wow! are you lot thick or what! This news story says the money went to the Palestinians NOT to Israel.

  • Urbane_Gorilla

    And yet we willingly give Israel $3.8 Billion per year…Way over and above any other nation, and guarantee $2 Billion (which we consistently waive) and then slide money under the table to them through the CIA and Pentagon..Like the recent $2.5 Billion weapons give-away…. These are my tax dollars too. I’d rather defund Israel altogether. Why are we paying Israel $6 Billion per year and whining about the Palestinians $250 Million?

    • http://www.iranaware.com/ American Infidels

      There is so many things wrong with your statement, its pointless to help you..

      • Urbane_Gorilla

        The math is correct. When someone can’t rebut a factual claim, they slip into..”You aren’t worth rebutting’ mode…Congratulations you fail.

    • Gee

      Try some facts – we do not give Israel that much. In fact it is less than $3 billion of which 80% must be spent in the US.

      We give over 5 times as much to Iraq and even more the Afghanistan. In the last 10 years those two countries got over $1 trillion which is more aid than the rest of the combined ever. And no Israel did not get any $2.5 billion in weapons give away – that was Egypt, Jordan, Syria and other terrorist states. Israel got nothing.

      Israel provides the US some $15 billion a year in intelligence, aid and technology.

      The total US aid to the “Palestinians” by the US is over $1 billion per year. Why complain about that – well considering that they are killing American citizens and diplomats – I can’t think of any other reason. No just because they are terrorists we should support them – right?

      • Urbane_Gorilla

        Those are facts. And they are readily accessible. The numbers go up and down, but that’s pretty close:

        From the Congressional Research Service Report for 2013:

        “In 2007, the Bush Administration and the Israeli government agreed to a 10-year, $30 billion military aid package spanning from Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 to Fiscal Year 2018.”


        “For FY2014, the Administration is requesting $3.1 billion in FMF to Israel and $15 million in Migration and Refugee Assistance. The Missile Defense Agency’s FY2014 request for Israeli Cooperative Programs is $95.782 million, including $52.607 million for Arrow III, $32.512 million for David’s Sling, and $10.663 million for Arrow II. The Department of Defense also is requesting $220 million in FY2014 Procurement, Defense-wide funds for Iron Dome.”.

        Then there is this regarding the loan guarantees that Congress relieves Israel of paying from The Washington Report:

        “Since 1992, the U.S. has offered Israel an additional $2 billion
        annually in loan guarantees. Congressional researchers have disclosed that between 1974 and 1989, $16.4 billion in U.S. military loans were converted to grants and that this was the understanding from the beginning. Indeed, all past U.S. loans to Israel have eventually been forgiven by Congress,”

        And finally the recent $2.5 Billion approved by Congress..for Israel, including rockets, Ospreys and other armaments. No other countries. There are separate and similar deals with the Saudis etc…

        Yes.. We do give more to Iraq and Afghanistan..Why not? We lied to get in and destroy those countries..I’d say we’re on the hook for repairs. My guess is we’ll never leave..as we haven’t left So Korea. But it certainly isn’t 5 times what we give to Israel.

        As for Palestine, I can find no support for the US giving $1 Billion per year in aid. I did find this from the Jewish Virtual Library on US Aid to Palestine (I presume they wouldn’t lie) :

        “Since the establishment of limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed over $4 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians,” ..or about $285 Million per year.

        Your turn…Please support this statement:

        Israel provides the US some $15 billion a year in intelligence, aid and technology.

  • abebird

    I’m very much surprised that there are still Americans that spread false
    information on the bilateral US – Israel relations (“It makes it that much more
    dependent on America alone for support”). They should stop with their
    continuous shedding dry crocodile tears on Israel….. US military aid to Israel helps the US economy too which one can’t say on US military aid to Egypt, Iraq or Saudi Arabia!. Israel is the highest US state department assistance’s receiver country. But Japan, S. Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Persian gulf monarchies and others play the so-called “Israeli role”, by having US soldiers on their soil and much more amount of American money paid for that pleasure (through defense ministry budget, and not from the foreign office, as Israel get).

