Obama Inc, Which is Arming Syrian Rebels Fighting to Overthrow Assad, Claims It Isn’t Seeking Regime Change

Of course it’s not regime change. Libya wasn’t about regime change either. What possible reason could we have to doubt Jay Carney’s claim aside from the fact that Obama is arming and training Syrian rebels who want to oust Assad.

To those of us lacking in nuance, that might seem like a regime change move. But clearly that can’t be so. It would mean that Obama Inc. is lying to us.

Q    And as the President weighs his options, does he want to take out Assad?  And would his death be a welcomed outcome at this White House?

MR. CARNEY:  I appreciate the question.  I want to make clear that the options that we are considering are not about regime change.  They are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons.

We are also very much engaged in an effort to support the opposition in its struggle with the Assad regime as the Assad regime continues to try to massacre its own people in an effort to maintain power.  And it is our firm conviction that Syria’s future cannot include Assad in power.

But this deliberation and the actions that we are contemplating are not about regime change.  We believe, as I said earlier in answer to Mark’s question, that resolution of this conflict has to come through political negotiation and settlement.

If you’re following Carney’s convoluted logic…

1. Obama will probably bomb Syria but that has nothing to do with regime change

2. Obama is arming Syrian rebels who want to overthrow Assad, but he’s only doing it to improve their ability to negotiate a political solution… with anti-tank missiles

3. Obama said two years ago that Assad must go, saying, “The time has come for President Assad to step aside.”

So Obama wants Assad to step down, is arming Anti-Assad rebels and will bomb Assad… but it’s not about regime change. It’s about changing the regime.

Carney says that the future cannot include Assad in power, his own regime is proposing to bomb Assad in support of rebels who want him out of power as part of an existing military intervention on behalf of those rebels. But don’t call it regime change.

Under Bush II, the media lost its mind over yellowcake uranium, but under Obama I, even the most ridiculously offensive lie gets a pass. No comment. No notice.

Hope, Change and Crazy Lies.

  • kasandra

    He also said that our policy in Libya wasn’t regime change. But, of course, it was.

  • Jsjk

    Obama, by endorsing assassinations (Gadaffi and now Assad), violates the law — making him a criminal. Isn’t this a high crime and misdemeanor, an impeachable offense?

  • Laser1

    As Far
    as I am concerned, the Obama group can’t be trusted. They aligned the US with MB, a bunch of
    terrorists, Al-Qaeda being their first cousins. I am the kind of Person that
    doesn’t forget track records easily. The
    list of un-answered questions continues to grow: BENGHAZI, Seal team 6, 5
    Generals fired, didn’t help any of the Christians being murdered, Pushing on us
    Obama Big Brother Health Care system, Signed Agenda 21, Provoked Racial Tension,
    trying to override our constitution. The
    List is a mile long and growing. IRS,
    NSA, Fast and Furious, Didn’t help Iran’s Green movement.

    Now a
    list of all of the things we don’t know about but can see the writing on the
    Syrian is the next thing to be added to the list. Another bait and switch? The terrorists over there are always creating false reports and videos. And if they used chemical weapons after a 100,000 people already died. Hmmm Mr Obama is just always reacting, to things “like stepping over the red line” not figuring out the details first and what it would cost like the health care system.

    SO Let’s
    stick to our agenda and keep the entire list going until we get all of the

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Given there are only two possibilities in the Arab world, it is in America’s interest, wherever possible, to support Arab nationalist rule in favor of Islamicist rule. Even where an Arab nationalist has to be taken out, he should be replaced with another Arab nationalist.

  • truebearing

    Obama lies again…..at least he’s consistent.

    • Sue Nakh

      Thats funny but yet so painful

  • Benedict

    Drastic action will lead another repetitive failures in the history of world political arena .

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