Obama Spent 2X on Global Warming than Border Security


No word on how much Obama spent searching for fairies, Santa Claus and equipping counter-boogeyman assault squads, but it’s estimated to be in the billions.

New estimates show the federal government will spend nearly twice as much fighting global warming this year than on U.S. border security.

The White House reported to House Republicans that there are 18 federal agencies engaged in global warming activities in 2013, funding a wide range of programs, including scientific research, international climate assistance, incentivizing renewable energy technology and subsidies to renewable energy producers. Global warming spending is estimated to cost $22.2 billion this year, and $21.4 billion next year.

At the same time, the federal government will spend nearly $12 billion on customs and border enforcement this year.

Don’t worry. Next time there’s another terrorist attack, you can rest secure that the money was better spent teaching small children to be terrified of carbon.

Everyone has their priorities. We’re ignoring border security to fight the evil carbon fairies who are stealing all the world’s sunshine. It’s superserial.


  • Gee

    That is because global warming is a scientific ‘fact’ and illegal immigration is a mere myth [/sarc off]

  • pupsncats

    It really doesn’t matter at this point. The entire federal government operates to ensure the poisons, toxins, chemicals, and genetically engineered food we eat makes and keeps us sick. The big food manufacturers and drug companies profit handsomely on their bribes and payouts to politicians to keep us fat and sick. What difference does it make that there is one more influential, greedy group that will profit on another huge scam?i

    Remember, always follow the money.

  • Veracious_one

    to Obama America’s security is Un-American….

  • CowboyUp

    The same people who think securing our southern border would be ruinously expensive, even if it was possible (and they assure us it’s not), think they can control the Earth’s climate. Oops, did I notice something I wasn’t supposed to again?

  • truebearing

    As we enter the next Ice Age…

    The Left’s science hating insistence on Global Warming reminds me of something my grandfather came up with when my father was a child:

    “I assign all the following citizens to fight the blasting storm tonight. Conquer or die! Fight for your lives, or you get no grub!”

    This made no sense to me when I heard my dad repeat it as a child, but given that my grandfather lived through Woodrow Wilson and FDR, my guess is that it was his way of mocking the government’s tendency to rally people to hopelessly stupid, dishonest causes. Or, maybe he was a prophet and was warning us about the coming Global Warming scam.

    • muchiboy

      How you can rationalize the “Left’s science hating” is almost comical,though it is really pathetic.Some of the most flawed thinking I have seen come out of the right in a long time.Your agenda is mindless,it seems.So what is your agenda?Growth?And your fear?A green earth?

      • truebearing

        I’m not rationalizing the Left’s science hating. The Left is. I’m simply pointing it out.

        The nonsensical theories that you fools claimed were “settled science” have all been debunked and now the truly credible science has proven we aren’t warming, but are probably going into a mini-Ice Age. The proven lack of correlation between rising Co2 and global temps has your “hockey stick” stuck where the sun don’t shine, but you’re too dishonest to admit it.

        My agenda is ridding the earth of lying, power-mad weasels.

      • Schmitty

        What is the climate change believers agenda? Seems to have the rest of us give you all of our money and power over our lives.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Daniel, check out this article re yesterday’s find.

    The other border crossing, Otay Mesa not to far east of the major crossing here in San Diego, largest and busiest in the world has had several tunnels from Tijuana near their international airport coming up on the San Diego side over the years as this one yesterday at Otay Mesa.

    They usually come up to a warehouse on the San Diego side.

    Some have had rail systems, electricity, huge amounts of weapons, and drugs..


  • muchiboy

    “New estimates show the federal government will spend nearly twice as
    much fighting global warming this year than on U.S. border security.”

    Now,if this had headlined in a reputable,sane newspaper or website,it would have been taken as a positive sigh that a rational America was reacting to a possible and pending world calamity.Instead,it is considered a joke.Well,says more about FPM than anything else.At times,you really are a joke,FPM.About time you and yours woke up and smelled Tim Hortons.

    • Schmitty

      How are you enjoying the winter?

      • muchiboy

        One bone chilling winter does not a trend make.Regardless,we can only listen to the experts and their interpretations of the best collected data.There are valid differences of opinion here,sure,but reasonable people will not ignore the wisdom’s of objective ,informed professionals and others to pursue their own self serving agendas.Change is always a dictate,and we are able to adapt to change,but when we are the agents of unfavorable and disastrous change,the onus is on us to respond rationally and make some needed and effective change.