Obama Rodeo Clown Performs Again While Crowd Wears 1st Amendment Shirts


Not so long ago the nation was cast into a terrible state of dread when a clown in an Obama mask performed in a rodeo. Many people had troubling telling apart the clown from the real Obama. Some thought the clown would do a better job of negotiating with Putin.

The NAACP demanded a Federal investigation followed by a swift and decisive lynching. Every major Missouri politician apologized on behalf of the state, the human race and plastic masks.

But now the clown is back and is negotiating with Putin. Meanwhile the original clown is still performing at rodeos with the support of the crowd.

At the Jaycee fairgrounds in Jefferson City Friday night, people laughed and applauded as Tuffy Gessling, the controversial rodeo clown, performed for the first time since his infamous appearance at the Missouri State Fair. Gessling was banned from the Missouri State Fair and the video of the stunt involving an Obama mask was in national media.

I think he’s probably the first rodeo clown to be described as controversial.

Some fair-goers were wearing shirts they made to support Gessling.

“My shirt is actually gray with Barbed wire on it, has Tuffy Gessling’s face on it, and says ‘I support Tuffy Gessling,’” said Stephanie Harmon, a friend of Gessling. “Then we have another set of shirts that are blue that say ‘We support Tuffy Gessling on them, and on the very back it says ‘We believe in Tuffy Gessling and the first amendment.’”

The shirts referring to the first amendment were designed by Carie Fouch, another friend of Gessling’s, “I talked to Tuffy the Tuesday after the event had happened and it was all over,” she said. “He was a little torn up by it and I asked him if he would mind if I did this to help support any legal fees that he might have. He agreed and within two hours we had the shirts made,” Fouch said. “By the end of the day we had 150 sold, and as of now we have 800.”

Gessling’s manager, Isaiah Dunn, said he was surprised by the attention the act received.

“I rode bulls forever, and not just in Missouri, it’s all across the United States, California, Texas, New Mexico, everywhere you go they have masks of presidents out there in the arena usually,” Dunn said. “And it’s the oldest skit in the book, you can pull it up on the internet and you’ll find old videos of guys doing it with Nixon and Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush Senior, all of the presidents.”

Sure but they were just plain old presidents. Not post-American messiahs.

Although the rodeo clown has received death threats, media attention and other backlash from a skit in which President Obama was teased to be “run down by a bull,” Gessling said the way he performs won’t change a bit.

“We aren’t changing anything,” the man said Friday prior to his appearance at the Jefferson City Jaycees Fairgrounds. “We’re still in the business of PBS — that’s putting butts in the seats.”

Meanwhile the original clown in D.C. is in charge of PPOOW– that’s putting people out of work. He almost did it to Gessling too.

Having been a part of the rodeo scene since he was 11 years old, Gessling said he was surprised people took offense to the politically-themed skit.

“It was just supposed to be a funny, haha,” Gessling noted.

He said this was not the first time that skit had been performed, and that several past presidents’ faces were placed in similar scenarios.

In light of all the attention over the past month, Gessling has purposefully kept secret the name of the other man involved in the skit, the man who was actually wearing the Obama mask. During the performance Gessling made the remarks, and said there is “no sense” in dragging the other man into the negative spotlight with him.

Gessling performs around 25-35 weekends a year, and said he is living his dream.

“There isn’t a little boy who doesn’t dream of being a cowboy. I get to be a part of that dream,” he explained. “These people are my family.”

  • Clancie

    Mark one up for the good guys! (and I don’t mean the clown negotiating with Putin)

  • Clandestined

    The Second Coming of The Rodeo Clown Sign.
    This Can’t be good.

  • Gloria McCracken Godwin

    I don’t think the Obama mask should be retired … at least not as long as he’s occupying our White House! We’ve always had president rodeo clowns. Here in Texas, after Tuffy’s performance that caused all the whiny liberals to cry, we not only had Obama the Rodeo Clown to appear at a local rodeo, but 3 other presidents joined him as well. Love my state!

