Obama Snubs Thatcher Funeral

When John Atta Mills, the President of Ghana, died last year, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally led the delegation to his funeral along with such figures as Johnnie Carson, the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, General Carter F. Ham, the Commander of the United States Africa Command and Grant T. Harris, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs.

But under Barack Obama, what Ghana gets, the United Kingdom does not. Instead the US delegation to the Thatcher funeral looks a lot like the US delegation to the Chavez funeral. Two former secretaries of state friendly to Thatcher and several congressmen who agreed with her views, including Michelle Bachmann.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is coming. Barack Obama obviously is not. Neither is any high ranking member of his government. As at Chavez’s funeral, the highest ranking Federal official will be the charge d’affaires at the American embassy. It’s hard to get any lower profile than that.

All four former presidents were invited. Nancy Reagan and George Bush Sr. are not healthy enough to travel. The rest apparently didn’t care. Former VP Dick Cheney however will be attending, which is about as close as you can get. Newt Gingrich will also be there.

As for Obama. The man who had no room for Churchill in the White House would certainly have no time to take a break from his umpteenth golf game to pay tribute to a woman who represents everything that he is working to destroy.

  • thatsitivehadenough

    Obama does it again. Never misses an opportunity to disgrace the USA.

    • Gerry

      He's just being Obama. We should not be surprised. He is a an embarresment to the USA.

    • Nehama, UK

      It's the first thing Obama's done I agree with. Thatcher was a disgrace to Britain!

  • ruby

    if England were a tropical island paradise the whole lot of them would be there.

    • AuntiE

      With their golf clubs

  • Ar'nun

    I am going to give the benefit of the doubt this one time and say maybe he shouldn't go in light of the events yesterday. He should be here in the US overseeing efforts to find the terrorists before they strike again.

    • Mort_f

      Total B.S. The snubbing of the Thatcher funeral preceeds Boston by several days. Oh, maybe Obama knew Boston was coming, another 'crisis' he needed!

      • luckyk351

        Well Said Mort, you think like many of us do. His total objective is the complete destruction of the UNited States

    • AuntiE

      However, even before yesterday he nor any of his senior staff or appointees had any plans to attend.

    • Patty

      SHOULD BE being the key words here. I'm sure he'll look into it just like he is Benghazi. I heard that the bombing didn't even disrupt his schedule yesterday.

    • Killer65

      So, then, how do you explain neither Biden, Mrs. BHO, Kerry, or any other high ranking official from this country not being there? Done in his/their usual classless way. And what about Slick Willy? He certainly could have taken time from wife's presidential plans and gone. Disgraceful – all of them.

    • White Hunter

      You mean, like the way he stayed at the White House the day after the Benghazi massacre to "oversee efforts to find the terrorists"? Oops; he DIDN'T. Instead he flew off to Vegas for a loud fundraising pep rally on 9/12. Remember?

    • Karl Schlegel

      You're right! In light of the terrorist attack in Boston, Obama should stay in Washington! …..Unless, of course, a Democratic Party fund raiser is quickly organized in Las Vegas…. I mean, after all, it's not like an Ambassador was murdered at the Boston marathon…. So Obama should feel free to attend any event, or play a round or 50 of golf, anywhere…..

  • Nagsman

    As an admirer of Baroness Thatcher I am glad he is not coming. I am sorry that Nancy and George Snr are not well enough to travel but George W is better off staying in the US with Obama.

  • Softly Bob

    Obama attending Thatcher's funeral would be akin to Fidel Castro attending Winston Churchill's funeral. We in the UK don't want him there.We'd welcome George W or any other former president, possibly even Bill Clinton, but Obama has made it clear who his real buddies are.
    If it hadn't been at sea he would probably have attended Bin Laden's funeral given half the chance.

    • Davro

      ''We in the UK don't want him there.'' Sorry, mate, you can speak for yourself (and I don't even understand what you are trying to say).

      • luckyk351

        Try living under his rule, you would understand

        • trickyblain

          I "live under his rule," and, quite honestly, my life is no worse in any way than it was under Bush and Clinton.

