Obama Loses the Middle East

obeThere are things that Obama just doesn’t understand. Like math. And health care. And alliances.

Alliances are as vital to foreign policy as a website that works is to online health care enrollment, but Obama has given every sign of not understanding the concept of alliances. When Hillary Clinton came to Moscow bearing her misspelled Reset button, the button was real and reset every alliance to zero.

During his two terms, Obama has managed to wreck nearly every alliance the United States had. The only alliances that survived were so low-pressure that even he couldn’t manage to destroy them.

Obama’s alliance vandalism pushed aside allies and courted enemies. If a country hated the United States, overtly and openly, then he was there bowing to it as low as he could go. If a country had an existing alliance with us, it was in big trouble.

From Latin America to Eastern Europe to the Middle East, the shock waves of the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton reset passed leaving behind destroyed relationships and empowered enemies.

Poland learned that Obama cared more about showing Vladimir his flexibility than about defending the nations liberated from the grasp of the red bear. Israel learned that Obama would put Iran first and Egypt and Tunisia found out that Obama only had eyes for the Muslim Brotherhood.

It took a lot for Obama to lose the Saudis, but now even they have turned on him. America’s greatest Middle Eastern frenemy was an enemy who pretended to be our ally. The frenemy game had paid off for Saudi Arabia with American soldiers being sent off to protect the House of Saud, but by Obama’s second term, the Saudis had figured out that they could do better by being our open enemies than by pretending to be our friends.

The Saudis, who had always been noted for being subtle, stopped being subtle when a member of one of their think tanks openly declared, “We are learning from our enemies now how to treat the United States.”

There is no better metric of contempt in a region where everyone wears a false face than honesty like that. The Saudis have decided that we are no longer even worth lying to. They believe that we have become so worthless that they can tell us what they really think of us.

There’s no easier way to tell that you’ve hit bottom than when the people who have been sponging off you decide to move on like lice fleeing roadkill or rats abandoning a sinking ship.

For generations the Saudis piggybacked their foreign policy on the United States, (though American diplomats liked to fool themselves into thinking that it was the other way around), but now the Saudis have decided that the United States under Obama only serves as a willing tool for open enemies.

From their Iranian Shiite enemies, they have learned that Obama only responds to confrontation and intimidation. If a country isn’t openly threatening to nuke the United States, it no longer gets listened to. So the Saudis have abandoned the behind-the-scenes diplomacy that they used to be so good at and have begun engaging in open confrontations.

Their United Nations Security Council tantrum and their warning that they will no longer even pretend to filter their arms shipments to the Syrian rebels through the CIA are their attempts at getting Obama’s attention by slapping him around.

Considering the long history of Saudi political influence in the United States, it’s a sign of a complete breakdown in foreign policy that they really think that their best option for getting Obama to do what they want is to engage in public spats.

It’s not that the United States should be doing what Saudi Arabia wants, which in this case involves bombing Syria, but it’s a profound failure of foreign policy when your allies are convinced that their only way to get your attention is by humiliating you in public and worse still when they expect it to work.

The fault lies in a leader whose foreign policy is completely unmoored from realpolitik. Obama’s first and foremost consideration is his ideological program with no concern for the real world consequences of implementing it. That is as true of his foreign policy as it is of his domestic policy.

Obama has done to America’s allies what he did to America by trashing their interests for ideological reasons with no concern for their feelings.

Ideology drives the Obama agenda. And American allies, like Americans, are expected to be grateful for the privilege of sacrificing their own interests for his political agenda. It hasn’t worked out that way in the real world. The millions of Americans who work for a living may have no other option but to endure the depredations of a radical activist, but American allies have begun making different arrangements.

While America’s foreign policy agenda is weighed down with Green Energy and Muslim self-esteem, Russia is beginning to politically dominate the old territories of its red empire. The Middle East has imploded into war and violence. And Latin America is once again dominated by a bankrupt left.

None of this is good news. Neither is the growing Saudi attitude that if it can’t manipulate American foreign policy as well as Iran can, that it should start acting like Iran by buying Russian weapons and threatening the United States.

A strong administration could have put the Saudis in their place. A weak one will just roll over for them. The only saving grace of our relationship with the Saudis was that they were discreet about their control of our foreign policy. If they win their staring contest with Obama, they will no longer be discreet and America will be further weakened and humiliated as a result of liberal soft power politics.

Obama may have traded national interests for ideology, but the rest of the world still has interests that it is not about to sacrifice for ideological constructs like the Arab Spring. American allies have lost their ability to communicate with Obama. They don’t understand how to reach him and explain that while he thinks the United States no longer has national interests, they still do.

The Saudis have given up trying to talk to Obama and are just threatening him. They are one of the last former allies adapting to the power vacuum left behind by America’s departure from the world stage.

Obama is losing the Middle East and soon he will have lost the world.


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  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Obama has no foreign policy. All he does is promote abortion, homosexuality, and Islamism wherever he goes; and he does everything he can to undermine Christians everywhere.
    I don’t think he sees foreign policy in terms of nation-states. He sees himself as a transnational actor, acting in solidarity with the International Left against anything that opposes the Left, domestically or internationally, including American interests and the interests of our allies.
    I don’t think there has ever been an actor on the world stage quite like this. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were ideologues, but they promoted their national interests first. Obama doesn’t care about national interests at all. He is the first purely anti-national ideologue.
    That such an evil man could have been elected is a testament that the majority of “Americans” no longer feel they form a cohesive nation-state, they no longer know or care who they are, and they no longer know what America is.

    • truebearing

      Hitler, Mao, and Stalin were nationalistic, and still killed over 100,000,000 of their own citizens. Imagine what a dictator who hates the nation he is intentionally destroying could do.

      • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

        We won’t have to imagine. We’ll see for ourselves if he isn’t stopped.

    • Leland64

      Obama’s policy is to destroy the United States as a Constitutional Republic. Like fleas jumping off a dead camel, people everywhere are running from Obama. He is responsible for nothing except bringing this nation down.

      • Lanna

        His motto should be destabilization, look what he did in Egypt, Libya, and tried to do in Syria.

    • Fritz

      The obvious problem is that he is pursuing a contradiction, Islamism is probably the most antithetical ideology to homosexuality, abortion, and atheism in the world today. Under Islam there is nothing worse then being a secular/atheist “Progressive”, but the dummies on the Left can’t see this, they view Islam as a “Religion of Colour” and hold a certain soft bigotry with regard to the bad behavior and intolerance of radical Muslims. I think that they honestly believe, and naively, that the Islamists are a useful means to their end to manipulate in order to bring down the West a peg or two.

      But in reality it’s the Islamists who are view the Left in Western countries as “Useful Idiots” in order to establish a world wide Islamic Caliphate. And why not? Through self destructive policies of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and the left committing generational suicide through low birth rates and abortion, they know that they will swamp the West within the next 30 years through attrition.

    • pguild01

      Voting fraud and Affirmative Action are responsible for Barack Obama becoming U.S. President. Barack Obama alone has done so much damage to Affirmative Action and to The United States. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

    • Arf

      I think you are right. While I as an American voted for his opponent in both elections, most voting Americans voted FOR Obama. And most are willing to give him a pass on just about everything. Americans need to stop fooling ourselves into thinking we bear no responsibility for this insanity. We did everything we could to create it and keep it going.

      • bill reitzes

        Obama is a result of his people understanding the power of social media and reality TV.
        Mark my words, soon we will see the likes of Rouhani and the Saudis appearing on Letterman to sell their agendas to the zombie like Americans.

        • defcon 4

          Jon Stuart, the scumbag, invited Yusuf Islam to speak at his Washington, D.C. rally. Yusuf Islam, once know as Cat Stevens, stated that Salman Rushdie should be murdered for insulting the prophet of Islam.

    • La_Reinaa

      “he does everything he can do to undermine Christian’s everywhere” is exactly what I was thinking when I read this article aswell :)

  • truebearing

    Obama is nothing if not loyal to his dual ideological roots of Islam and Marxism, and both ideologies have the same transnationalistic goal: control the world by any means necessary. That means much must first be destroyed, which is what Obama is doing to the United States.

    True to his beloved Alinsky principles of evil, Obama is isolating the US by alienating friends and submitting to enemies, creating an environment where the entire world has begun to distrust, dislike, and disrespect us. His failure to defend US sovereignty, and American lives, in Benghazi was an instance of using the State Department to hurt our national image and worsen our relationships overseas. This is Obama’s bizarro world, where the everything his adminstration does is meant to hurt the United States.

    George Soros identified the US as the biggest impediment to a global government, he put Obama into power, and now Obama is delivering a weakened, possibly failed, state to the globalist cabal behind Obama.

    • pdigaudio

      Sad thing is, the damage done is irreparable. When you look at his likely successors (presuming he even leaves office according to the Constitution), you get either Hitlary, Gov. Fatass or Jeb Bush. None of whom will get my vote. I’ll stay home before I’ll vote for any of those assclowns. They will just continue the damage Dear Leader has done.

    • pupsncats

      And now Soros is funding HITlery who if elected, will put the final nail in our coffin.

      • GuyGreen

        Correction: The LAST nail.

        But we’ll not have to wait that long.

    • Angelgirl54

      There is one good thing, Americans are waking up and realizing just what’s at stake. We are ready to group together and preserve what we can or die trying. At least I am. I always said that the United States would not go down easily! We have too many who love freedom. Some of the lefties are waking up too! God bless America!

  • David Govett

    What has America gained in the Middle East?
    Thousands of dead American kids.
    Hundreds of billions of dollars wasted defending liars, corrupt, politicians, and back-stabbers.
    Cui bono?

    • wildjew

      Former President Bush and Barack Obama would argue we are spreading Jeffersonian democracy in the region!

      • Porkys2istan

        I only upvoted the above because I assumed it was sarcastic. :P

        • wildjew

          Indeed it is sarcastic on my part. I’m not sure Bush (I voted for him in 2000) wouldn’t argue Iraq was a success in that respect. What do you think Bush would say in answer to the question, “What has America gained in the Middle East, other than thousands of dead American kids?”

          • ObamaYoMoma

            I’m not sure Bush (I voted for him in 2000) wouldn’t argue Iraq was a success in that respect.

            Iraq a success? What are you smoking? It’s a democratically elected Islamic totalitarian (Sharia) state. You call that a success? Bush was/is just slightly less incompetent than Obama, but it is a very close race indeed. As a matter of fact, both nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan are the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history, and that’s all on Bush and the Republican Party. Further, the Dhimmicrat Party is also only slightly more incompetent than the Republican Party and would even do greater damage if given the opportunity. And that, my friend, sort of explains why this country is headed downhill so fast.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Jeffersonian democracy is comprised of manmade secular laws. Meanwhile, in the eyes of Islam, all manmade secular laws are seen as abominations that must be obliterated, because Sharia (Islamic totalitarian law) emanates divinely, i.e., directly from Allah, and therefore is totally flawless and absolutely perfect.

        Thus, because Sharia is in effect Allah’s (God’s) law, it must abrogate, supersede, and replace all secular and manmade laws in the world, and that is one of the reasons why the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is the subjugation into Islamic totalitarianism of all religions and all infidels through both violent and non-violent jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia (Islamic totalitarian law) in order to make Islam supreme. Of course, revenge against all religions and all infidels for Muhammad’s ouster from Mecca plays a part in it too.