    • Moa

      As a foreigner from far away, the more I hear about Texas, the more I like it. It appears to be one state that has no trouble distinguishing right from wrong – unlike the haughty states that act pretty retarded (looking at you, bankrupt California).

      • Gloria McCracken Godwin

        People say we’re a hard headed, stubborn bunch of people here in Texas … meaning it as an insult. LOL Heck…that’s a compliment to us! I’m a very proud Texan & love my state!

  • USARetired

    It is great to see and hear about a Clown that’s funny because the Clown in the White House is not one bit funny!

  • DogmaelJones1

    The next time Gessling dons his Obama mask he can have a partner don a bull costume with a mask of Putin on it, and chase him round and round the ring. Sound familiar? THAT would be a great skit!

  • labman57

    Why is it that so many self-righteous conservatives believe that getting canned for making violence-promoting political statements against the POTUS is a “Freedom of Speech” issue?

    The First Amendment prohibits the federal government from censoring individuals who choose to make politically-charged comments. It does not restrict non-government employers from taking action, nor does it protect you from criticism and ridicule from an outraged public.

    • ohyehbelievit

      It says the NCAAP appealed to the Feds and that politicians jumped on board to create a hostile environment for the gentlemen trying to earn a living by performing his act; hell, I’m fairly liberal when it comes to art and performance art as well; and I don’t believe people have a right to not be offended; however, Americans have a right not to be taxed by state and then have the state attack them using those dollars for exercising their constitutional rights!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I think a lot of people know that, but in America there are those who try to get around the constitution with soft-oppression.

      So it’s not letter of the law free speech, it’s spirit of the constitution free speech. Denial of the right to speak freely should be approached from an objective point of view. Some tyrants try to use “shame” to accomplish what the courts want let them.

      That is what Clinton and others promised the UN (the OIC) regarding the protection of certain sensitive people’s feelings.

      How would you quickly describe the soft oppression that occurs from people and organizations that want to use shame rather than some kind of objective rebuttal to manipulate the limits of the speech of others?

      It’s the American spirit of free speech inspired by the first amendment.

      Otherwise you’re literally correct. Except for your nonsense description:

      “…self-righteous conservatives believe that getting canned for making violence-promoting political statements against the POTUS is a “Freedom of Speech” issue..”

      You’re clearly an honorary member of the PC police if not a professional fascist. Even if he did “get canned” you don’t air these issues in public. All of those politicians apologizing on his behalf. For what? Holy cow they act like words are weapons. That’s what deranged socialists like you do.

      Even if he did “deserve to get canned” for violating an employer policy, it should have been done professionally, not broadcast by unhinged people such as yourself describing his alleged violation as “dangerous.”

      What is wrong with you people? Seriously…You’re on the side of the tyrants.

    • Black Racism

      if the black man president couldnt handle criticism, he should have avoided elected office.

      • labman57

        Uh, sorry. Try again. It wasn’t the POTUS that expressed outrage — it was the public.

        • Black Racism

          the public KNEW that making fun of the president was done to all presidents (it is our right).
          if there were threats, I would expect that the secret service would handle it (just stick him in jail).
          if there were no threats and just liberal nonsense then the sleezy preezy of the united steezy cannot stand the heatie so he needs to step downie

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    What right do politicos have to apologize for the actions of another? Never mind that what he did wasn’t wrong, but this arrogant nonsense of apologizing for the actions of others is just plain wrong.

  • ReyR

    Great post, healthy humor, and its news, at least for me. Thank you.

  • Maus

    … meanwhile, Gessling has hired several well-known tax attorneys to deal with a major tax audit of the clown by the IRS. According to a reliable source, the IRS has told Gessling he owes 16.9-trillion dollars to the Federal treasury.

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    Every other President has had their masks used in entertainment but apparently Obama’s followers have self esteem issues that are way to fragile!