Obama Supporting Poll Worker Voted Eight Times in Ohio

This isn’t really news, except that in this case she got caught. I have repeatedly heard Obama supporters talk about voting twice, few voted more than that, but twice is apparently the amount that you can vote without too much effort. How much of an impact did the double voters, the aid workers voting for the elderly and the mentally handicapped and the illegal alien voters have on swing states?

We’ll never know. What we do know is that unless the United States joins the civilized world in taking voter rights seriously by protecting the franchise and securing the vote, our elections will continue to take place under a cloud of illegitimacy.

Still poll worker Melowese Richardson who may have voted as much as 8 times is in a special category of her own.

Melowese is a typical part of the Dem Community Organizer establishment. She claims to head and serve on the board of numerous “citizen’s groups” including Citizens Against Loan Sharks and Communities United for Action.

Melowese Richardson, a Madisonville resident, first learned of the allegations when approached by 9 On Your Side reporter Tom McKee Wednesday. Even though she admits to voting twice in the last election, she said the news came as surprise.

“I would think that something this important would come to me first and that I wouldn’t have to be enlightened about this through you,” said Richardson.

Richardson voted at the Madisonville Recreation Center where she worked as a paid worker on Election Day.

The board’s documents also state that Richardson was allegedly disruptive and hid things from other poll workers on Election Day after another female worker reported she was intimated by Richardson.

However, Richardson claims she was the one intimidated while doing her job.

During the investigation it was also discovered that her granddaughter, India Richardson, who was a first time voter in the 2012 election, cast two ballots in November.

Richardson admitted to sending one of her granddaughter’s ballots in the mail.

Another claim is absentee ballots for Montez Richardson, Joseph Jones and Markus Barron all came from Richardson’s Whetsel Avenue address were received by the board the same time as Richardson’s and the handwriting on all four of them was similar.

This is the new democracy. One Democrat. Eight votes.

Two hearings will take place on Feb. 15 and Feb. 22 where those accused will have a chance to speak. Richardson’s case will be heard on Feb. 22 and she says it’s far from over.

“Absolutely. Absolutely, I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.”

  • shaw

    it's always the same with the wicked.the end justifies the means whether voter fraud like this or by violence including murder. liberals, communists, fascists muslims all dothis and think nothing of that this is a sin against God!

  • stoptyranny1797

    National Review is saying she voted 2 times. Who's right? http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/340174/voter

    • Donald C. Kosloff

      Both. Two is a subset of eight.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      She voted twice in her own name. Then there were six votes for members of her family, some duplicates, some sent out by her or in her own handwriting.

      so she may have voted as much as 8 times.

      • cathy

        “I Voted Twice for Obama” – Obama poll worker admits on camera
        February 8th, 2013

        …. The video above must be seen. In fact, poll worker and Obama activist Meloweese Richardson voted more than twice, and she admits as much on camera. She also says that she voted for Obama and registered “thousands” of voters for him. The Hamilton County (OH) board of elections has issued 28 subpoenas involving double voting and general voter fraud in the 2012 Presidential election. Richardson admits to voting for herself, her daughter and other family members. She is also a poll official in her Ohio neighborhood. ….

      • JacksonPearson

        Yes, and then multiply that by tens of thousands of other ACORN, La Raza and SEIU Obots, and you have a fraudulently elected president, and senators….This voter phenomenon happened in all of the battle ground states.

        As mentioned on another thread. The first clue to an organized "Democrat Voter Fraud Play Book" happened in the 2010 senate election in Nevada. On election day, Sharron Angle had a five point lead over Harry Reid. At the end of the day, Reid won by five points. A ten point swing magically occurred in a small state, that was easily being polled. The only plausible explanation, VOTER FRAUD!