          • Lan Astaslem

            how about your society – your country?

          • AnOrdinaryMan

            Yes, life is worse; but in ways that you don't yet appreciate.

    • Daniel A.Prohonic

      Great comment,i have to agree with you.

    • S. Mellody Broward

      I want to reply to your statement by saying I understand completely why you don't want him there. Most of us really don't want him here either! Just damn the electoral college!

      • chris

        hey moron, he won the popular vote (individual american vote) also.

        • Bartje

          Whatever gets a Obama into a posiyion of power is regrettable to say the very least!" The price of freedom…", I know. It still sucks though!

  • evy

    I've been very impressed, comforted, and delighted by the wit and wisdom of both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. What a blessing they were.
    Still, I tremble for people who call the Creator of all things, 'the fella upstairs.'
    After we die, I understand we know better. Whenever contemplating a funeral, the thought for me is there, here we are, extolling the virtues of, reminiscing about the life now gone from our midst…but If he could come back and tell us, might he say, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME, DON'T talk about me, look to the ALmighty!
    As to Obama if he has no respect 'to pay', it is best he isn't there.

  • Edward Cline

    Obama, winner of a Nobel Peace Prize without having actually done anything that advanced "peace," is doing his best to be the most hated U.S. president ever, and I'm not talking about Muslims or Europeans hating him. I'm talking about Americans. As an "economist" and in foreign policy, he has demonstrated an incompetence unmatched in U.S. history. But that "incompetence" is only a disguise for a malice for everything Western and pro-freedom. Of course he would snub Thatcher's funeral. No suprises there.

    • tarasbalderdash

      I agree with you on many points, unfortunately, not your main one. He won't be hated. I have become convinced over the course of the last two US elections, that the American voter is stupid. What else can explain voting for an obviously incompetent and virulently anti-American candidate — twice. The uninformed voter loves Obama. He goes on television. He has big parties and sings while the economy burns down. What's not to like for an idiot?

  • Brad Wesley

    Obama just can't win with you guys — bottom line! There is nothing he can do that you can't find SOMETHING to complain about. If the guy somehow found a way to cure cancer you'd curse him for taking jobs from healthcare professionals! He simply can't win…except for elections.

    • Johnconrad

      Same was said about Bill Clinton. And, it was just as wrong then.

      All Obama would have to do is make a growing economy the priority.

      But, we know he won't. He's an ideologue above all else

      • luckyk351

        You forgot to salute obama, please remember it is zieg heil herr obama

      • Mary

        I don't mean to disagree with you , but I think all he would have to do, is pretend make America a priority

        • Brooklynresident

          WHY the Nobel Prize? WHY? Payment in advance for disarming America, rendering our Nation impotent. As to being hated, ask the Chinese, ask the Russians, what they think. They hold him in CONTEMPT, for they see him as a TRAITOR. Even though his treachery benefits them, they still hate him for being the shameless weasel that he is (sorry, all you weasels).

          I really think he is the Beast of scripture. His politics certainly (read about the recent Army training) prove his bitter hated of Christ.

          But one day, he WILL bend his knee, say "Christ Is Lord," –and I will see it. How I will rejoice then!

    • Randy Sanger

      You are a moron.

    • Mary Sue

      oh great another Obamazombie. He's never done ANYTHING useful. People complain because he ruined the economy and put USA in unprecedented trillions of dollars in debt!

      • Job

        Yes, none of that debt was from two wars and missteps by the Bush and Clinton administrations(specifically for Clinton, the repeal of Glass-Steagal). Gee, I forgot how many British delegates were at President Gerald Ford’s funeral… 0?

    • Brad

      Brad he can't win because he is a loser. Just ask him.

    • Cesare Beccaria

      "He simply can't win…except for elections." That's true, now that a majority are on welfare, getting luxury apartments with swimming pool, sauna, putting green (of course), workout room, gated parking access, and free transport to markets where they use their food stamps and talk on their free cell phones, then get free transport to free medical care. Then return to their luxury apartments where they have free cable TV and free Internet.

