Obama Inc. Worries Giving Purple Hearts to Hasan’s Victims Might Hurt His Case

Isn’t it great how Obama Inc. keeps reminding us where its priorities lie? First Obama Inc. removed a mean judge who made a terrorist mass murderer shave his beard. Then it replaced him with a caring and nurturing judge who not only lets Hasan grow his Islamic facial hair, but won’t even let him plead guilty.

Now it’s worried that recognizing the wounded soldiers he shot at might hurt his case. Why does Hasan even need a lawyer when Barry is his attorney at law?

Legislation that would award the injured from the 2009 Fort Hood shooting the Purple Heart would adversely affect the trial of Maj. Nidal Hasan by labeling the attack terrorism, according to a Defense Department document obtained by Fox News.

“The Army objects to (the proposal) because it would undermine the prosecution of Major Nidal Hasan by materially and directly compromising Major Hasan’s ability to receive a fair trial. This provision will be viewed as setting the stage for a formal declaration that Major Hasan is a terrorist, on what is now the eve of trial. Such a situation, prior to trial, would fundamentally compromise the fairness and due process of the pending trial,” the document said.

What’s wrong with such a formal declaration? Is the kindly judge who is bending over backward for Hasan really going to be affected by some Purple Hearts for his victims?

Plenty of American soldiers involved in the capture of terrorists have gotten medals without those medals being delayed for decades until their Gitmo cases were resolved. Is DOD willing to award Purple Hearts after the trial is over? I don’t think so.

Police officers are routinely honored before and during trials. If the civilian court system that Barack Hussein Obama loves sending terrorists into can handle the impossible challenge of telling 12 jurors gathered from the civilian population and not trained by anything more than Law and Order episodes that they should disregard the NYPD honoring an officer involved in the case, then somehow the military justice system composed of trained professionals should be able to do the same.

But don’t worry. This isn’t about Hasan at all. Hagel/Hussein really just care about the victims.

It continues: “Moreover, the effect of such an act by Congress would be to deprive the victims of these crimes the right to see justice done.”

The victims though want to be recognized as casualties of war, not as the DOD’s victims of workplace violence.

Neal Sher, counsel for the Fort Hood families involved in a federal lawsuit against the department, told Fox News that the document — an “official Army response” to the request for Purple Heart status — is “an utter outrage” and that it was not surprising given it comes from the same department which labeled the attack “workplace violence.”

Then we get to the actual point. Obama refuses to recognize the War on Terror as an actual war, but as a series of random crimes.

The Defense Department document says that to expand the Purple Heart criteria to include “domestic criminal acts or domestic terror attacks would be a dramatic departure” from traditional criteria.

“U.S. military personnel are organized, trained and equipped to combat foreign, not domestic, forces or threats,” the Army wrote. “To expand the Purple Heart award criteria to include domestic criminal acts or domestic terror attacks would be a dramatic departure from the traditional Purple Heart award criteria.”

So this really isn’t about fairness to Hasan by Hussein, it’s not about the trial at all.

But Nidal Hasan conspired with Anwar Al-Awlaki, an international Al Qaeda terrorist who was the subject of a kill order. So if Anwar Al-Awlaki is an international terrorist who can be blown away, how is Nidal Hasan a domestic criminal engaged in workplace violence?

There’s a basic inconsistency here. Either Anwar Al-Awlaki was a purely domestic criminal threat or Nidal Hasan wasn’t.

A source with knowledge of the position paper told Fox News that DOD is putting on a full-court press by sending senior officials, including generals, to meet with lawmakers in an effort to block support.

The same old. “If you help the troops, you’re really hurting the troops” routine.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "The same old. “If you help the troops, you’re really hurting the troops” routine."

    Anything that hurts Muslim feelings is against the interests of the USA. How do I know? I asked Barry.

  • http://twitter.com/quillerm @quillerm

    It's time to end this lie, Major Hasan was in contact with terrorists and screamed Islamic chants while murdering unarmed soldiers. He is a terrorist and the victims of his attack are worth of Purple Hearts. The only reason the Obama Administration classified this Terrorist attack as 'Workplace Violence' was to appease US Muslim Voters. This is playing politics with the truth and denying the victims of terrorism their rights.

    • gerry

      Major Hasan is lucky,he escaped the drones!

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    When the goal is to strip power from American heroes, it makes sense to shield their enemies. Thus, when a Muslim serviceman murders under the banner of Allahu Akhba, giving the dead & maimed purple hearts, even posthumously, is unacceptable – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/03/the-hunt-agai

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • elishawah

    behold,i lifted up my eyes and seen these numbers:on the 41 degree latitude and on the 127 degree longitude,it was there that I seen cain killing abel again.and then it spread as if it was a fire fanned by a strong evil wind;brother against brother,father against son and daughter against mother;untill it devoured the whole earth.and when it was over the humans left on the earth a three year old child could number then.a few here and a few there,and I seen them and you could number all there bones within them;for they where very hungry and they did eat the flesh of they brother

  • KarshiKhanabad

    This is an outrage and a slap in the face to the victims & their family members. Remember that the initial report on the atrocity ran to 75 pages without using the words "Islam" or "Muslim" even a single time. It was issued by then Army chief of staff Gen. Casey who labeled the mass murder as "workplace violence".

