Obama Inc. Sends 5 Rangers to Mount 24 Hour Blockade of Restaurant


The story of the Pisgah Inn, a privately owned and managed restaurant on Federal land, is only getting stranger. After the owner announced that he would defy National Park Service orders to close, he got him with a 24 hour blockade.

Owner Bruce O’Connell told FoxNews.com on Monday that rangers are still outside his business, blocking the entrance to the parking lot. As of late Monday morning, he said there were three cars and five rangers stationed outside.

“Their message is, ‘sorry, we’re following orders,'” he said, describing it as a “24/7 blockade.”

So the Pisgah Inn can’t stay open, because, in the words of an NPS spokesman,  so that “people don’t utilize a business that, according to the federal government, is closed.”

The Federal government lacks the resources during a shutdown to keep open a restaurant that they don’t run. But they do have the resources to conduct a 24/7 hour blockade of the place using 5 rangers and 3 cars.

Here by the way is how Reuters reported it. Their headline was “Defiant N.C. innkeeper relents, will close due to federal shutdown.”

Meanwhile freedom-loving protesters have arrived at Pisgah Inn, the site of Obama’s own Berlin Wall blockade.

Conservative activists protested Saturday outside a private hotel and restaurant forced to close during the partial federal government shutdown because it leases a federal government building on federally owned land.

Park rangers began blocking the inn’s three entrances off the parkway at lunchtime Friday, stayed through the night and remained there Saturday to make sure the inn didn’t reopen, O’Connell said.

Parkway Chief Ranger Steve Stinnett said park service managers in Washington directed him to block access to the inn.

Park Service spokeswoman Dana Soehn said she understands the frustration resulting from the inn’s closure.

“We understand people want to express their disappointment,” she said. “But this is a federally owned facility run by the concessionaire. All federally owned facilities were closed as part of the shutdown.”

There’s no sane reason to close a facility that happens to be run by the Federal government, but whose operation doesn’t cost the Federal government any money or require Federal employees to take any action.

“We understand people want to express their disappointment. Our job is to protect the facility and the resources.”

What exactly are they protecting the facility from? People eating there?

O’Connell said he planned to seek a court order to get rangers to stop blocking access to his business.

Greg Walter, of Jackson County, held up a sign Saturday for passing motorists that read: “A president who deliberately harms the people must be impeached.”


  • TheOrdinaryMan

    That’s right…Obama needs to be impeached, prosecuted, and removed from office. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • A Z

    People who have been bullied will more likely be angry and active in politics and political discussion than cowed.

    How many more illegals do the Dems have to corral to compensate for the increased opposition.

    Swedish liberals do the same thing except they use mostly legal immigrants from countries that will not willingly integrate. Their legal immigrants kiII opposition leaders.

  • deebodoo

    The Park Rangers have officially become “brown shirts”.

    • Laura From Arizona

      Actually, they always have been. Guards in prisons and jails, park rangers in Nat’l parks, and mall cops, are all “brown shirts”, aka cop wannabes who failed the psych tests.

      Three members of my family retired from real law enforcement. They were true professionals. I have unfortunately known a number of the wannabes, including a Yosemite park ranger who was involved in the investigation when my roommate was murdered there. My roommate and I worked in Yosemite at the time and this ranger loved to intimidate all the employees. This was in the mid-70s.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Heh, heh. The fat Ranger in the photo IS wearing a brown shirt. Looks like he forgot his black “O” armband, though.

  • CherDash

    Nazis were just ‘following orders’, too. How’d that work out in Nuremburg?

    • A Z

      They are not killing people, but …

      To give an appropriate penalty the order followers should lose their jobs They are causing these people to lose their livelihoods.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Obama is killing jobs, the dollar, the economy, the moral tenor of this nation. He does and promotes all manner of evil. He is a hater and destroyer.
        Despicable and obnoxious.

        • A Z

          You kiII people’s livelihoods for a long enough time you are either making them a slave or kiIIing them

    • Flicker

      The government will punish you because they can. By force or by lies.

      Look at how all the Republican presidential primary candidates were brought down. They were impugned with ridicule and outright lies, based on a things that resembled the truth, that could be perceived as true, without actually being true.

      If Harry Reid can say he knows Romney’s tax returns, that’s the seed, that Romney paid x number of dollars in taxes. After that the lies begin, and the closer he can get to the actual truth without touching it, the more convincing the lie gets.

      The very details of your life become seeds for the lies the government will use against you if you step out of line, or if they need a scapegoat, or if they just want to add you to the current group that they want to demonize.

      • The March Hare

        Yes, Saul Alinsky in action.

  • Gee

    The President of the United States occupies a government owned building – he should be barred as well

  • Veracious_one

    President Stompy Feet strikes again….

  • gman213

    If I were a member of Congress my next official act would be to cut the budget of the Nat. Park Service. in 1/2 and dare the them to shut down anything else in the process.

  • Veracious_one

    Obama is tougher on aged American Inn owners than he is on Muslim terrorists…

  • defcon 4

    I can hardly wait to see how US law enforcement responds when the federal government outlaws criticism of islam — because it’s coming, you can count on it.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s already happened.

      Look at the Terry Jones arrest and the IOM jailing.

      For now they’re just arresting people on different charges.

