Obama Inc. Gave $50 Mil in “Green Jobs” Training Cash to Unions


The big revelation in the GAO’s Obama Stimulus “Green Jobs” audit is that much of the 500 million dollars set aside for Green Jobs was really handed over to allied liberal non-profits and labor unions.

In terms of organizational type, most green jobs training grants were awarded to nonprofit organizations and state workforce agencies Specifically, 44 percent of green jobs training grants were awarded to nonprofit organizations and 34 percent were awarded to state governmental agencies or departments.

You would think the majority of training grants would be governmental, but nearly 44 percent of 500 million dollars was forwarded to non-profits, many of them allies of Obama Inc.

In addition, 10 percent of grantees were organized labor or labor management organizations

Who then used that money to fund Democrat campaigns. Why not just call the Green Jobs program a donation by Obama to the Dem Party.

Staff from ETA’s regional offices said that some grantees developed new and successful partnerships as a result of the grants, including partnerships with labor unions.

Mission accomplished.

More than half of ETA’s green jobs training grantees implemented their grants through sub-grantees, or a network of local affiliates, rather than providing training services directly to participants.
Making the payoffs even harder to track.
And the Green Jobs part was mostly hypothetical.

Finally, other grantees considered jobs green because of the environmentally beneficial processes being used, such as applying paint in an efficient manner or using advanced manufacturing techniques that reduce waste. Even for jobs where parts of the work have a link to environmentally beneficial outcomes, workers may only use green skills or practices for a portion of the time they work. For instance, technicians trained to install and repair high-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems may in the course of their work also install less energy efficient equipment

So Green Jobs funds were being used to train A/C installers… at a ridiculously inflated cost. How much of that $500 billion did we hand out to unions to train air conditioner installers?


  • Anthony Sanders

    Great article! This is how Obama sees stimulus. Unfortunately, it has translated into part-time, low paying jobs for America. Union leaders must be thrilled! http://confoundedinterest.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/they-call-them-flippers-low-paying-food-servicesbartenders-jobs-grow-hospitalsconstruction-fall/

  • phillyfanatic

    Why not invest our money, it is ours right Putin on the Potomac? Why not invest it in ND type fracking, drilling on , and offshore for our massive supplies of coal, gas, oil instead of giving it to phony liberal union so called energy professionals who will waste it on green glop which does not work???

  • herb benty

    A sop to his allies and more utter waste of taxpayers money. How many workers does it take to create 50 million dollars? I know it’s chicken feed to the Dems, but really. The whole “green” jobs thing is part of the discredited radical environmental global warming, climate change fanaticism. In other words, Obama just threw another 50 Million out the window. The Sierra Club will be thrilled

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The Dems are radical Marxists and radical Marxists hate capitalism. They are also expert at saying one thing while doing another, as the Obama economic plan was never intended to boost economic growth, but instead to boost the size, scope, and power of the government and to expand the welfare rolls simultaneously. It is also why Obamacare is so critically important, because it will force millions of current jobholders into part time employment and into full time welfare. While we are focused on economic growth, they are focused on destroying it, since it is to their benefit.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Dems love Chinese style capitalism of recent decades. If they control the money, it’s just fine. They teach their dupes to hate capitalism as an ideal, but they love it. They just need to control it before they show just how much they love it.

      Just like red China.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    This is why socialism doesn’t work. The burden of proof should be very high for each case where the fed wants to invest our resources in to any venture. Period.

    Sounding smart to idiots is not meeting that burden.

  • dgbuildersac

    Great article! this is often however Obama sees information. sadly, it’s translated into part-time, low paying jobs for America. Union leaders should be thrilled!

  • John Carter

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