      Obama is proof of Alexis de Tocqueville's prediction in 1835. We are at the point where the majority votes for the candidate promising the most benefits. And since that welfare majority, plus illegal alien immigration, is where the population grown in the U.S. is, it will only increase his majority.

    • Lan Astaslem

      lil barry's skin color has and will never inoculate him from criticism for his abysmal record, numerous failures, radical policies, dangerous sleazebag associates, highly shady background and rise to fame (infamy?) etc. etc. – don't know bout you pal, but I say hussein's on the fast track to replacing that crawling corruption of flesh – jimmy jihad carter – as the worst US president, and one of the world's laziest, most arrogant and inept leaders.

    • Killer65

      If he did something worthy of a 'win," we would acknowledge it. But heads of state attend other ally heads of state funerals. It's protocol and simple courtesy.

  • Jim

    I am ashamed that my government is not showing Lady Thatcher all the honors she richly deserves. She was a wonderful inspiration to all Conservatives the world over.

    • Louisa


  • Bill Crumrine

    Obama is not fit to lick Ronald Reagan's jock strap or lick his boot heels after walking behind his horse. Why would anyone want the likes of Jimmy carter, Bill Clinton, and /or Barack Hussein Obama or better stated Dumb-As-A-Rock Insane-As-Hell Obammy at some one as dignified as Margaret Thatcher's funeral?

  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    PM Netanyahu is going to be there too. http://www.jpost.com/Headlines/Article.aspx?id=30

  • Randy Sanger

    This imposter has absolutely no class. But what would you expect from an immature child. I'm surprised he doesn't hold his breath until he turns blue. He thinks the world revolves around him. I'm ashamed for America. He can't even begin to be a leader. He never will be.

  • Hugh Grant

    Typical Obama heartlessness !! Margaret Thatcher will go down in history as one of the great women of all times !!

    • Cara Trent

      So will Obama lol

    • Bartje

      One of the greatest people of all time,you mean.

  • Howard Nicholson

    because of evil servants of satan our so called leaders have the same character. It is not about politics but lack of knowing Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. It is spiritual grace, compassion and love. Our government leaders have none of those great things. Their reward will be the wages of sin is death. I pray the Lord will get rid of them and right qickly

  • trickyblain

    If Obama doesn't go, FPM headline reads: "Obama Snubs Thatcher Funeral"

    If Obama went, FPM headline reads: "Obama Ignores Boston Attack; Takes British Vacation."

    • Mary Sue

      nah. State funeral attendance is expected.

      Now, if there was NO state funeral or any other sort of the country's business and THEN he went to Britain….

    • AuntiE

      If he had made plans to attend, as would be appropriate, and then cancelled due to the Boston crisis nary a word would be said.
      If he had even planned, prior to Boston, to attend, he would not look like such a bafoon for not understanding protocol.
      If he even had the ability to understand protocol, he would send a senior administration rep, ie. the VP, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, someone of that stature.

    • zoeunltd

      he had made NO PLANS to attend. he NEVER had any intention of attending. and now he is needed to cover up any al-qaeda involvement in the boston bombing, so he can't go, or someone might start asking tough foreign policy questions or even bring up Benghazi, he can't have that -can he !!

    • kasandra

      Untrue but, anyway, why wouldn't he at least send Biden to pay our respects? Sorry but it's a slap at our British friends pure and simple. He's just a p*r*i*c*k. Face it.

    • Drakken

      Yes we get it, you would suck on obummer untill you turned blue and then let him screw you in the azz and not even have the common curtesy of a reach around and you would love him for it.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      So Obama will stay here and ignore the Boston attack. But what you describe above is exactly the way the MSM treated George W. Bush.

    • Killer65

      Either He, Biden, MO, or Kerry SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be there. He instead chooses to stay home because his personal agenda item – the Second Amendment takeover – is more important to him. There are others to take care of the Boston situation; he certainly can take one day to show at least some protocol; especially since he likes to fly on our plane so much.

