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Obama Inc’s “The ObamaCare Website is Crashing Because it’s so Popular” Talking Point

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 21, 2013 @ 10:45 am In The Point | 3 Comments

131011_BIT_healthcare.gov.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge.gov [1]

Everyone from Nancy Pelosi to David Axelrod is spewing up variations of this talking point. ObamaCare website inaccessible? That’s just because it’s so popular.

If your 400-600 million dollar website is crashing because it’s designed for 50,000 concurrent users and can’t handle more than, that’s not a testament to its popularity. It’s a testament to your incompetence.

50,000+ users for a website rolling out a mandatory national insurance program isn’t a lot. And if people are being obligated to do something for fear of paying a penalty, that doesn’t mean it’s popular either. It’s like claiming a DMV website crashing during an annual inspection period is a sign of how popular it is.

Tech experts have repeatedly pointed out how many things are wrong with Healthcare.gov. But let’s summarize.

Healthcare.gov is huge, oversized and inefficient. It crashes because, like the government, it tries to do too many things at the same time and it was designed by a committee working out of CMS which was completely inexperienced at deploying a website like this. Due to the constant government revisions of the plans for the website, it couldn’t be tested until it was less than a week away from being deployed. And Obama Inc. didn’t want to delay deployment so as not to give Republicans something to mock.

Let’s bullet point this

1. Bloated government mess

2. Too many contractors

3. Website meant to sign up millions was designed for 50,000 users

4. Stupid arrogance

Popularity isn’t on the list. When a Point post is linked to be Drudge and the FrontPage side goes down from the traffic, that’s popularity. When you spend half a billion dollars on a website and it’s only designed for less people than the population of Kenosha, Wisconsin showing up to look at insurance options that they are mandated to buy by law… that’s not popularity.

It’s criminal incompetence.

Challenger didn’t burn up because it was popular. The Bridge to Nowhere didn’t go nowhere because it was popular. These are examples of government corruption and incompetence leading to disastrous results.

So is Healthcare.gov.

Obama inc. began throwing huge amounts of money at an obscure Canadian company that had a record of incompetence and strange ties to the White House in a no-bid contract to develop a website that the government kept redesigning every week.

Popularity. Right.

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