  • defcon 4

    If this isn’t fascism, what the hell is? There’s no due process here whatsoever. The property owner(s) has/have been dispossessed of his/their property.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    How do you know it doesn’t cost the federal government anything to keep the Pisgah Inn open? The Feds probably have dozens of bureaucrats assigned to the place to make sure they recycle properly, to monitor the caloric content of the food served on sight, to make sure incandescent bulbs are not used anyplace, to monitor the phosphate contents of their dishwashing detergent, etc.

    • Laura From Arizona


  • Flicker

    By what rule of budgeting or of law does the government shut down businesses that are paying the government to operate?

    For those who may still be saying, ‘If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about or to hide.’ That may be true if the government is both reasonable and honest, and law-abiding and of good will.

    When the government imprisons a US video producer for terrorist attacks in Libya, and when it closes down business after business because they operate on rented government land, evict aged homeowners because their house is on rented government land, and when they close roadside pull-offs because you can see national memorials in the distance, there is no rule of law or governmental good will involved.

    The government will punish you because they can. By force or by lies.

    • The March Hare

      And this is so far over the top it would wake up the entirety of the country if only there was a media to spread it quickly far and wide. It will get spread, but the democrat party base and the low info voters will get very little information about the extent and the ramifications of what is happening. Web sites and forums such as this one are somewhat like preaching to the choir. The few liberals (read socialists) that frequent these sites only do it to learn more about us or to troll and muddy up the discussion.

  • Flicker

    There comes a point of no return. Let me warn you all now. It sounds so very crazy, I know. But the direction the government and society are going, and at the rate they’re heading there, and considering the deeds of our current administration, mob killings will grow in size and frequency. And will go unprosecuted and unreported. The government will increase persecution of dissidents via the IRS and the media, and will start increasing pressure with other departments, such as they are doing now with the Park Service.

    Holder will continue to oversee allowing more and more arms in the hands of violent gangs, while beginning confiscating licensed arms in an ad hoc way, by categories, using pretext after pretext. Mandatory mental health screening will begin to be seen as justifiable, along with a push for mental health screenings of
    all people covered under the ACA. The direction of persecuting Christian assemblies, and directives purging Christians from the military and the government will increase. More conservatives, libertarians, and Christian objectors will be legally targeted for prosecution, conservatives will be blamed for instigating the violence, while mob aggression grows to the point that it is no longer avoidable by news agencies.

    Government armies, such as the DHS and TSA, with FBI coordination, DHS intelligence and Army tactical support, will institute a continuous federal police presence and a spotty de facto martial law. As riots begin to break out in larger cities. The government will declare formal martial law regionally. Finally, the executive branch will use the civil unrest to assume full wartime authority.

    Just in time for the 2016 elections.

    • WhiteHunter

      If I’d read your post just 5 years ago, I’d have dismissed you as paranoid. Now I call you a clear-eyed realist who’s describing today’s reality and the thuggocracy’s menacing agenda for tomorrow.
      What’s terrifying is that apparently about half the population–including every Damnocrat and Osama loyalist–sees absolutely nothing wrong with the emerging tyranny and its plans for the rest of us. To them, we’re just getting the treatment we “deserve,” and no evil or harm inflicted on us is “too much.”

    • ziggy zoggy

      That’s what they’re trying to do, and no doubt about it. We’ll see soon whether they succeed or not. So far, the Obanaburo has gotten away with every one of its crimes, no matter how heinous and outrageous. Shutting down “his” National Parks and any private enterprise associated with them is a perfect example.

      And journos called Clinton the Teflon President.

  • Michael R

    Unbelievable. Welcome to Obama’s America.

  • ag

    Geez, you would think he was trying to build a nuke to wipe Jews off the map or something.

  • Charlotta Jones

    Hitler’s murderers were also following orders. Totalitarianism begins with small things. My poster would be my first sentence in this piece:HITLER”S MURDERERS WERE ALSO FOLLOWING ORDERS. I mean what would happen if people stormed these Barrycades? Would these rangers shoot them?

  • franbunc

    What a collection of idiots and Teabillies. Stop this whining. Contact the recalcitrant Republican trolls holding us hostage and be done. Not that they will listen to you either as each has their own agenda of “freedom” and something.
    Grow up.

    • Boots

      That’s rich Comrade franbunc… right now there are only two leaders refusing to negotiate… Obama and Reid. These things have always had negotiations (the most recent being 2011) and no amount of denial will change that. Heck… to get Obamacare they had to negotiate with the blue dogs within their own party. Sooooooo… it’s OK to talk to the Iranians but not OK to talk to Republicans… unless of course the Republicans agree to all of your demands in advance?

    • CptNerd

      Guess who ordered the park closings? Hint: it wasn’t “Republican trolls”…

  • Will

    Every time a story like this comes out it needs to be prefaced with “Today, Obama’s National Park Service rangers” or “Obama’s EPA shut down…” or “Obama’s TSA shut down…” They’re all under the control of the Executive Branch, not Ted Cruz or the Republican Party. Liberal dims are such dolts.

  • CrazyAuntJane

    This is really bizarre! I Obama just showing his authority or what??? No way it is legit! The park doesn’t belong to the president but to the American people. We are being punished for not giving the Obamanation what he wants! He has way exceeded his authority! Things close if there is no funding to run them not because some idiot has a mad fit!!! And our Congressmen and Senators don’t have enough balls to tell him to shut up and sit down!!! This isn’t really about the budget anymore!