  • Randy Sanger

    The Thatcher and Reagan era revealed the best of both America and England . Look at us now. The present leadership of both countries are not worth mentioning. They are a stain upon humanity.

  • Mic Lawler

    No surprise that those who detest personal freedom, prosperity, morality, and Western Civilization itself would choose to stay away. They'd only be a blemish on the remembrance of a great lady if they showed up there.

  • Masud

    SHILLman, a very fitting name for this idiot…

    • Mary Sue

      oh, so in other words, you have nothing useful or relevant to contribute.

    • Max

      The only idiot around here is you, moron. How's that? This is not junior high, grow the """' up.

    • Light Shiner

      Two others don't agree with you, but I think you're right. Obama is a con man, just as any self-respecting Saul Alinsky disciple must be. As a socialist, Obama would be a hypocrite for showing good graces to a conservative woman of the caliber of Margaret Thatcher. On the other hand, hypocrisy never stops him from trying to maintain his well polished facade.

  • H M Stumpf

    A disgrace to all Americans!

  • Roger Dixon

    Well atleast BamBam is consistent. He dislike all conservative White women and he has proven it over and over. Margaret was s wonderful world leader. Too good for BamBam.

  • Atikva

    "Obama snubs Thatcher funeral"? Good, his presence would have been insulting to this great lady.

  • Becky Spangler

    Obama's absence at Mrs. Thatcher's funeral does not alter all that she and Mr. Reagan did for our respective countries. He has no concept of what it means to do the right and honorable thing. May England know that he is not doing as the American people would want him to do or as they would do. What a disgrace he is!

  • thomas_h

    I would do everything to attend Obama's funeral – he wouldn't even had to be dead. I would be the guy who brought chocolate.

    • Mary Sue

      I bet more people would do that "Ding dong the "witch" is dead" when Obama shuffles off the mortal coil than ever did about Thatcher!

  • David Rupert

    Dont' they have good greens in England? What's the issue. There's shopping at Tiffany's for Hillary too

  • mommad

    @ thomas_h – I'll bring the champagne!

  • Dottie

    A funeral for Obummr would be him getting ousted as POTUS by being impeached. I would bring a ton of chocolate for a huge celebration on the White House lawn—please tell me when and where the party will start–he should have been impeached the first go around, and should never have been given a second chance to totally bring down the U.S. Let him stay away from Thatcher's funeral–he doesn't belong with honorable citizens of any Country. Obama has done more to destroy relations between the U.S. and England than any President in History. He is a total disgrace, and I'm ashamed to call him our President.

    • BrooklynResident

      I don't call him my president. I never voted for him. He is simply That Strange Creature to me. He ought to have Bern called out from the start he never was, nor will he be. The press will never hold him accountable for ANYTHING. And he is building his power up for a dictatorship as QUICKLY as he can.

      It won't be long.

      You Brits will have to fight a fascist fuehrer all over again. I hope, this time, you have the Germans on your side.

  • thomas_h

    @mommad – usually I'm a beer and vodka guy, but the happy occasion will make me easy to persuade.

    • Drakken

      I'll throw in some bourbon for good measure.

      • thomas_h

        Jack Daniel's would be most appreciated, thank you.:)

  • david

    to england, we share your loss and honor her. we do not consider obama our represenative in any of his snubs and disgraces the free nations of the world. he seems to delight in insulting any way he can you and israel, our best allies. again we apologize

  • JacksonPearson

    "As for Obama. The man who had no room for Churchill in the White House would certainly have no time to take a break from his umpteenth golf game to pay tribute to a woman who represents everything that he is working to destroy."

    That about sums up Hussein Obama!

