Obama Leaks His Own War

0620-Obama-Strategy-Syria_full_600As the first drops of a cool afternoon rain begin to fall from the sky, the administration that has been described as the most ruthlessly zealous in pursuit of whistleblowers is showering down its own rain of leaks about the upcoming attack on Syria.

Stand outside the New York Times building with a bucket in one hand and a thick wad of wood pulp in the other, and you may even be able to figure out whether we’re going to war or, as one official told the Los Angeles Times, the air strikes will be “just muscular enough not to get mocked”… but not sinewy enough to really upset Tehran and Moscow.

Anything from Clinton’s air strikes on Iraq to Obama’s regime assault on Libya may be on the table, but we seem to be headed into featherweight territory, with Obama telling PBS that the attacks would be a “shot across the bow”.

The New York Times, the usual leakhole of Obama Inc, quoted officials describing a limited one or two day campaign that would degrade Assad’s ability to launch chemical weapons, without forcing him out of power. That might be true, but then again no less a figure than Barack H. Obama had promised that the Libyan intervention would last “days, not weeks”. It lasted months, not weeks, let alone days.

Less than 50 sites are reportedly being targeted; a few command centers and chemical warfare units. That makes it a somewhat larger scale version of the attacks that Israel has already carried out in Syria.

The New York Times story doesn’t just lay out a broad guideline, but a detailed list of targets. Some of those targets are harder to move than others, but if the list is accurate, then the attack plan has already been leaked before it began and the strategic damage is sizable.

Senator McCain, who had been urging a harder intervention, said, “All of these leaks, when the strikes are going to take place, what’s going to be used, if I were Bashar Assad, I think I would declare tomorrow a snow day and keep everybody from work.”

Why leak a limited strike to the public? It may be to reassure Iran and Russia that Obama isn’t really serious about picking a fight with them; he’s just trying to avoid being mocked by the mean lads in the locker rooms of the New York Times and the Washington Post. Or it may be to dissuade the American people from treating yet another unilateral and undeclared war seriously by calling it the W word.

Considering all the Clinton people at the helm, Libya may have been Obama’s Yugoslavia, but Syria could be his Iraq. A few cruise missiles, a few targets that won’t be there by the time the missiles are launched and then everyone goes out for drinks at Lounge 201 with a few Media Matters staffers.

Or the leaks may be there to misdirect the Syrian military into protecting the wrong assets in a bombing campaign that will be waged against the same broad scope of military targets as in Libya. But McCain’s criticisms suggest that if the leaks are an act of misdirection, no one let him in on the game plan.

In an administration that lies reflexively about everything while maintaining an incestuous relationship with the media, it’s hard to know whether we’re hearing deliberately planted lies or truths that leaked inappropriately.

This state of confusion exists because instead of being told directly by the man they elected to represent their interests in the foreign affairs of the nation what he intends, the people have to sift through media leaks to learn whether they are about to be involved in a war or a slap fight. And there are now signals that unlike Libya, Obama will not even bother to address the nation. Apparently telling the people of the country why you began military operations on their behalf is passé in our blindingly modern digital age.

The American people, who in poll after poll oppose a war, are being told that the attacks are happening. And once the important people are done deciding what the attacks will look like, they may get around to informing them just how much of their money and lives will be spent winning Syria for the armies of the Muslim Brotherhood who have proven as inept at taking over that country as they have at taking over Egypt.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said yesterday that while Obama wants Assad out and is arming Syrian Sunni rebels who want Assad out, the attacks will not be about regime change.

Beginning a war with an obvious lie is never a good start. And a country with a media unwilling to call out the chief propagandist of its own government for telling it, tells us that in this conflict truth is already the first casualty.

Obama has done everything to help the Sunni rebels overthrow Assad short of actually attacking Syria. Now that he actually will be attacking Syria, the claim that the attacks are not meant to weaken Assad and help the rebels win is not credible. And indeed, a Free Syrian Army official has already said that the FSA is coordinating target lists with the United States.

If the goal were to stop mass murder, there are a lot of other places that Navy warships could go; like Sudan. This conflict has always been about achieving political goals, not humanitarian ones. The goal in Syria is not to end the violence or Obama wouldn’t be supplying weapons and dropping bombs.

Libya also wasn’t about regime change. At least not until we bombed Gaddafi’s convoy using a UN no fly zone as a pretext for attacking a bunch of ground vehicles. Assad’s equipment is a lot more lethal and up to date. It won’t pose too much of a challenge for NATO air power, but Syria will be Obama’s war. Unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, anything that happens in it cannot be blamed on Bush. Not even by the media.

