Obama: “The Only People More Frustrated Than Me Were The ‘Palestinians Living in the West Bank and Gaza.”

Back during Term 1 there was some talk by New York Tymies and Washington Posties that Obama should go and do a Cairo speech in Israel to persuade the Israeli people to make more concessions for peace. Considering that there have been lots of concessions and no peace and that there isn’t even a single Palestinian Muslim state, but two wannabes, one in Gaza and one in the West Bank, that may have been a significant overestimation of Obama’s speechifying powers.

But Obama, ever modest, has apparently taken the suggestion to heart and is going to Israel to do a Cairo.

In a meeting with a group of Arab Americans this week, U.S. President Barack Obama revealed that he will not push the Israelis and Palestinians toward restarting negotiations or outline a new peace initiative during his upcoming visit to the region, but he will take with him a cash infusion of $500 million – which Congress will soon release – of much needed financial aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Obama met at the White House with members from the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Arab American Institute, the Arab Federation of Ramallah, the American Task Force for Palestine and other individuals and groups.

“Obama said that since the Israeli government has not been willing to make concessions, there is no point in pushing [for negotiations] right now,” one participant at the meeting with Obama said on condition of anonymity.

“He said the goal of his trip was to speak to the Israeli people directly,” said another participant. “He thinks it was a mistake that he didn’t address the Israeli public in his first term.”

Unlike Egypt, Israel isn’t ruled by a dictator, so it’s unclear what Obama’s big speech, which will no doubt invoke Rabin, Begin, Sadat, is supposed to accomplish.

“He said he wanted to see what kind of concessions the Israelis are willing to make and push them in that direction, that’s why he wants to give the speech to the Israeli people,” said one source.

But Obama warned that the speech to the Israeli public might not have what the Arab participants in the meeting were looking for. “But he implored us to give them a pass on this one,” the source said.

Obama also expressed his frustrations with the lack of progress on the negotiations. “He was highly engaged but realistic. He understands the community was frustrated; he said he was very frustrated. ‘The only people more frustrated than me,’ Obama said, were the ‘Palestinians living in West Bank and Gaza – it’s a legitimate frustration,’” the source quoted Obama as saying.

One of the participants also said that Obama expressed his frustration with Congress. “Every time the pressure gets to the Israelis they go to Congress,” said the source. “He wants to find a way around that, that’s why he wants to talk to the Israeli public directly.”

Which suggests that the trip isn’t the big show, it’s meant to set up what the big show will be.

Obama had a last message to the participants. “He said ‘this trip is not going to give you everything you want’,” a source said.

But it is, implicitly, going to set up everything they want.

  • Steve

    There only person more frustrated than obama is me for have him as president. Obama speaks from 2 sides of his mouth. Obama has a forked tongue. He goes to a Jewish meeting and tells us what we want to hear and then cuddles up to his people ( the muslims) . Maybe just maybe the Israelis are frustrated with the rockets fired from the palis. Where was obama when the rockets were being fired into Israel?
    Obama would rather deal with dictators and terrorists tha n democratic and peaceful nations.

  • Anonymous

    Typical for the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Hussain in the WH. What a moral cretin.

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      Yes, the Pyromaniac-in-Chief is coming to Israel to do the nasty, and no one here believes otherwise, aside from those who are seeking to destroy our heartland – Judea & Samaria! Never mind, there are millions of hard core Zionists who know what's what and the Islamist-in-Chief will never be able to do a "Cairo", even if Bibi agrees. Why? They have learned the bitter fruits of "disengagement" and many are the backbone (officers and soldiers) of the army too! How do I know this? This is a small country and I run in their circles – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/06/22/the-bitter-fr

      This is why Barack HUSSEIN Obama is coming – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/03/10/a-hellfire-un

      Hint: my blog was initiated due to the encouragement of those who are deeply in the fray in Israel's Zionist struggle.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Edward Cline

    Every time the pressure gets to the Israelis they go to Congress,” said the source. “He wants to find a way around that, that’s why he wants to talk to the Israeli public directly.”

    It's that dreaded Israeli lobby again. Pulling the strings behind Obama's back. Of course, there's no mention by him of the Islamic lobby, or the CAIR or MPAC OR Gaza and West Bank lobbies. Their guys are in Washington D.C. only to occupy office space, sip lattes in outdoor cafés and ogle unveiled American women, and watch Sunday night football. They wouldn't think of dirtying their hands in such a low profession as lobbying.

  • JacksonPearson

    Israel should not listen to anybody to determine what's best for them, Obama included. Barack Hussein Obama may understand community organizing some what, but nothing on the Middle East.

    • gerry

      The Israelis are not stupid,they know what Obama is all about,they know he is not their friiend.

  • Ric Martin

    Israel can give the USA back all that money if they don't like it.

    • Lan Astaslem

      And Israel no longer has to provide the US with lifesaving intelligence huh ricky?

    • Mary Sue

      you don't have a clue, do you?

    • JacksonPearson

      How much salt-water would you like to see Israel drink?
      You can tell me Ric, and I swear I won't tell anyone? /S

  • FPF

    Who cares? As long as Israel is secure.

  • Uriel

    yes Obama is backing those terrorist muslims again

  • kasandra

    Well, I hope the more than 2/3 of American Jews who voted for and help fund this guy are happy. And while he's cancelling WH tours (and then lying about it – as he does about everything else), cancelling vacinations for children, cancelling the deployment of the USS Truman to the Persian Gulf, cancelling food inspections, etc., he's giving the PA another half a billion dollars that Abbas can parcel out to his cronies (except for the small sum they'll spend to create a park named for a suicide bomber).

  • http://www.clarespark.com clarespark

    Thoroughly assimilated American Jews don't see themselves as antisemitic when they support Obama. Many line up with the leftist anti-Zionism, and now, ironically, not even all leftists are anti-Zionist. See http://clarespark.com/2011/06/17/the-famed-jewish…. "The Famed Jewish Vote."