      • Human

        Translated communism!

  • Jason

    But Obama’s been so good at foreign policy. He’s been so nice to everyone that hates us. If we’re nice, they’ll like us right?


  • davarino

    Actually, I kind of like it that we have lost the Saudis. Its time we start calling relationships as they are, not as we want them to be. Besides, we need to start drilling our own oil anyway. Let the ME duke it out with each other till their all gone. WGAShit

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It will help Cruz in the end, or someone like him that speaks plainly about the world rather than constantly worrying about polls.

  • steve b


    • defcon 4

      Like rabid dogs, muslimes frequently turn on one another — especially when there aren’t any convenient najjis kaffir to murder, persecute and rape.

  • Bert

    “There are things that Obama just doesn’t understand. Like math. And health care. And alliances.” But what if he is doing all this deliberately to advance an evil agenda? What if it is WE who do not understand because we cannot imagine that the president is actually an enemy agent bent of our destruction? What if he is taking advantage of our credulity so that he assume police state power BEFORE we can fully awaken?

    • defcon 4

      The actions of the zero in spying on US citizens (and leaders of other governments) through the NSA as well as using the IRS to persecute his detractors and supporters of Israel, as well as his regime’s efforts in insuring votes aren’t in any way validated by ID’s work to support your theory.

  • LDMack

    From the symphonic wise masters of progressive rock – Rush:

    – New World Man

    He’s not concerned with yesterday
    He knows constant change is here today
    He’s noble enough to know what’s right
    But weak enough not to choose it
    He’s wise enough to win the world
    But fool enough to lose it —
    He’s a New World man…

  • Porkys2istan

    “And Latin America is once again dominated by a bankrupt left.”

    Funny thing about letting a continent that is 90% abject poor vote. They will vote for the guy who taxes the rich and spends on them. I think you conservatives call it ‘Enlightened Self Interest’.

    Why do you even care about South America? You sound mad that we aren’t completely controlling every aspect of their lives. That we aren’t beating them down and showin’ ‘em who’s boss. Are you suggesting we need to start supporting more right wing dictators down there? Do we need to train some more death squads at the School Of The Americas? Maybe we should kill/overthrow the DEMOCRATICALLY elected leader of Venezuela because he likes his own people more than CIA payola?

    Obama’s foreign policy (towards muslims) has utterly failed is so many ways that even I ALMOST believe he’s a secret muslim, but your statement about South America shows your real colours. You won’t be happy until we butt into every corner of the earth, and THAT attitude is exactly why America is so universally disliked around the world.

    • unionville

      Yeah. For real. I mean, its not like Russia is butting into every corner of the world. We should just mind our own business. Brilliant thinking.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        China is even more dangerous.

    • GuyGreen

      Meanwhile, of course, your assessment of what poor people will choose, and why, reveals not only your ignorance but your elitism. I guess you missed the history of the first elections allowed by the Ortega clan in Nicaragua. They threw the phony Santa Claus’s out on their red derrieres. THAT’S what we conservatives call “Enlightened” Self Interest.
      Maybe if Howard Zinn had been forced to footnote his “historical” works, you would be able to post stuff you’d be willing to sign your real name to. For now, your moniker says a real mouthful.

      • Porkys2istan

        OMG! Nicaragua voted out the corrupt communists when they got a chance. That one election completely disproves my thesis [sic]

        Funny thing about the extreme far left and extreme far right. The end result is a few people owning (or controlling) everything while everyone else lives in filth and squalour. A one party state is ALWAYS corrupt. Unless Nicaragua develops a strong middle class they’ll be voting pinko again soon. I’m sure other Latin American countries will throw out their leftists now an then when they become too corrupt from being in power too long.

        Also, why do I need a ‘real’ name?

        • GuyGreen

          What you need is a real argument. Like I said before, your pseudonym speaks volumes. For your parent’s sake, keep using it. You are all volume.

        • Drakken

          I say let those leftist clowns run the SA countries into the ground, but stay in your own countries and don’t emigrate here, we are full and have too many wetbacks as it is.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      “Maybe we should kill/overthrow the DEMOCRATICALLY elected leader of
      Venezuela because he likes his own people more than CIA payola?”

      You mean the guy who talks to his former boss in bird form, sleeps in his tomb and nationalizes toilet paper?

      Real man of the people.


        Sounds like Dracula – with a Spanish accent.

    • ziggy zoggy

      America is admired and feared around the world. Even with its anti-American President.

      The only countries in South America that prosper are ones such as Argentina and Chile that emulate American values.

      Most South Americans hate losers like you.

  • Infidel4Ever

    Obama is consistent. Everything he touches turns into a disaster for America. Our first anti-American president doing what he does best. Destroy. And it’s all done on purpose.

    • Gee

      Jimmy the Peanut might have been the first

      • Bob Annon

        Carter was still an American. Give him some credit.

    • La_Reinaa


  • cacslewisfan

    This article should have had a link to the article about how the anti bullying programs in schools are failing and actually teaching kids how to bully more effectively. This is the ultimate outcome of those programs.

  • GuyGreen

    Yet again, Daniel points out to the mislabeled “adults” that not only is the Emperor without clothing, he is sporting some really bad tattoos and piercings. That the so-called opposition can find even a nanosecond to attack Ted Cruz- which is a very foolish way to spend a nanosecond- indicates a completely delusional mindset in a calcified majority of the American citizenry. The Israelis are going to act. They are going to act soon. If this clown is in a solid position to dictate our response, we can color the civilized world gone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It is way past time for patriotic military and intelligence people to resign their positions and go to the American people with the truth. If the people can’t handle that truth, in other words: admit how foolish they have been, we will not even deserve to survive. God knows Nero didn’t.