    Which is why NIdal Hasan will never be tried & convicted, because if he were, the entire chain of command up to POTUS himself would be implicated & its group PC culture exposed for its pro-Islamism. In addition, convicting Hasan would grant legal standing to the survivors & family members to unleash a raft of wrongful death lawsuits upon the U.S. government.

    The terrorist Hasan may die in prison but he will never be executed. He will die of old age just like Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, and for similar reasons: Muslim influence in our government and legal system.

  • ziontruth

    The big scandal is that a Muslim was allowed to serve in the U.S. Army in the first place. Makes as much sense as a Nazi RAF pilot during WWII.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    ACT for America is gathering signatures for a Congressional committee to investigate Benghazi. When we get the truth about Obama's series of non-random crimes in this matter, we will have the evidence to impeach him. Everyone sign this petition!

  • Edward Cline

    I think Casey, Obama, Hagel et al. should be put under Hasan's psychoanalytical care, and see what happens. Fair is fair.

  • Texas Patriot

    "Makes as much sense as a Nazi RAF pilot during WWII."

    Except that the Koran makes the Mein Kampf look like a nursery rhyme for kindergartners.

  • tinatrent

    Abortion isn't murder. Anti-American hate isn't hate crime. Principles of differentiating between who is ideologically useful or not.

    If this is not international terrorism, and it isn't domestic terrorism, then why isn't it a hate crime? Eric Holder spent the late 90's ranting to us that even crimes that would not be prosecuted as hate for technical reasons needed to be seen as hate. He didn't hesitate to use the power of the DOJ to lash out at certain (deserving, mind you, but so were thousands of other not treated this way) criminals before they were prosecuted.

    The end game of hate crime laws always was to diminish certain crimes in order to politically juice others. The former is as important as the latter for maintaining the system.

    If Hasan had been a white male shouting anti-Muslim slogans while mowing down Muslim army members and bystanders, we would have been given the full-bore media hate ritual, and Holder would have opened another office of DOJ sensitivity training to spread the special guilt to all Americans. But this case requires percisely the opposite, and that is what they are delivering.

  • tanstaafl

    A lawful President would not even consider delaying medals to our troops.

  • Texas Patriot

    Didn't George W. Bush have a Muslim prayer breakfast at the White House?

  • Texas Patriot

    In this video, George W. Bush sounds very much like a Yale cheerleader welcoming a new minority group to campus in the sixties. Except that he gave that speech in Washington DC in 2008.

    The point being that it's not just Obama. We've all been asleep, and we're still only beginning to wake up.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No, it's not just O. But B.O. is worse than B.

      • Texas Patriot

        I guess we'll all see about that. Bush's legacy is a $4 trillion war with 5,000 dead American soldiers, 25,000 to 100,000 soldiers permanently scarred physically or emotionally, with Iraq now rapidly becoming, if not already, a satellite of Iran, and 90% of Christians eliminated. Obama's legacy in the war on terrorism, so far, is an aggressive drone program that has ruthlessly gone after AQ leadership in remote areas of Pakistan over the almost hysterical objections of the Pakistani government and, of course, the successful elimination of OBL who was living in a luxury villa within a short distance of Pakistan's national military academy. What did Bush do to stop development of nuclear weapons by N. Korea or Iran? Nothing. What will Obama do? That remains to be seen.

  • slider 96

    As per Chapter 2, paragraph 8 of Army Regulation 600-8-22:

    c. While clearly an individual decoration, the Purple Heart differs from all other decorations in that an individual is not "recommended" for the decoration; rather he or she is entitled to it upon meeting specific criteria.

    j. During wartime the senior Army commander in the combat theater can award the Purple Heart as approval authority when delegated by the Secretary of the Army. The National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132-5100, awards the Purple Heart to any member of the Army, who during World War I, was awarded a Meritorious Service Citation Certificate signed by the Commander in Chief, American Expeditionary Forces, or who was authorized to wear wound chevrons, upon written application. Approval authority for the Purple Heart for Army personnel wounded or killed as the result of an international terrorist attack is the Secretary of the Army. All other requests for award of the Purple Heart are processed by the Commander, USA HRC (AHRC-PDO-PA). The

    following types of requests for award of the Purple Heart will be forwarded to the Commander, USA HRC, ATTN:

  • joe

    You are completely off topic. And it is pointless to debate your topic choice since your goal is to lecture people based on your political ideology and to hear yourself talk.

  • slider 96

    The Trial will determine if this act was the result of "workplace violence " OR international terorism executed on the soil of the U .S.

  • john

    So easy to know when corrupt politics are involved in something that is so cut n dry – the pre trial of what is or is not allowed to be said , brought up or admitted .