  • Richard of OZ

    Here in Australia, we have as the representative John Howard, our ex-PM, and the last adult we had to lead us. The Ranga in Chief has attempted to make it look like she appointed him, but like everything else, she has been caught out in a lie. JH had already received an invitation, and naturally, was going to attend.
    To understand what we are under in this once great country, and why the Ranga won't be attending, you must understand that our present "gument"- those from Oz will know what I mean – is made up of the children of the teat sucking unionists who were targeted by MT. They left the country and emigrated to us under the "ten pound a pom" plan. Their hatred and spite and having their easy money cut off in UK, caused them to infiltrate our unions, and corrupt them into a duplicate of what they had in UK. Their children became student :activists" – read commies – and weasled their way through the gray train to take over what was a fine party, and turn it into a river of money when they stole the last election making deals with embittered "independants", and the GreenSlime party. Hopefully, in September, the grown ups will once again begin the restoration.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    Of course not. Obama's an anti-colonialist. Why do you think he returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the
    British Embassy? Obama has more in common with Hugo Chavez, (may rot in hell), and his successor, Nicolas
    Maduro, who narrowly won another rigged election. Obama's won two of them already. What's to stop him from
    repealing the 22nd Amendment, and running for a third term? He's a dictator in training.

  • Daniel A.Prohonic

    Obama has learned hatred towards the white colonial powers well,from his book,you'll find that his father imparted a hatred for the colonial powers in general and England and its Monarchy in particular as his father being from Kenya and Kenya was formally a colony of England.His father hated england and the nut doesn't fall far from the family tree.Thatcher was very conservative and very pro-England ,so his contempt for her is very showing,he wears it on his sleeve.
    We have a very long and productive history with England and i can only hope he doesn't destroy our relationship with them,the sooner he leaves office,the better for the relationship with the U.S. and our longest and best allies.He would probably be happiest if we were friends with the devil.

  • Janis

    how embarrassing to be an american

  • LindaRivera

    Obama hates the British people. But, don't feel bad, Brits, Obama HATES Americans, too.

  • Linda

    Our president (small letters on purpose) is a first class jerk! I am so embarrassed that people in America actually elected the lying conniving thug.

  • BrooklynResident

    He is not fit to shine her shoes… I guess she can return the favor and not come to HIS funeral.

    I think, if it were Obama, that would put the "fun" in funeral.

  • ludovicah

    Fantastically great decision Mr President!!. Thank you for not endorsing the squandering of public funds to bury a multi millionairess who ransacked and robbed my country and its people like the traitor and vile profiteer that she was

  • ludovicah

    Anyone who thinks Margaret Thatcher was a great lady probably voted Mitt Romney at the last election….

  • testificari

    I doubt she'd want someone like Obama at her funeral anyway.

  • Larry

    Might be the least hypocritical thing he's done in his entire reign.

  • Nehama, UK

    It's the first thing Obama's done that I agree with. Thatcher was a disgrace to Britain!

  • Fergie

    The UK is not England and England is not UK the UK is England ,Scotland ,Wales ,Northern Ireland just thought I would point that out as it annoys us celts here in UK. Lol

  • James

    Margaret Thatcher was a towering figure who influenced my life philosophy and world view tremendously. I am so ashamed of our President and former Presidents for not attending. Whether one liked Mrs. Thatcher's policies or not, none can deny that she was a leader of great stature who loved her country deeply. She was the greatest ally that the United States could have possibly imagined and she deserved far more than two former Secretary's of State. I wish I could apologize to her family and let them know how much that woman meant to so many Americans. God speed Mrs. Thatcher.

  • theccur

    Obama REFUSES to dignify ANTI-communists, OR honor nations that actually ARE friends.

  • watsa46

    It looks like we think like white people, the majority for how long. This is a non-white Pr. with a different mind-set and agenda.

  • pierce

    Typical leftist response. She is twice the leader he is, or ever will be. At least we are represented, but it is truly a shame that our President feels he is far too important to attend the Iron Lady's funeral.

  • straitconservative

    Zero,is so ghetto, He doesn't recognize a CLASSY Lady,in the the political world!!

  • Harvey

    Nice closing blast:
    "As for Obama. The man who had no room for Churchill in the White House would certainly have no time to take a break from his umpteenth golf game to pay tribute to a woman who represents everything that he is working to destroy"
    Pure poetry, as the truth usually is.