    • Drakken

      I am too the point now where I believe the America public is too stupid and apathetic to get it, so burn baby burn, maybe we can rebuild and get it right after a little purge.

  • justquitnow

    I was just reading about Saudi Arabia and their recent rather insane dealings with Russia because they are scared sh*tless of Iran and want Russia to abandon Assad’s Regime. Nice to come here and get some weird anti-news that Obama has disgraced us. I really hope FPM likes the next President because they have spent the last five or six writing about how America is failing and we’re garbage and we’re weak. It must get really tiring to keep the pressure on like that.

    • Drakken

      Hey dumbazz, in case it escaped your notice, but thos Saudi’s are scared shi*less of the Russians and for good reason, they don’t screw around with muslims, unlike us.

  • sydchaden

    The kindest thing that can be said about Obama and Hillary Clinton and Kerry is that they didn’t know what they were doing. The harshest criticism that can be made of them is that they did know what they were doing.

    • 57nomad


    • Gee

      They know what they are doing.

      • defcon 4

        It’s not like shrillery doesn’t know the intents of the OIC, she’s attended their closed door meetings and I can only imagine what the islam0nazis who run the OIC would say behind closed doors.

  • chrissie

    Now Obama has intercepted the personal cell phone of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

    US is becoming increasingly unpopular over here, even among those who
    are conservative and had a strong faith in the US-German friendship.But what kind of friendship is this?

  • Erudite Mavin

    Given Obama’s Radical Left background, what made some believe Obama would be the defender of America, supportive to our allies and understand Radical Islam is the enemy.

    and those who are the isolationists, the mind your business and the world will be fine need to get their head out of the rabbit hole.

    If evil is not stopped such as the thousands of Christians killed in the Middle East , Africa, and continuing, Obama is the the accomplice along with those who enabled Obama’s presidency.

  • Richard O. Mann

    We get the leadership we deserve. Time for America to exit, stage left. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Aizeta

    The problem with the NAZIs was not the NA part, it was the ZI part. In fact being nationalist or patriotic is a good thing as long as you keep the commandments

    • defcon 4

      How clever….NOT.

  • JDL Toronto

    Once again Daniel you hit it out of the park

  • johnnywood

    Our “Fearless Leader” is actually s very stupid little man, but some of us already knew that. Elections have consequences.

    • defcon 4

      He’s not stupid, not by a longshot. Intelligent evil is a more apt description.

      • johnnywood

        He is shrewd in his evil intent and arrogance and he thinks he can destroy and rebuild America in his own image or as he thinks it should be but he will find out too late that he is dead wrong. He will have succeeded only in destroying the greatest nation in modern history and that cannot be undone. For that reason he is stupid.

        • ziggy zoggy

          He relies on his coterie for every decision he makes. He isn’t intelligent, shrewd, crafty, wily or sly. He is a scum sucking opportunist.

          He’s just the stupid little boy who woke up with the keys to the kingdom.

  • http://alakhtal.wordpress.com/ Obaid Karki

    Not Israel. Not now. Israel can wait. Let’s figure out how to Un-Christian-Dior Obama first.

    Don’t blame me for your menopause.

    When their founding fathers landed in America. There were 100 million Buffaloes and 10 trillion salmon in America now their broods importing Monsanto fed GMO beef from New Zealand and Cloned Salmon from Chile. This is a harsh justification to say that Republican illiterates and Teeebaagerzz Preppers got nothing to do with shagging America. Debt ain’t perspective no mo. It’s Fiat! China, Russia, Japan & GCC Thugocracies pegged their monetary against it. None of those Pseudo-Economies will dump T-Bonds that they hold unless they’re carving their own tombstone.

    Government shutdown could be avoided only if OBAMACARE renamed BOEHNERCARE and Liberal Hippies along with Blacks’ overpriced Liposuction is omitted from the Bill then everybody can go home early.

    Boehner spent all his life sucking booze outta scrubbing sponge in his sister’s bar in Ohio. Now he’s the most powerful Debauchee Drunkard Bacchanalian on planet earth. Shutdown is a GODSEND miracle to show the world how America is venerable and run by amateurs.

    Republicans gonna lose the House and the White House’ for good this time. Never mind about the Senate its GOP’s Everlasting Farfetched Daydream; especially when Teeebaagerzz are shagged between the aisles as we speak. Wrecking every bill rigged by the Koch Brothers. The Deranged GOP Preppers are deserting the battle ground for Corrupt Reprimanded Democrats, Liberal Hippies and Israelifirsters to finish America.

    BARACK OBAMA: THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY. (Besides Boehner ‘the nightmare’) more Jack Daniel’s John gavel to gavel.

    1. Obama Generated 17 trillion Dollars debt [plus $2T during shutdown fortnight] pleasing Deranged Republicans and Kochsuckers Teeebaagerzz to save his own tailgate.

    2. Obama Delivered Iraq & Syria to Iran as shooting ranges for al Qaeda freshmen, doled Afghanistan and Pakistan to Taliban, turned Egypt to Junta Warlords deathbeds and ditched Africa to Alshabaaaab Surge.

    3. Obama Unemployed 15% of USA saving the endangered species of GM, Ford & Chrysler and the rest of industrial dinosaurs.

    4. Every 3 Airbus jets sold one Boeing is leased and grounded right away due to overheating batteries

    5. Failed Putin to strike another Cold War in desperate attempt to rescue Bankrupt Seigniorage Banksters.

    6. Obama Turned USA [the country] which founded on Scriptural law principles to a Banana Republic.

    7. Obama led American’s to Welfare lines with stunning 32% increase.

    8. As Potus skipped ASEAN. Chinese began chewing fetus, cooking and eating their own babies, and drinking their wives milk to alter DNA Genomics.

