Obama Inc. Shutting Down Private Restaurants on Federal Land


The National Park Service is implementing the Government Shutdown in much the same way an idiot or computer might, by taking it as literally as possible and implementing it as widely as possible.

The whole point of the shutdown is to bring attention to it.

Ridiculous amounts of time and effort are being spent to keep WW2 veterans out of an open air WW2 memorial which has thus far been cordoned off with everything from concrete barricades to mounted officers to steel wire.

Cemeteries in France have been closed. The Grand Canyon was shut down despite Arizona’s willingness to keep it open and fund it. George Washington’s entire estate faced an attempted barricading because the National Park Service possibly owned one of its parking lots, even though Mount Vernon itself is privately owned and funded and has never accepted government money.

Not satisfied with that insanity, the next wave of attacks were launched by the Park Service against private restaurants on Federal land.

One example now in the news, the Pisgah Inn, has been privately run by one family for decades, but is in a building owned by the Park Service. The road it’s on is open. That means there’s no conceivable reason to shut it down.

The government doesn’t run the Pisgah Inn. It doesn’t staff it or fund it or spend any more money on it when it’s open than when it’s closed. Any responsibilities it has for the building are limited to the structure. And the local town handles police and fire.

Nevertheless the Park Service has been waging a war against the Pisgah Inn demanding that it close because the Park Service claims, repeating Reid and Obama’s idiotic talking point, that they can’t just close things down “piecemeal”.

Except there’s no actual need to close down places like the Claude Moore Colonial Farm or the Pisgah Inn which the Park Service may act as a landlord for, but does not run. There is no reason why NPS can’t go on ignoring those places. Instead it’s choosing to go after them.

The Pisgah Inn is currently defying the government, after briefly agreeing to shut down. The Cliff House under the Golden Gate Bridge is shutting down.

As a result of this closure, KTVU-TV reported the restaurant has had to help people find different venues for weddings and other events planned for this weekend.

NPS spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet called the restaurant’s closure “really sad” and “so counter to everything that the National Park Service does.”

Coordinators “have worked tirelessly to find them a different place not affected by the shutdown,” Picavet said.

We’re in very strange territory here.

  • Veracious_one

    The Obamanistas strike again…

  • Veracious_one

    Just wait until Obama starts closing down airports and interstate highways…

    • adrenjarrid

      Actually, just wait until oblabla declares martial law. Then things want be so funny.

      • vulgar_imposter

        Ha! I bet you’re huddled in a dark corner of your mobile home right now, cradling your Bushmaster, adjusting the tin foil hat atop your head. You’re a sad, sad man. But, in the end, essentially harmless and inconsequential.

        • 12banjo

          Yeah, I’ll bet you’re in mom’s basement, jerking off to old youtube reruns of the Daily Show, practicing all the witty ways to use “f***ing” in a sentence and lusting after that snide old man with hair plugs…

  • David Masada

    The only thing that should be shut down is obama’s pie hole!

    • ziggy zoggy

      And PBS, NPR, SNAP, Air Force One, the White House kitchens, etc.

  • ziggy zoggy

    The Hualapai tribe is probably happy. Grand Canyon West Rim is on their land so anybody who would have gone to the other rims will have to go there – and they charge much more than the NPS.

    And Obama isn’t satisfied with closing down all the parks. The little turd has closed down their websites too!

    • vulgar_imposter

      Don’t worry. The parks will be open again soon. The Republicans will cave. Only wingnuts like you support the GOP’s efforts to shut down the government.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        In the lexicon of the socialist, anyone that understands our constitution and economics is a “wingnut.”

        They’re interesting creatures if not very intelligent.

      • iluvisrael

        does obama know you’re using his nickname?

      • MalalchHaMavet

        Hey dummy, GOP didn’t order the closing of view to Cemeteries & Memorials, the democRATS did

  • Gee

    The Cliff House is not under the Golden Gate Bridge – that if Fort Point. The Cliff House is a restaurant on the West side of San Francisco – overlooking the Pacific Ocean – about 5 miles from the Golden Gate

  • Mary Brown

    This crap has to stop, Obama is doing it on purpose to HURT businesses and then he can say “See this shutdown is hurting the economy”

  • unionville

    Thank goodness for the people who are defying these orders. It would be interesting to see how the public reacts when people, who are enjoying a nice evening out, are herded out in the middle of their meal like criminals.

  • Human Being

    People arn’t getting paid. Both sides are to blame. That’s the only story.

    • unionville

      While I agree that both are to blame for the shutdown since they could not come to an agreement. They are not both to blame for the shutdown continuing. The House has been sending bills to fund essential parts of the government and they are being shot down without a passing glance by the Democrats.

      What is being requested by Conservatives now to pass the ACA is a delay in the individual mandate. Since certain corporations, states and unions have gotten a “stay of execution”, why not individual Americans?

      The continuing shutdown is due to the intransigence of the Democrats and our petulant President.

  • mandaeskrim
    • defcon 4

      I thought Indonesians were too busy burning down synagogues and persecuting non-muslimes and women to have time for much else.

  • Derek

    I work here and live here. And yeah, it sucks. I was counting on October to help me thru this winter. It appears I may be homeless this winter.

  • Jakareh

    The Obama regime is a Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization. Its members should be prosecuted accordingly.

  • Dave

    Maybe the effect of this farce will be that the American people will realise that they dont need the Federal Government at all?

  • truebearing

    Obama is sadistic. He’s doing this to hurt the average American. He’s doing this to condition Americans — especially white people — to get used to the government deciding what and when they can use the facilities they pay for.

    The time has come for massive civil disobedience….including tax strikes. Obama’s worthless constituents aren’t the ones paying the taxes that fund his punitive policies.

  • truebearing

    Piss on Obama.

  • RedStateVet

    Well, the IRS already claimed the mantle of the SS, so I guess that makes the NPS the new gestapo.

    This is seriously going to backfire on the empty suit-in-chief. The spanking that he and the children running the democrat party are going to get in 2014 is going to be sweet.

  • MalalchHaMavet

    The restaurants have a problem, they are on FEDERAL LAND, not their own
    Visitors can always brown -bag it
    Next step, they’ll cut off all of the watero that they won’t have what to eat or drink
    During the interim, Obummer wil be hosting elaborate dinners at the White House, with $200 per pound Kobe Steak

  • MalalchHaMavet

    Obama would have been right at home during The Spanish Inquisition, he would have been in charge of operating the torture chamber

  • ambassgray

    so let me get this right..the Pisgah Inn is leasing space from the Park Service. The building in which they are leasing space has to shut down during a Government shutdown, the same with all National Parks, monuments etc.. You do not shut down roads, so to say because they did not close the roads, we can remain open is simply a ridiculous argument! I feel sorry for the restaurant owner, but my guess is that when he reads his lease agreement, it is spelled out in the contracts that if the building is closed for a shut down, then he needs to remain closed as well. If this was a building that he owned, I could see his issue, but if this is written into his lease agreement, he has no beef but with himself for keeping that in his lease agreement.

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