Obama Insists on Refighting Vietnam, Iwo Jima Against Vets


Obama’s left-wing roots may have given him an advantage in refighting the Vietnam War where Vietnam vets were successfully removed from an open air wall honoring them, as the most radical left-wing government to run the country paid its own special form of tribute on the death of Commie butcher Vo Nguyen Giap.

After one group of veterans went around the barricade, “the park ranger told them the wall was closed,” NBC’s Mark Seagraves reported. “Later another group of vets showed up and moved the barricades. At that point, the memorial filled with vets and tourists. That’s when police came and moved everyone out.”

Team Obama wins this one. But its campaign against WW2 vets is looking as shaky as if Barack’s real first name were Benito.

After marking one victory at the WW2 memorial, the men who stormed Iwo Jima stormed the Iwo Jima memorial.

Another open-air memorial in the Washington area is closed and barricaded off: the Iwo Jima Memorial, just across the bridge from D.C. in Rosslyn, Virginia.

“The Syracuse Honor Flight just knocked down the barrier and a couple hundred of them are at the Memorial now.”

So far the outcomes of Obama’s war recreations match the outcomes of the original wars. Considering America’s track record, Obama might want to recall how the Cold War ended.

It didn’t end with the Reds winning.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Good for the vets! There are enough of them to overpower the cops. Just ignore the cops. What’re they going to do? Open fire?

    • https://www.facebook.com/duke.mantee.77 Duke Mantee

      Probably, but give me liberty or give me death.

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        • https://www.facebook.com/duke.mantee.77 Duke Mantee

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  • Veracious_one

    Obama hates real American fighting men….