Obama Inc. Opposes Sanctions on Iran, Considering Them on Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych, Barack Obama

It’s important to keep that Ukrainian nuclear program under control. Especially with all those Ukrainian terrorists on the loose.

State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki addressed the United States’ position towards Ukraine Tuesday, saying all policy options, including sanctions, were on the table.

“But obviously getting back into a conversation with Europe and with the IMF and bringing, of course, justice and dignity to the people of Ukraine is what we were — what our strong message was on the ground. All policy options, including sanctions, are on the table, in our view. But obviously, that still is being evaluated,” Psaki said.

When further pressed on what kind of sanctions would be imposed on Ukraine, Psaki refused to get into specifics, saying only, “We’re considering policy options. There obviously hasn’t been a decision made. Sanctions are included, but I’m not going to outline more specifics.”

Kerry and Obama are lobbying against sanctions on Iran… which is engaged in terrorism around the world, is developing nuclear weapons and recently threatened the United States again.

But Obama and Kerry are pivoting to the Ukraine.


  • Drakken

    Who or what is running my country?????? Everything is upside down, right is wrong, left is right, white Europeans are now considered the enemy, unless of course your left of Lenin and a Quisling. Go ahead commi’s crash what we have left, there won’t be anywhere on the planet that you will be able to run to that the folks that you cheated, killed, oppressed and robbed blind out of fairness, that they won’t be able to find you and face our wrath, God might forgive you, the rest of us won’t.

  • A Z


    1. Has anyone felt threatened by Ukraine or a Ukrainian?

    2. Has anyone felt threatened by Iran or an Iranian?

    I feel threatened by Iran. It is not an imaginary threat. They support terrorists and terrorists do things like blow planes out of the sky or hijack them. I am a customer of various airlines. I am quite hostile to such people. This is not an academic debating point.

    The LEFT put this stupid regime in power. They must pay.