Obama Inc. to Admit Initial 2,000 Syrian Refugees


How terrible of an idea is this? The Syrian refugees have become major problems in Egypt and Jordan. While many Christians legitimately fled the fighting, many of the Syrians are terrorists or wannabe terrorists.

And they’re becoming a real problem.

Organized crime networks are operating in the biggest refugee camp, Za’atari in Jordan, which is home to 130,000, it said. The camp is “lawless is many ways”, with resources that are “constantly stolen or vandalized”.

Preparations for a new camp needed to learn the lessons from Za’atari, including to “ensure the safety of women and girls”.

Do we really want to move this rape and crime trainwreck over to America?

The numbers are relatively small: just 2,000 refugees, compared to an estimated two million people who have fled Syria during the civil war. But it’s a significant increase from the 90 or so Syrian refugees who have been permanently admitted to the U.S. in the last two years. And it’s not entirely uncontroversial. The refugees, mostly women and children, will be screened for terrorist ties — a process that could take a year or more to complete.

That worked out well last time around. And no marathons were bombed.

 “Referrals will come within the next four months. We will need to interview people and perform security and medical checks,” Kelly Clements, the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for Population, Refugees, and Migration, tells The Cable.

The September 11 hijackers are still waiting for their security checks.

While aid workers welcome the decision to let in more refugees, concerns remain about the time it will take to process the applications and move them into the U.S. “It’s 90 degrees now, but in a few months it’s going to snow and people are going to be freezing,” Noah Gottschalk, Oxfam America’s senior humanitarian policy advisor, told The Cable.

So the cold will freeze their weapons? Also around the same time, it’s going to be snowing in America. Maybe they should try Brazil.

. “Refugees are subject to an intensive security screening process involving federal intelligence, law enforcement, defense, and homeland security agencies,” a State Department official said. “The U.S. government makes every possible effort to uphold and enhance the security screening aspects of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. Refugees are among the most carefully screened of individuals traveling to the United States.”

And he even said that with a straight face.

  • dennis metz

    every time they bring in a bunch of these people from somalia hataii etc the first thing that happens to them when they get here is they are programmed to hate whites, and it shows many thousands of somalians have been commiting crimes against whites and they were put up in homes by us

    • m4253y

      sorry dennis, but you are wrong on this because CAIR will take good care of them…you know, guiding them in the jihaddi way…

    • laura rubin

      i lived near the “lost boys from somolia” in boston. i had no idea this area exisited. i was riding my bike, took a wrong turn. there i was, about 1/2 miles my home, in the most frightening place. luckily i found my way out. later i read about the somolian men, thia was in year 2000.

  • Jeebus

    What I hate more than anything is going to a website, such as this POS, and try to return to the previous page, and have to click on the back button like 5000 times. Frontpagemag, you suck @ss.

    • BS77

      Oh Boo Hoo

  • dennis metz

    why would any administration want to bring in and support another countries citizens? we bring them here so they wont get killed there then they end up killing our citizens or causing more crimes?

    • BS77

      great, just what we need…more ticking time bombs, more lunatics from that nuthouse called the middle east.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Move them all to Chicago and Detroit.

    • cheechakos

      There are 23,000 people living in Chicago from Beitunia, Palestine and only 2,000 people left in Beitunia.”

      Sociologist Louise Cainkar, a professor at Marquette University and an expert on Arab immigration, backs up this claim.
      “Historically Beitunia was the largest feeder village of Palestinian immigrants to Chicago,” she said.

  • http://spybubblez.fr/spybubble-gratuit/ ellrostel

    ”Referrals will come within the next four months. We
    will need to interview people and perform security and medical checks,”
    Kelly Clements, the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for
    Population, Refugees, and Migration, tells The Cable.

    fett verbrennungs ofen

  • ObamaYoMoma

    While many Christians legitimately fled the fighting, many of the Syrians are terrorists or wannabe terrorists.

    Actually, terrorism isn’t holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the establishment of Islam as that is jihad instead, which in stark contrast to terrorism manifest both violently and non-violently, while terrorism, on the other hand, is always and only violent, which is why it is called terrorism. Moreover, only Muslims and Muslims alone wage jihad always in the cause of Allah, which is holy war, while terrorism, on the other hand, is a product of all cultures and societies for any number of political causes and it isn’t viewed as acts of war, at least not by the Left and it is the Left that indeed controls the debate.

    That’s also the reason why you totally ignore mass Muslim immigration to the West, which is really stealth jihad for the eventual purpose of demographic conquest of the West. Indeed, since it manifests non-violently, it isn’t seen by you and others like you that have been inculcated to become obsessed with only terrorism, as being violent, therefore it isn’t construed as being terrorism. Thus, it is able to manifest totally unopposed throughout the West, even while it is obvious that several Euroloon countries will inevitably become Islamic in the next 30 to 50 years via stealth demographic conquest.

    Hence, while you and others like you are totally focused and completely obsessed with only stopping terrorists, which isn’t even an Islamic manifestation, by the way, the jihad to establish Islam in the West is chugging along full steam ahead as you and others like you continue distracting attention away from it via your unhinged obsession with only stopping terrorists. Indeed, their strategy is to use violent jihad, which you misconstrue as being terrorism, as a distraction while conquering the West via non-violent stealth jihad and it is working beautifully.

    Hell, the USA has practically bankrupted itself and turned totalitarian via the creation of the humongous Department of Homeland Security, the National Intelligence Directorate, the TSA, and NSA gigantic data collection centers that are used to spy on innocent Americans all in the name of stopping terrorists, while jihadists are being excused because we don’t want to be seen as being offensive. Not to mention as well the two completely idiotic wars fought to stop terrorism, which isn’t even an Islamic manifestation and which inevitably turned into the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history because they were both founded on fantasy-based ideas about Islam that you and others like you are infamous for manifesting.

    Anyway, the admittance of 2000 Muslim refugees from Syria, or from anywhere else in the Islamic world for that matter, would be the admittance of 2000 jihadists into the USA, as jihad is not only the highest pillar of Islam, it is also a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims in one form or another. Thus, all Muslims are jihadists in one form or another.

    Nevertheless, the easy solution to all of this madness is simple, outlaw and ban Islam in the West, which would also involve the mass deportation of all Muslims along with their excess baggage ASAP, followed by the abandonment and complete isolation of the Islamic world, but not before we eradicated the ruling Mullahs of Iran and their nuclear weapons program and forced the Pakistanis to hand over their massive nuclear arsenal and to destroy their nuclear weapons program.

  • m4253y

    don’t worry, CAIR will be happy to have 2000 more card carrying terrorist/terrorist wannabe members…oh, and 2000 more to support the muslim in chief.

    well done, well done indeed.

  • cheechakos

    Obama needs a reason to excuse,reinforce and continue his spying and invasion of American’s privacy.