    9. 1st amendment ain’t freedom of speech and Natural Selection for Survival of the Fittest no mo but Milgram Paid Edition Paid-Edition Crude-Rude propaganda.

    10. Obama turned DC to an Israeli Brothel and made America as Planet-Prison.

    Nobody hates Americans. They’re Brainwashed FOXNEWS Zombies scarecrowed by Media Whoresmanure Paid-Edition Crude-Rude propaganda. They’re terrorized to travel overseas and enjoy world civilizations. Americans ain’t but tax Generating Livestock confined into FEMA Camps, fed Monsanto GMOs and edutained Junkscience to live in Mickey-Mouse Utopia smoking pot.

    Mea Culpa. Whenever I type TeaParty my spellchecker changes it to Teeebaagerzz. I am a Paulite Constitutionalist Libertarian from UAE ain’t Liberal Hippie. TeaParty movement is our creation. We, the Paulite Libertarian who dropped Tea Leaves in Boston Harbor in 25 Dec 2008. It’s a colorless revolution Pioneered by our Honorable Leader Ron Paul. TeaParty movement is hijacked by Kochsuckers. Libertarianism ain’t child play.

    Ron Paul intellectual revolution ain’t political shenanigan for Teeebaagerzz fools to crow about while Obese Teeebaagerzz march from Town-Halls to the next McDonald to barter foodstamps to Big-Mac, Large French-Fries and diet soda and rush back home to watch Sarah Palin rigging civility on FOXNEWS.. It’s Philosophy of Economics, no interventionist foreign policy and civil liberties. ‘Nobody spends somebody else’s money as wisely as they spend their own’. Milton Friedman.

    • defcon 4

      Who would vote thumbs up on this illiterate diatribe?

      • http://alakhtal.wordpress.com/ Obaid Karki

        Quit Gardasil. It’s killing your argument. Shave your legs if you wish to be seen

        • defcon 4

          You should really drink more camel urine — it would do wonders for your halitosis.

        • N. Wasse

          I thought that camels urine cure everything so do you disagree with your Allah Mr ignorant?

        • defcon 4

          Why would I shave my legs? I have no desire to be one of your islamic dancing boys and I’m too old for the job…

        • ziggy zoggy

          Do you shave your balls? Enquiring camels want to know.

    • N. Wasse

      Is it true that ‘Aisha used to breast feed the youth of Quriash? I’m just curious
      What a moron

    • Drakken

      After reading that insane rambling from a muzbot I need a drink of bourbon. Booze proves to us that God (not allah) loves us and wants us to be happy, no wonder why you goat humping inbred savages are miserable.

      • defcon 4

        He threw me for a loop because his diatribe only mentioned Israel twice and he never mentioned Jews or Zionists even once!

    • ziggy zoggy

      Yee-ha! Fuck it all,……..you are bat$hit insane!

      Does your government welfare cover that?

  • GuyGreen

    Why do you assume you will have a home to stay in? Things haven’t quite gotten looney enough for you yet?

    • defcon 4

      That’s a good point. Wasn’t it shrillery who said she was here to take away everything you own? Or something to that effect? It’s amazing how many people think that living in an islamic state is no different than living in the US.

  • http://voiceoftruthusa.wordpress.com/ Voice Of Truth

    Both parties are to blame for the loss of alliances. Bush’ foreign policy after the 9/11 attacks was just as misguided and overreaching as Obama’s. In fact, American foreign policy has been a scam for many decades, and it was only a matter of time before that ticking time bomb exploded on some President’s watch. It just so happens that Obama was not very fortunate.

    • Fritz

      In some respects you are correct, particularly in relation to Saudi Arabia, probably one of the most totalitarian regimes on Earth, worse then Iran in many respects. But with respect to traditionally solid ally countries like Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, and the former Warsaw pact countries, this man has gone out of his way to antagonize them. Why was there a spy program by the NSA to monitor telephone calls in Spain for example, or why were they wire tapping Angela Merkel’s cell phone calls?

      Even in the case of Egypt, who was two faced, they at least kept the peace treaty they had with Israel, and the Mubarak regime did attempt to keep the Islamist groups under their heel. But for some reason they backed the Muslim Brotherhood and demanded that elections be fast tracked so the M.B would have an advantage over other political movements. Then to make matters worse the Obama administration’s diplomatic organs told ordinary Egyptians, who wanted Morsi and the M.B gone, to “Go home” and let them serve out their term. They then threatened the Egyptian military with cutting off aid if they didn’t allow the M.B back into power, which they were not about to do of course.

      • defcon 4

        Yet the Iranian islam0fascists try to paint the Saudis as the greatest evil.

  • Fritz

    Then why don’t you support someone in the primaries who will get your vote? As we say in Canada “If you don’t vote you really have no right to complain”. If you just “Stay Home” what good are you? You don’t matter, you are a non person politically.

    I do not agree that the damage is irreparable, the U.S has survived far worse, just look at the civil war and the period of reconstruction that followed it. Also places like Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia lived under this sort of thing for 40 years and recovered. But it takes hard work, not slacktivism.

    • cristina

      half of our votes dont count anyways.. only the electrol votes count.. and thats not in every state.. only a few.. and even if we do vote .. if there is more of the electrol votes then that person wins.. from my understanding at least… so really not everyone is voting because we dont count.. the government has made that very clear they dont want us to vote…my opinion and what i have been told

    • pdigaudio

      I really do not matter. Since November 2012, I have had several Cocktail Party Republicans tell me that, adding they wish all of the Reagan conservatives would go away so the “adults” can run things. So I will let them have their way.

