Obama Inc. Tries Barackading George Washington’s Mansion, Doesn’t Own It


Barackade Obama is starting to act like some kind of supervillain. Except his only superpower is senselessly blockading national monuments to convince the nation that Republicans are evil.

It’s not a great plan. But then he’s not a great thinker.

And this time he picked a fight with America’s real president. President Washington.

The National Park Service blocked parking lots at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate and Gardens “due to a misunderstanding over the ownership of the spaces,” according to Melissa Wood, Mt. Vernon’s media director.

Mount Vernon officials approached the NPS, which removed the barricades “as soon as they realized their mistake,” Wood says, adding that the Park Service maintains the parking lots, but Mount Vernon owns the property.

Did the National Park Service really not know what property it owns and what property it doesn’t own? That level of incompetence is almost plausible, but not quiet. It’s easy enough to check a budget.

The Mount Vernon site states, “George Washington’s Mount Vernon is privately owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association and will remain open despite the threat of a shutdown of the federal government. Despite some reports to the contrary, our parking lots are open and available. We stand ready to welcome all visitors to the home of our founding father and first president.

“Mount Vernon has never accepted any government funds throughout its long history.”

That last sentence would have seemed odd a few weeks ago. And then suddenly Barackade Obama decided to shut down any site in any way affiliated with the National Park Service even if the NPS doesn’t staff it or run it or even fund it.

  • Gee

    The ladies should issue an arrest warrant for attempted theft

  • RLande

    The park service tried to shut down state parks in Wisconsin too.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    The Park Service shut down a *scenic overlook* on the GW Parkway by the Potomac. That is to say, a little road turnoff where people can park and enjoy a nice view. It costs them nothing to leave that little piece of asphalt open to traffic. It *did* cost them money to rent barricades and send an officer to put them up. They obviously did it just to hurt and anger the public and hopefully spark resentment against the opposition.

    • The March Hare

      Same thing wth the WWII Memorial. Was always open 24/7 and unattended.

  • CowboyUp

    It’s just another good reason not to accept federal money. Some probably thought the Mt. Vernon Ladies’ Association was crazy or stupid for refusing federal funding, but they were really being farsighted and smart.

  • v

    I have no idea how did anyone vote for that imbecile Obama and his Vice President. One is clueless and the other brainless. You designate who is who.

  • Grouchy Old Man

    When faced with a problem related to money, bureaucrats always cut things that cause the most pain to the majority. A kind of punishment for the citizenry for being so bold as to cut funding (as if the people thought it was their tax money or something).
    Notice that all the offices are being staffed by supervisors (most expensive folks, they) as caretakers? Why not staff with regular workers on a rotating schedule? OOPS. That was logical – no place in government for that.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “Did the National Park Service really not know what property it owns and what property it doesn’t own?” Probably not, but, to paraphrase Hillary, “What difference does it make if the NPS or the IRS or the EPA doesn’t know what property it doesn’t own. They’ll take it anyway.

  • Veracious_one

    Obama just keeps sending out his minions to harass the American public simply to prove his rule should be law…he, of course, is wrong…

  • ziggy zoggy

    Who does Obama think he’s fooling with his Barackade? He’s actually dumb enough to think the general public will mindlessly blame this on evil Republicans. The guy is clueless. He’s basked in so much media adulation for so long that he thinks it’s all true: He really is a master statesman who can lie his way out of anything. Incredible. And plenty of Americans still support this despicable wretch.

    • The March Hare

      He doesn’t know any better, just like he thought there were 57 states, pronounces it “corpseman” and so forth. He and his minions have spent their lives thinking only about Marxists theory paying no attention to reality and know nothing about the real world.

      • ziggy zoggy

        I guess so. He probably thinks everybody who doesn’t share his ideology is stupid and evil. Lefties usually do.

  • glpage

    Obama and his minions would rather play politics in an effort to f’over the other side than do something constructive like try to get rid of waste.

    Obama keeps telling people that he won the election and that the Republicans should just cave in to his demands. I didn’t realize we were voting for king or emperor or maybe even tyrant in the last election. He seems to forget that he wasn’t the only person to win an election and that the Republicans in the House and Senate also had to win an election to take their offices and that they at least kind of have to do what their constituents want to maintain that office. Seems to me he’s trying to tell those of us who didn’t vote for him or his party’s opposition to our Representatives and Senators that our vote should not count for anything.

    Yeah, I think he thought he was running for tyrant and won.

  • JCS

    Obama, last in war, last in peace, first in the hearts of the mainstream media.

  • floridavet

    Only Barack Hussein Obama could turn the easy-going National Park Service rangers into some kind of jack-booted storm troopers. I hope they wake up soon and realize how they’re being used by lawless administration.