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Obama Promises to Gut Immigration Reform Once It’s Passed

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On May 3, 2013 @ 12:07 pm In The Point | 9 Comments

obama amnesty [1]

Obama isn’t too good at keeping his promises, but I think that we can all agree that this is one promise that he is bound to keep [2].

The president made clear that he expected the people in the room to support the Senate proposal even if they had doubts about some details, participants said. Once an overarching plan was locked in place by Congress, Obama told the group, the administration would be able to revisit some of their concerns and figure out ways to improve it.

I bet. The few restrictions and protections in Amnesty 2013 have already been mostly gutted. Now Obama is promising to gut the rest.

This was the same strategy regarding the 1986 law — once you have the amnesty, gut the enforcement. By the end of FY 1991, 2.5 million illegals were safely amnestied, out of the eventual total of 2.7 million. For that reason, Orrin Hatch and Ted Kennedy felt confident enough to try to repeal the ban on hiring illegals, which was the core of the amnesty-for-enforcement bargain in the 1986 law.

In other words, once the pro-amnesty side got what it wanted, it moved to welsh on the deal. One of their allies in working to gut enforcement was La Raza official Cecilia Munoz, author of a report calling for reneging on the deal and repealing the illegal-employment ban. Munoz is now in charge of immigration policy at the White House.

But with Obama in the White House, the ’86 sellout would be a fond memory. This is an administration that rules by executive order, that selectively enforces the law and dares anyone to stop them. What was done with a scalpel in ’86 will be done with a hatchet this time around if Republicans allow themselves to be tricked into backing amnesty.

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