  • Kathy

    which give terrorists free reign over our country….this is what Obama wants ……..he wants us destroyed and that is why he is supporting his Islamic brotherhood, sending weapons to our enemies, didn’t help the 4 American in Benghazi, is involved in the IRS scandal, fast and furious. Some have no right complaining because they put this trader and liar in office.

  • Bob Annon

    asshats like you are why Romney didn’t win. You stayed home then too, didn’t you?

    • pdigaudio

      I held my nose and voted for that RINO. But the Cocktail Party GOP will never get my vote. Ever again. There is no appreciable difference between the Rockefeller/Bush/McCain/Rove wing of the GOP and the Democrats. Karl Rove and his groups have declared war on Reagan conservatives, clearly viewing them as a bigger threat than Obama and the Democrats.

  • Had_Enough2010

    obama is a muslim implanted by the saudi’s and backed by the central banking cabal. he is the enemy of the non-islamic people period. he is a traitor, a serial murderer and needs to be euthanized.

  • Lanna

    There are many muslims in the Middle East who do not want an Armageddon nuclear war situation caused by Iran…they are willing to somewhat work with those who will produce unity and security. Obama has proved he is a bad leader, he has pitted all people against one another…an obvious divide that other presidents tried to remedy, ( but not this one) Even Vladimire Putin is against homosexuality and sodomy….its pretty telling when other socialist regimes do not admire Obama.

    • defcon 4

      “There are many muslims in the Middle East who do not want an Armageddon nuclear war situation…”
      Yes, they would prefer to bloodlessly impose islam on the world — and reduce the najjis kaffir to dhimmitude simultaneously.

  • harleyrider1989

    Get a ROPE!

  • disous

    I want my obamamama phone so I can call the white house to get a message in spanish telling me that it is time for daily prayers.

  • N. Wasse

    Hi Daniel
    I wish that you write an article about the recent outbreak of polio in Syria a country where 95% of children used to be immunized against polio and now polio has been imported by jihadists and takfirists that came to Syria from the failed state of Pakistan in-order to fight their jihad
    So it seems to me that our government is supporting not just jihadists and takfirists but also those that carry the polio virus and bring this menace to Syria where there has been no cases of polio for many years

  • Dan

    100% true. Obama and his entire administration is a foreign policy train-wreck. Utter incompetence reigns supremem in Washington.

  • L Rodgers

    Not voting is as bad as voting the wrong person in.
    Better to vote for the lesser of the 2 evils.
    If it comes to that, I think I will vote for Bush,

    • pdigaudio

      I have been told repeatedly since the 2012 debacle by various Establishment Republicans that they blame us Reagan conservatives for their problems and that we just need to shut up and let the “adults” run things. You know, pinhead elitists like Karl Rove, actively trying to purge Reagan from the party’s memory.

      These are the assclowns trying to argue that Reagan was some sort of John McCain-like moderate who’d be considered a “RINO” by today’s conservatives. That is a flat-out lie. I voted for Reagan. Twice. My very first presidential vote was cast for Reagan. I knew who Reagan was and still is. He actually drew me into politics. Now it is the Cocktail Party GOP, which hated Reagan and is now trying to rewrite his legacy, that is driving me out of politics.

  • ubuntuluser

    Obama has certainly made the US a lot weaker. I hope America’s next president will be smarter than him.

    • Rand0Mone

      Obama is not “dumb”, nor unintelligent. Which is exactly why I believe what he is doing is by intention. He has made it clear in so many ways, dating back long before he was president, that he hates America.

  • pguild01

    Affirmative Action in The White House should be repealed. Currently, the United States has a totally unqualified President, who must be impeached quite soon. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

  • Vendetta

    If I were president, I’d trade the Sauds for the Iranians as allies any day. Saudis are a gutless and contemptible bunch, the Iranians are braver and smarter too.

    Bush’s fuckery left us with no real friends besides Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, and now Obama’s fuckery is dumping them too without picking up any new allies in return.

    Fuck Israel, Iran is the ally worth picking up. They already have a GDP several times Israel’s; if we cut the sanctions on them and offered the same kind of economic and military aid to them that we did to Israel, they’d be a powerhouse in the Middle East on par with what Germany is to Europe or Brazil to South America.

    Sunni extremist terrorism is and will for the next generation be the greatest threat to Middle Eastern stability, and it’s just as much a threat to Iranian interests as it is to ours. No reason we shouldn’t be cooperating with them against it. No reason our biggest Muslim allies should be Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, when those are the two pushing Sunni terrorism harder than anyone else.

    Make the Israelis grant Palestinian independence, end the nuclear sanctions, and an alliance with Iran is on the table. Saudis don’t like it, they can go fuck themselves. Israelis don’t like it? Tough shit, it’s not like they can really stand against us either. The US has been the only thing standing between them and massive UN sanctions that will cripple their economy and put them back into third world status. They can play ball or they can face the same treatment we’re giving to Iran now.

    The US-Israeli alliance has outlived its usefulness. Israel’s economy has peaked, it won’t be getting any larger than it is now. Its military power has peaked, take a look at their embarrassing war in 2006 with Hezbollah if you’re not convinced. We get nothing out of our friendship but the hatred of most of the Third World and especially the Muslim world.

    Sunni extremist terrorism is the threat of the century. It’s a threat ranging across Northern Africa, the Middle East, the Russian Caucasus, and the Indian Subcontinent. It’s time we shifted our alliances to account for that: the United States, Europe, Russia, Iran, and India are the key players that have an interest in opposing it. Israel too, even after we made them give up Palestine, if they have any brains that is. We need to dump Georgia and win over the Russians, dump the Sauds and if necessary the Israelis to win over the Iranians, dump the Pakistanis and win over the Indians.