        From evil seeds grow evil weeds

  • Snitch_In_Time

    This is the tip of the iceburg. The crime syndicate formerly known as the Democratic Party has gone all in for voter fraud. This is why they fight Voter ID, because it DOES suppress illegal voting. The crime syndicate has floated the lie that "Bush was selected not elected" all these years so that their morally pliable members would have a "tit for tat" justification to feel good about their crimes. Hopefully this crook Richardson will go to jail. She shoul not be allowed to vote for President for the next 28 years as she has used up her next 7 presidential votes on President Caligula.

  • Ar'nun

    So Obama has a "right" to be President?

    • Mary Sue

      well yeah, because he black and it's "our" turn! [/sarcasm]

      • Parenthetical Phrase

        That's it exactly. And I don't want to hear one more word about how black unemployment is 2x that of the general society. Actions have consequences

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      Guess what? The Dem gangsters are aiming for much more than his "right" – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/01/07/fiddling-with

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Arlie

    Regarding the Consent Decree that the RNC signed and took away their right to challenge voter fraud. RNC went to court to overturn it and the case ended up in front of an 0bama appointed judge. Guess what happened? There is an excellent link in the following article to a 14 point plan to fix the election process: http://www.westernjournalism.com/leftist-judge-rules-aga...

    The Republicans are now just as Progressive and Democrats. WE NEED A strong 3RD PARTY!
    The Constitution Party has the best platform for restoring our country.

  • Capt_Z1

    Just another cheating, lying person of color

    • Mary Sue

      Lying cheating DEMOCRAT. Color is irrelevant except as a corollary to being a Democrat (and thus steeped in Identity Politics and Subjective Morality)

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  • SpendusMaximus

    Sadly, people like this will always be P i G S !!!!

  • http://twitter.com/57Delmar @57Delmar

    Brings to light a new definition of the phrase "vote early and vote often".

  • BLJ

    As Gomer Pyle said so well, "Surprise….surprise" Obama and his gang should all be tried for the voter fraud that occurred once again. I refuse to consider him the President of the United States of America.

    The attitude of this creature who voted multiple times for him is par for the course. She is totally worthless and should be kicked out of this country.

    • Tish

      I cannot and will not consider this vile lying pig as President of my country. Never in my life have i been so jaded when it comes to the liberal democrat and the majority of the blacks in this country. It would seem the one thing obrain dead did do is polarize and bring out the true colors of many people. I really was surprised to hear just how racist Morgan Freeman and many others truly are. I have just about given up on society, I do not trust blacks, muslims or democrats at all !! They are a growing cancer in this country and sadly will be the death of a once great nation..

      • Mary Sue

        well, certainly do not trust blacks that either claim no party affiliation while spouting Identity Politics dog whistles, or identify as Democrat.

        But I'm pretty sure you can trust Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter E. Williams, etc…

  • phoenix86

    I hope she goes to jail and is hit with the fine. Another typical Obama supporter; aka a criminal.

    • Marc

      So does this woman also get 8 times social security and 8 times food coupons? After all she works 8 times harder when she votes so I assume she deserves it.

  • YosemiteFudd

    Everything about this administration — and the entire clan of power-crazed leftist ruling-class thugs who have clamped onto their seats in the highest halls of power — screams "illegitimate" and "fraud" and "malice" and "subversion."

    We see all too clearly why the Democrats start up with the over-the-top rhetoric and race-baiting whenever someone so much as mentions the more-than-reasonable concept of voter ID.

    This, as another post mentioned previously, is but the tip of the iceberg.

  • FPF

    Just like in sports, if the winner is proved doping, even once, his trophy will be forfeited and the 2nd place person gets the gold, it's the time to clean up the political sports.

  • Herb Benty

    All these illegal votes together with illegal voters and rigged voting machines….BHO stole the election. Next time there better be Marines stationed at the polling stations.

  • http://same NO FEAR

    I belive the new sheriff Neil will get to the bottom of this and what is the max sentence for this x8 by by lady at least you will have your daughter to keep you company for awhile 8 times 5 years 40 years that would not be worth it to me but hey he won that’s what counts you helped him win so 40 years will go by fast your fine cant be paid with food stamps wish you luck with your decision to cheat real americans let us know if you need smokes or a shink