That’s why Obama is afraid of Syria. This will be one war whose consequences he cannot escape. It will be fully his war. And he will have to own it.

War in Syria is wildly unpopular with Americans, who may give Obama a pass on a casualty free conflict, but if Americans begin dying, then the political casualties will include his controversial domestic agenda.

Obama may want to help the Muslim Brotherhood take Syria, but sacrificing his domestic agenda for their foreign agenda may not be a price that he is willing to pay.

And that is why he may stick to firing a barely muscular shot across Assad’s bow.

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  • Shein Ariely

    Experience is a great teacher.
    World leaders- stop the Shia Islamist Iran and the Suni equivalent Muslim
    brotherhood theocrats (mother of terrorism).
    If German Nazi (DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED) party was outlawed because their ideology in 1934,50 million lives saved.
    The lesson:outlaw dangerous ideologies or stop then as soon as they control a
    The human life losses and destruction will be insignificant relative to the
    huge cost after they accumulate power:

    Islamist Iran ideology:
    Iranian leader’s declaration&documents
    *The Final Armageddon war between Iran Islamist and the world will be soon
    *The war result will be the worldwide enforcement of Shia type Islamic mighty
    *End of democracy and liberalism
    *Denying human rights and woman equality.
    *Main terror supporter.
    *USA is the big satin.

    Muslim brotherhood:
    * The beginnings of all of the religious terrorism that we are witnessing today
    were in the MB ideology”–Kuweit Minister, Al-Ruba
    *“Their work in America is a grand Jihad in,destroying Western civilization from
    Federal court documents on the trial of the Holy Land Foundation of the MB
    *A Muslim can come closer to Allah by jihad against all non-Muslims, in every
    possible manner”–Ahmad ‘Abd MB leader
    *the mastermind of the 9/11 was Khalid Muhammad a MB member
    * Ben Laden was a Muslim martyr” MB leaders

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me !

  • truebearing

    A shot across the bow….is Obama bowing again? He always has been the master of macho.
    I envision this “shot across the bow” to be comparable to that wimpy lob across the plate — in mom jeans — that Obama humiliated himself with when he threw out that worst…er, first pitch.
    Everything he does is an embarrassment to this nation, at the very least.

    • Biff Henderson

      Is he bowing?

      In Arabic the given name Barack has the feel good meaning of “blessed.” If can also mean made to stoop or cower, or mean in vain. Thunder is another. I’ll go with a clown that has proven himself a man willing to cower and stoop to the House of Saud’s bidding and he is like thunder in that his destructive bent follows no rhyme or reason and the result is in vain.

    • tagalog

      Obama the master of macho? I beg to differ…

      • truebearing

        Yeah, but what about that manly first pitch?

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    It’s so sad that we have to analyze the sociopathological thought processes of this Tyrant-in-chief to find clues about how much of our blood and treasure we’ll have to sacrifice for his capricious ego-building crusades. He doesn’t even have the decency to come out and state openly what he wants from us.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Obama is incredibly incompetent, and he is also dangerous because he is reckless with America’s top secrets. He has many America-hating liberals in his cabinet who are unable to keep vital military plans from becoming common knowledge. This entire administration is comprised of those who are ‘enemies within.’


  • Alvaro

    Who needs Wikileaks anymore when ẁe have Obamaleaks?

    • myrna652

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    • http://americandictators.blogspot.com/ WarriorClass III

      Wikileaks has always been a CIA operation.

  • ReyR

    The POTUS is incompetent as a civilized politician, but he’s OK in terms of Islam.
    Because Barak is an Islamist.
    But Islam is a death cult.
    And death cults are about causing death, to others and self.
    So Barak wants to take others along, as many as he can.
    He’s doing his best. He may even succeed pretty soon.

    • tickletik

      Then we have to pray that Hashem has compassion on this world.

  • bob e

    watching barry o’fraud is an unbelievable experience…
    2+ more years of this & then hillary…?? there will be nothing left..

  • adumbrate

    So let me get this straight. In 1988-1992, Saddam gases 200-300,000 Kurds – dead. 18 UN resolutions and 12 years later – in the wake of 9/11, an American president does something about it. The New York Times goes fricken crazy on The president over the chaos of a real war, with real objectives.

    But today, less than a week after a gas attack, with no evidence, no consensus – liberals are justifying it is ok to attack Syria?