    Barry’s half-assing it and fucking up on every front by trying to get our enemies to be nice to us without changing any of our own policies and just pissing off the friends we had left, his conservative opponents can’t get their heads out of their asses enough to see that Israel is a liability and that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are our enemies, not our friends.

  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    The Saudi’s have been under New World Order control since the 50s when my uncle started their air force. True also for all the mid east royals. I opine they all found they were betrayed by the NWO when the NWO put in Obama-who used the CIA to start the Arab Spring-to put in Muslim Brotherhood freaks. Per my Op ed several months ago. Putin Won by stopping the NWO at Syria. He now has moved ships in that can sink our air craft carriers. Everybody thought when Obama is using drones to kill key terrorists he is helping America. That was a wrong assumption. He is using our drones and military to kill the opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to get rid of the royals because they are totalitarian socialists who use terrorism. According to the Author Ian Johnson, it was the CIA that helped the Muslim Brotherhood gain strength after WWII by hiring former Nazis. Front Page articles are always good but can leave out important connections on why.

  • Les Kimbler

    Five years ago (and less than 8 months after taking office), the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to
    President Barack Obama “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen
    international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” He got it before he really did anything as president, and we all know why he got it.

    Five years later, after he has bent America over and said “Come on in, we can take it” has turned this country into a laughing stock. This administration and country has become a joke almost world wide. We are now no longer the country that will tear you a new one if you attack us, we are the country that will apologize for a video that has nothing to do with the problem. We are no longer the country that is feared, but pointed and laughed at.

    President Obama is all for The US of A. The Ultimate Sodomization of America.

  • defcon 4

    “Israel is a liability”? Well then so is freedom, liberty and equality, which can’t co-exist w/islam0nazism — even in the “republic” of Iran.

    • Vendetta

      Israel is a strategic liability no matter how angry or upset acknowledging it makes you. It’s a nuclear-armed state; it doesn’t need to hold the Occupied Territories, or to keep getting handouts from us of military aid, to guarantee its security. No Arab tanks will ever roll down the streets of Tel Aviv.

      Study the history and you’ll find the Iranians aren’t the crazy ideological fanatics of the region. Which country is the closest ally of the Shi’ite theocratic, ethnically Persian state of Iran? It’s Syria, a secular Arab Ba’athist state that condemns religious and tolerates minorities like Christians.

      The Iranians don’t have a problem working with countries following ideologies radically different from their own – they’ve maintained good relations with Bolivarian leftist Venezuela, Sunni religious nationalist Hamas, communist Juche North Korea, and Western-style democracy India. Saying that we’re somehow destined to be enemies because of the nature of our government system versus the nature of theirs is absurd.

      Likewise, take a good look at Hezbollah in comparison to al-Qaeda style Sunni jihadist groups to understand why one can be negotiated with and the other cannot. Hezbollah is a centralized, highly organized group. The orders go from the top down and only on a handful of occasions have the lowest level cells carried out petty acts of terror that were not authorized by the higher authority. In comparison, al-Qaeda style groups are very loosely organized, and low-level cells act on their own initiative.

      When Hassan Nasrallah calls a ceasefire, Hezbollah upholds it. If al-Zawahiri tried to call a ceasefire on behalf of al-Qaeda, most of his fighters would probably carry on anyway. Hezbollah cooperates with the Maronite Christians in Lebanon as allies; Sunni jihadists like Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria and Boko Haram in Nigeria slaughter Christians and burn churches at every opportunity. Hezbollah brought medical care to the slums of the Shia in Lebanon; the Taliban and Boko Haram kill people who try to give out polio shots.

      Iran and Hezbollah are enemies we could turn into friends; al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and other Sunni radicals will be our enemies forever. We’d be wise to think about how we can use diplomacy to strengthen our position in the Middle East.

      I didn’t see Israeli troops coming along to help us out in Afghanistan or Iraq, even though they were lobbying us really hard to go invade Iraq for them. Just imagine how much help the Iranians could have been in both of those conflicts had we had them on our side.

      • defcon 4

        Tell it to the few (and getting fewer all the time):
        1. Persian Jews
        2. Persian Zoroastrians
        3. Persian Baha’i
        4. Persian Christians
        Then have yourself a nice tall mug of steaming, healthy
        camel urine.

  • La_Reinaa


  • Biff Kress

    Wow! I’m breathless! Someone who tells all as it truly is and is not mummified by Der Fuhrer’s speech contents-like the Liberal homicidal maniacs who stand with him. We have other problems, too: good export reports mean an ever-weakening USD-not unintentional, many of us feel. George “The Currency Destroyer” Soros constantly lurking, Der Fuhrer slapping China in the face with his own, not to mention Kerry’s and Biden’s, EXTREME and SUPREME arrogance. I’m 60 years old and STILL contend that China has NEVER forgotten Japan’s WWII brutality of it’s Country’s Eastern Provinces-we’re next in line, trust me. Mr. Greenfield, if you have the time and resources, please re-report to your readers Der Fuhrer’s COMPLETE and ABJECT failure at his proposed ‘Pan Pacific Trade Agreements’-which excluded China by the way-right after his second coronation. For those of you who don’t know the story, it ultimately doesn’t have a SUPRISE ending, considering the source, but let it suffice to say that the Asia Times referred to the matter as “…the most embarrassing PR fiasco by a sitting U.S. President EVER!

  • Biff Kress

    Oh, yeah, and yesterday some Readers’ Opinions columnist from the Wash. Post wrote about the fact that he “thought”-this was his first mistake, apparently-that the new ‘buzzword’ for Republicans on Capitol Hill was “Impeach’. No, no, never, big waste of time-SECESSION-let me spell that for you again-SECESSION-is the new ‘buzzword’ for we rank and file. Hey, let those righteous and indignant left-Wing Liberals pay for Obamacare by THEMSELVES since they hate us so much. You don’t respect us and trash everything we say? Eat your Obamacare by yourselves then! The 28 or so Red States will build our pipelines and live happily ever after…WITHOUT you Liberals, trust me.

