Obama Inc: No Idea if Anyone Will Have to Pay the ObamaCare Tax


That’s the ObamaCare tax if you listen to the Supreme Court. It’s the ObamaCare fine if you listen to Obama Inc. But considering how much of ObamaCare has been taken apart, it’s not clear to them if anyone will actually have to pay it.

White House spokesperson David Simas declined to say if anyone will be subjected to Obamacare’s individual mandate tax in 2014 Friday on MSNBC.

Host Chuck Todd put the question to Simas directly, asking if “a single person” will end up paying the tax in 2014. HHS announced yesterday they are suspending the mandate for consumers who had policies cancelled this year,

We’re already in a strange zone because so many ObamaCare regs have been modified, suspended or given a pass on to various peoples and groups. It’s silly to call this universal health care because none of it applies universally.

What began as special favors and exemptions snowballed with the backlash against ObamaCare into widespread fixes and exemptions. Suspending the fine for people who have had their policies cancelled this year will leave far fewer people subject to the ObamaCare tax/penalty, while once again punishing the uninsured.

For a law justified by the needs of the uninsured, they’ve taken some of the worst beatings from it.

To Obama Inc, all these moves are like Lenin’s New Economic Program, a few steps back and then more steps forward plan, for surviving the 2014 elections and then embedding ObamaCare as a permanent entitlement that Republicans will be too afraid of the backlash to touch.

But considering how many of their own regs and measures they’ve rendered null and void, the legal challenges are becoming easier.

  • Christopher Riddle

    Wait a minute!I thought it was a”Mandate”??????????????????

  • ThisnThatNH

    “...so many ObamaCare regs have been modified, suspended or given a pass on to various peoples and groups.”

    In September, weren’t democrats calling this activity “extortion, terrorism, suicide-bombing and legislative arson”?

    • kasandra

      Absolutely! And was the Deplorable Care Act immune from modifications because it was THE ESTABLISHED LAW?

  • breakitdown420

    the timing to begin mandating this tax is terrible, politically, for the mid term elections

  • Asok Asus

    The real irony here of course is that the uninsured before obamacare who’re still uninsured afterwards because of unaffordable obamacare policies will still have to pay the fine.

    So not only is obamacare on the verge of completely destroying the U.S. medical system, it not does not even help those it intended on helping, but is actively kicking them while they are already down.

    That’s big government for you right there in a nutshell.