    Have you liberals lost your minds? But with no press exposing your ill-brained ideas, this will not be like Bush. So no one will actually know, you’re an idiot – so I guess it’s between you and me.

    • Don s

      strange!! since obama wants to commit mass murder here in america!! worse than anywhere in History !!!

    • tracy

      And guess who gave these WMD to him? Bush Sr ,Cheney and Rummy

  • http://www.facebook.com/melvin.polatnick Melvin Polatnick

    It is comforting to know that Obama has been pondering before he makes a decision about his method of punishing Syria. The brilliant mind of the president is sure to do what is best for the American people.

    • Gladys Crump

      OMG I pray that is sacrasm and not what you actually believe Melvin…say you are not that stupid, please!

    • ziggy zoggy

      Thanks for the chuckle, short bus.

  • Chezwick

    Both the British and French are developing cold feet due to domestic opposition in their respective countries. Obama is out on a ledge now. My bet is that he goes pleading to Moscow to help him save face….by coming to some sort of “understanding’ with Assad that chemical weapons won’t be used in the future.

    • truebearing

      “Obama is out on a ledge now”

  • CowboyUp

    Why not? The ones who will pay are US service members, who he despises.

    • Rufus

      Only the straight service members will pay-zippy needs the gays ones kept here to fire on U.S. citizens…

  • cathy

    Maybe a challenge is forthcoming … a challenge against Barack Obama’s intentions to bypass the UN … to bypass Congress.

    Syria strike push hits hurdles as lawmakers, US allies voice concerns
    August 29, 2013

    The Obama administration’s aggressive push to punish the Assad regime for an alleged chemical weapons attack last week was running into hurdles on Thursday, as Congress demanded a say in the decision and international support for swift action began to fray.

    After the U.S. failed to win support for an anti-Assad resolution before the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday, President Obama’s efforts were dealt another blow as allies France and Britain signaled they would wait until U.N. investigators finish before deciding the next step.

    Read more:

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      The challenge is for Frontpage and other popular conservative web pages to join hands with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Mike Zullo and allow their platforms to be used to inform the American people about the fraud and criminal activity that they have discovered. The investigation has been going on for 23 months and they have it packaged and courtroom ready. All they need is a platform.

  • DonaldYoungsRevenge

    The best thing Daniel Greenfield could do about this foreign policy disaster going on at the biggest sleeper cell in America is confront all of Obama fraudulent and criminal behavior that was used to enable him to run for the office of the POTUS. This man is a usurper. Daniel Greenfield and others here at Frongpage should be joining hands with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the many investigators who have been conducting a criminal investigation of Barack H. Obama for the past 23 months. They have packaged their evidence and have been maticulously showing it to Congresspersons and other VIPS in Washington DC. All they lack is a conservative platform to inform the American people as to the corruption that went into Obama’s rise to power. This needs to be investigated and settled before we allow this man to continue to sit next to that Nuclear Football. Please Daniel, sit down with Mr. Horowitz and discuss what you could be doing. Just take a day to talk to Lt. Mike Zullo, the lead investigator to see for yourself what they have discovered.

  • tagalog

    It’s a good thing we’re not going to send in troops. Telling the people we’re going to bomb and kill when we’re going to do it would allow them a nice bit of lead time to get their resistance ready and kill lots of Americans. So it’s a relief that there aren’t going to be any American boots on the ground.

    • Gladys Crump

      Boots on the ground will become a necessity once we hit Syria, watch and see.

  • mcbee555

    If those U.S. missiles fly into Syria, they will be a duplication of Clinton’s headline-hunting strike against Libya. The Syrian military has had all the advance notice it’s needed to reposition sites which have been advertised on TV maps here in our own country. 50 targeted sites will be an expensive Obama folly.

  • D_boy

    Didn’t Putin tell Obama he would nuke London if we attacked Syria? pretty sure I saw it in the news a year or so ago. Time to Impeach Obama, endangering our lives with his Islamist agenda, while giving aide and comfort to our enemy. and now he risks Millions of peoples lives. Don’t forget he did nothing when the Terrorist in Syria used chemical weapons and we knew it. What a fraud, send him back to Indonesia in shame!

    • Gladys Crump

      I think Blowbama and Putin are in this together, I think that is what “tell Putin to wait until I am re-elected, because I will have more flexibility then” was all about, this right here. Think about it, so we attack Syria, Iran hits Israel…..no more Israel so Blowbama the muslim gets rid of Israel just like he promised the brotherhood he would, Palestinians get their land, and Russia hits Saudi Arabia…Russians move into Saudia Arabia and seize control of all the oil fields and wealth….win for Blowbama, win for Putin, win for muslims everywhere who hate Jews,
      Loss for everyone else….