    First, Most of the US money given to Israel even doesn’t leave the US but
    paid to military factories and associates, as decided in the cooperation
    agreement, that give jobs to ten of thousands of US citizens. If the US aid
    will stop to flow to those factories I’m not sure that Israel will buy all
    their products she wants from the US, or else where but in more calculative
    manner which will reduce the amount of investing money on the US economy.

    Second, the close and intimate security relations between both states
    influencing the nature of how things done. Israeli high qualified and high
    sophisticated technology, scientific know-how, military components, gadgets,
    experience, inventions and developments flow to the US almost for free and
    benefit the US security interests and save them huge amount of money which they might intended to allocate to the same missions. Israel sells to the US more than 2000 kind of military and security objects from missiles and pilots’
    glasses, electronics valves to soldiers’ boots.

    Third, if US aid to Israel to stop it will free Israel to sale her military products and know-how to any country they wish, without the US pre-approval. The US will find herself with another high sophisticated commercial rival who can sale similar but cheaper advanced military products.

    Forth, Israel will be free to create other partnerships with various States such as France, Russia, India, and China in order to fix her Geo-political alliances. That will hurt the US stand in the Middle East and else where.

    1. The US gains very warn entrance into Israel core of military, scientific and political leadership and know-how and have a vast base to manipulate the Israeli politicians into American interests (an exemplary case is the “Lavi” project).

    2. The 3 B$ a year is paying back mainly through US military compounds and industries that give huge “blood pressure” to those factories and keeping their employees on jobs.

    3. Israel keeps close ties with the factories she buys from and with the US army / navy / air force and advices them how to improve military projects and how to adjust them to meet the battle needs. Some military Israeli products are playing major roll in Iraq and Afghan arenas and save American soldiers’ lives (UAV, Optical gadgets, communication assets, operation know-how). US soldiers are trained in Israel to operate in ME desert’s environment and terrain.

    4. Israel new inventions, adjustments, gadgets, experience, know-how, technologies and developments flow to the US almost for free and help the US industries and armies. The “Arrow”, “David Sting” projects is not just partially subsidized by the US, but the ownership and the future profits are theirs too. So apart from the fact that the US benefits its dollars again she also benefited from acquiring the new systems’ technological breakthrough. The “Arrow” is only the most known example, but there are many others which didn’t get yet known to the public (Some hint mentioned: the Laser bean system, air to air and air to ground missiles).

    5. Let’s take for example the UAV drone projects. Israel was the first country that took this matter seriously in the early 70th and developed huge and fascinating UAV industries that lead the world with new developments and breakthrough concepts and technologies. The US woke up only 20 years later
    and Israel helped hers military industries to start their UAV’S project, to study the tactics and the strategic benefits of these aerial vehicles. Now, the US and alliance forces are using Israeli drones, or those who were produced with the help of Israeli technology, in Afghanistan and Yemen and saving by that many US and allies’ soldier’s life.

    6. More than Israel wants the military aid, the US wants to give it to Israel. The 3$ a year turns Israel to be more tied and depended on US interests and makes the US more influential over Israel, which gives her more political value and strength in the eyes of the Muslims states.

    7. Israel combatant expertise were taught in the US, Britain, Australia, France military units, and some of the combatants came to Israel to be trained at Israel military facilities. Not to mention that this expertise is saving lot of the coalition’s soldiers lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    8. Israel industries produce lot of technology and military excellent products which are well sold everywhere. But she can’t sell these goods to countries that the US thinks will harm her own interests, while the US sells almost everything to everyone, even to the enemies of Israel, without asking Israel’s opinion. This is the best situation that the US can wish for, and that is one of the reasons for the US policy to give Israel this annual aid which let her almost control the Israeli security selling market. The US even influencing by stopping Israeli military projects that may weakened the Israeli military ties and dependent on the US, such as the closure of the fighter ‘Lavi’ project in late 80s. Too militarily Independent Israel doesn’t serve the US interests, to be polite.

    9. I’m sure that I can raise more issues to explain why the special US-Israel connection benefits the US more than Israel, but I’ll let others to add, for now.

    10. I’m sure that your first reflection will be trying to reject the truth with makes chaos to your naïve view over Israel. But as long as you study the facts you won’t be able to escape the truth.