  • Moa

    Nope, you are repeating the false memes of the Left. You are still asleep, dude. Still stuck in the Matrix, blaming evereything on the Jews (just like the disinformation peddlers in the Left and their Islamist allies want you to).

    No, I am not a Jew. No I am not a Christian. No, I’m not even an American. But I am awake to the lies that the Left and Islamists put out – and you parrot without thinking.

  • wildjew

    American Jews (except for me and a few others) are among Obama’s biggest cheerleaders and supporters. American Jews overwhelming voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. The Jews love Barack Obama. What are you talking about?

  • iluvisrael

    deformed, all you’re good for is cleaning other people’s toilets and shining shoes – if you get a pass from the insane asylum bed you’re chained to, come on over and do some work.

  • notyranny47

    No, you’re clueless. You believe the propaganda of the left/Marxists/radical Islam sympathizers. How blind you truly are.

  • Taimoor Khan

    “…blaming everything on the Jews…”

    And you are doing exactly the same, just substitute ‘Muslims’ for ‘Jews’.

    How about tasting your own medicine?

  • wildjew

    Was your first thought when the second plane hit the south tower on 9/11, it must be a bunch of Jewish or Christian hijackers on those planes?

  • iluvisrael

    You muzzies deserve all the hatred and mistrust the world is heaping on you now.

  • DeShawn

    Unfortunately, sir, this is a jewish hate site. The media jews have done a terrible thing by spreading false propaganda and lies about Muslim people, but I think Americans are finally starting to wake up. Salam to you.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Deleted by user …

  • notyranny47

    When was the last time a Christian beheaded a Muslim?

  • CowboyUp

    He didn’t say “muslims,” he said “islamists,” and he said “leftists,” more often than that. He blamed them for nothing but being, “disinformation peddlers,” pushing, “false memes,” and telling, “lies.” You see whatever you want, despite what is actually there.


    Just substitute ‘Muslims’ for ‘Jews’ as in…
    ‘Muslims’ are the sons of pigs and apes?

  • Moa


    I don’t blame Muslims – I blame the evil, backward totalitarian political ideology called “Islam”. It enslaves and hurts far more Muslims than it does non-Muslims. It is Islam that is the problem – esxpecially when you get past the taqiyya and see the face of the Beast for what it really is.

    The West bends over backwards to show toleration for your 8th Century anti-scientific superstition. What do we get in return? beheadings! violent protests with placards that threaten the rest of the World and threaten more beheadings! spongers who take benefits that taxpayers pay for and then you insult ordinary citizens! then you have the arrogance to claim that your 8th Century anti-scientic and thoroughly immoral hate creed is any match for modern Enlightenment Culture.

    How about you get with the 21st Century, eh? instead of promoting your verifiably anti-scientific nonsense.

    Islamic paranoia blames everything on some vast Jewish conspiracy rather than face up to reality – Islam is and has always been for losers. Only the Caliph gets anywhere, and he takes all your women for his harem and convinces you to die for promises he cannot keep (he is a mere mortal). How stupid are Muslims for falling for that scam century after century? [answer: very!]

    ps. speaking of “medicine”, Islam is so incredibly primitive and retarded that it claims that camel urine is a good medicine – and the insane Mohammed himself used to drink it (must have made the raping of his daughter-in-law, and the chilld Aisha, and his slaves like the Jewish Safiyya and Coptic Mariya even more horrifc – when he wasn’t being gay sucking on the tongues of his young nephews – it’s all there in the hadith, look it us, Mohammed is a monster who perpetrated the biggest con in history so he could feed his perversions and predations).

  • N. Wasse

    And speaking of Islamic medicine is it true as prophet Mo once said that camels urine cure all diseases? and did ‘Ai’sha used to breast feed the young men of Quriash?

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    I’m not Jewish, so what’s my problem? One question though, where is your proof of evidence indicating that Israel harvests organs from Palestinians? WAFA doesn’t count as a source by the way.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    One more question “DeShawn”. Your real name is Billy Bob Jim Boy, right?

  • iluvisrael

    Right – and you’re a confused low IQ nitwit who claims she’s black yet loves white supremacist websites. You probably live in momma’s basement wearing her dirty bloomers. Better go back on your meds.

  • notyranny47

    Still waiting for an answer to the question: who are the beheaders? Christians, Jews or Muslims?

  • Gee

    And you moron are a Jewish hater. Go back into your cave and we will come for you later

  • notyranny47

    Who does the beheadings and maiming to those who won’t accept their “religion”?

  • wildjew

    Court Jews and Jewish traitors serve Barack Obama. No self-respecting Jew would work for him. A low life Na zi calls me a fool. I take it as a compliment.

  • Gee

    How about the first time?

  • Johnnnyboy

    What disappoints me the most about American Jews is how slow they have been to figure out that Obama ain’t exactly what they should want, even if they do fancy his liberal talk.

  • defcon 4

    Um, Nazism wouldn’t have been a problem if not for Nazis. islam wouldn’t be a problem if weren’t for muslimes. Wake up.

  • defcon 4

    I hate to tell you this, but there aren’t many nazis left anymore.

  • defcon 4

    The psychopathic, antisemitic delusions Deshawn exhibits would be considered NORMAL in any islam0nazi state.

  • wildjew

    Fine. I changed it to racist.

  • Drakken

    I think we infidels should revive that ole time honored traditions of Vlad the Impaler myself.