  • Raymond_in_DC

    “That’s why Obama is afraid of Syria. This will be one war whose consequences he cannot escape. It will be fully his war. ”

    Libya was also his war. Qadaffi, after Bush invaded Iraq, feared he might be next. So he made nice, opened up and dismantled his WMD programs, and started behaving better. Not liberal, freedom-loving Western better, but certainly better than most in his region. That was all on Bush’ watch.

    The the Brits and French, fearing that Qadaffi was set on doing something nasty, decided he had to go. Obama went along, and allowed his Saudi and Qatari allies to help fund and arm “rebels” – all Islamists, it turns out. Libya was broken, on Obama’s watch, and thousands of arms leaked to rebel groups elsewhere – Mali, Sinai, Gaza, and Syria. The mess left behind in Libya goes well beyond Benghazi, and few ever mention it. I guess that counts as a success in Obama’s book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melvin.polatnick Melvin Polatnick

    crazies pray that Allah will supply them with enough poison gas to suffocate
    every infidel and blasphemer. Thousands are now in Syria attempting to replace
    Assad with a Mufti. Tomahawk missiles should hit them before they poison every Kafir.

  • Patriot_ll

    These politicians are used to polling for determining their position. So it stands to reason that Obama would ‘leak’ something to get the ‘polling’ reaction he needs to make a decision. He isn’t a free thinker (or speaker).

  • Michael Nappi

    Does anybody really think they can believe anything Obama says? (except when he is praising Islam and his Muslim brothers)

  • Michael Nappi

    Forget Syria. We should knock out Iran’s Nuclear capability before it’s too late and then focus on fixing America instead of fixing other countries.

  • Gladys Crump

    He should be shot for treason. Do all you peeping toms and eavesdroppers hear that….? Good, now put it in my fucking file like a good little facist.

  • Anamah

    How can we keep a guy like this in the WH?

    He multiply the threats to America and Israel…

    His closed mind stuffed of leftist nonsense, the extreme malignancy and his verbal incontinence put our Republic at risk in the middle of a laughing attack.
    Every coming from this administration seems to be a lethal tragic joke.

  • cathy

    If only … if only one Republican representative in the House or the Senate had the guts. The following is a must read in its entirety.


    Gov. Palin: As I said before, ‘Let Allah sort it out’
    Friday, August 30, 2013

  • bittman

    This is not the first military leak by Obama. When he announced the Afghanistan surge, he also announced the date we would be leaving Afghanistan. After making that announcement, he should have brought all of our troops home because that announcement just empowered the Taliban.

    But where are all of the anti-war protesters that we saw when Bush was the President? Their absence makes me wonder whether they were really against the war or were they just protesting because a Republican was in office. Their absence speaks volumes. It reveals the truth.

  • mr1001nights

    3 questions frontpagemag needs to answer:

    Has the US committed more crimes (wars of aggression, drones, support for dictators etc) & used more chemical weapons (Depleted Uranium, white phosphorous) than Assad, so that Assad has more right to bomb the US for “humanitarian” reasons than the other way around?

    Would the US government, if faced with an internal revolt trying to overthrow it (and supported by some foreign power like say, Iran) use any weapon at its disposal to crush that revolt?

    Does article 51 of the UN charter allow Assad a preemptive strike against the US to guard against imminent threats?

  • Mike

    Under estimating the enemy is one of the wost mistakes that a commander in chief can make. If President Obama fires a “shot across the bow” of Syria, he had better be prepared for the war that follows. It is our great misfortune to have a college professor/community organizer sitting in the Oval Office at this particular time.

  • NO more Free Aid

    I advocate NO more FREE aid for ANYONE including all the arab countries and especially ISRAEL (ungrateful free loaders). Israel receives 4 million dollars DAILY (billions annually! **FREE**!!) of hardworking american tax payer money given to them by our senate and congress which absolutely is mind boggling! AIPAC and it’s supporters (american jews) should pay out of their own pockets as they’ve already monopolizied our country’s WEALTH from the banking sector to the media to hollywood, sports, politics and everything else that was suppose to be a melting pot of our great nation. We are a predominately CHRISTIAN nation and we are controlled by American Jews who’ve turned our country into a proxy for them. Wake up everyone and lets get our country back and vote these Arab and specifically Israeli Jew LOVERS out of Senate and Congress!!!