Obama Official Admits They Would Have Lied About “Red Line” Breach


I have been saying all along that the real determining factor for intervention would not be chemical weapons, but the collapse of the Sunni rebel advance.

That’s how it was in Libya where the intervention was not triggered by the phony genocide, but by Gaddafi ‘s gains. And that is what is pushing along the intervention now. Not the supposed use of chemical weapons, but the gains made by Assad.

This isn’t about chemical weapons. It’s about more Muslim Brotherhood regime change. And now there is the closest thing we’ll get to an admission from the halls of Obama Inc.

The decision was ultimately driven by the discovery Assad used [chemical weapons] but there were a number of other factors in place that were also important,” conceded an administration official with direct knowledge of the deliberations. “Would we have made [the determination Assad had breached the red line] even if we didn’t have the evidence? Probably.”

Par for the course. The arrogance of the admission is a statement of confidence in the media. If a Bush official had said in 2002 that we’re going in and saying there are WMDs even if there aren’t any, it would have been on every front page of every paper for a week. There would have been calls for impeachment.

But Obama’s people can openly admit that they were planning to lie the country into a war and it’s buried.

  • onecornpone

    We’re entering dangerous territory when admitted lies no longer shock nor anger us.

    America is suffering from ‘Outrage Fatigue’…

    • HiPlainsDrifter

      I think we’re suffering from cornporn fatigue ..

  • Jsjk

    Incredibly disgusting. Yet, the American public’s indifference to the Obama administration’s outright lies has been going on (at least) since Benghazi. Everyone in America must have known Obozo was lying about the video being the “cause” of Ambassador Steven’s murder — yet they re-elected this criminal malefactor for yet another term in office. Lying no longer seems to matter with the American public. And how rank does the corruption need to become before the public rises up?

    • JDinSTL

      They have to think it will directly affect them. Fat chance.

    • Gee

      Actually he was lying before the 2008 elections and has never stopped

      • OfficialPro

        He makes Clinton look like the guy that won the truth telling contest in the next town over.