Obama Threatens UK With Economic Penalties if it Leaves EU

President Barack Obama meets Prime Minister David Cameron in Washingto

During Cameron’s visit, Obama bizarrely inserted himself into a national debate within the UK over whether to leave the European Union urging Brits to fix their relationship with the EU, rather than “breaking it off”.

Now Obama Inc. is making it clear that a proposed US-European trade agreement will not include the UK if it withdraws and that no separate agreement will be negotiated.

The Obama administration has warned British officials that if the UK leaves Europe it will exclude itself from a US-EU trade and investment partnership potentially worth hundreds of billions of pounds a year, and that it was very unlikely that Washington would make a separate deal with Britain.

There is no reason to tell this to UK officials who are probably less retarded than their American counterparts the obvious. Just as during the Cameron visit, we’re looking at stage managed statements pre-arranged between Cameron and Obama’s people.

The so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is largely imaginary. Its prospects in the Senate aren’t that good and France and some other European countries don’t much care for it. The European Parliament is already scaling down the proposed pact and by the time everyone sticks in their exceptions, there won’t be much of an agreement left.

The TTP agreement would make far more sense if it were between the United States and the United Kingdom, but its whole purpose is bait to keep the UK in the EU. It’s a carrot being held out on a long stick to offer the promise of benefits that will never materialize if only UK voters give up their flirtation with independence.


  • Raymond in DC

    I don't think such a threat is necessary, as Cameron doesn't seem inclined to withdraw from the EU. Perhaps he wanted that threat out there to discredit those who favor withdrawal.

  • RUI

    Looks like the Brits need to fight their own war of independence. Against the US. I mean, the 0ne.

  • truebearing

    Obama has nothing to offer but treachery and betrayal. The Brits better wake up to that fact. So better the Americasns.

  • Herb Benty

    Free people living in independant free countries is anathema to the Obama one-world gov't traitors. Why is Obama, with all his filthy shenanagins against the American people allowed to continue as President? Nixon was involved in a cover-up and had to resign, Obama has done much worse. What bloody gives!!

  • John H Woll

    Obama is an embarrassment to this nation. I hope that the U.K. puts its trust in its own elected leaders, and ignores ours.

    • Sven Larsson

      Unfortunately, Britain's elected leaders are on pretty much the same page of the script as Obama. As Daniel points out, the whole thing is just a stage managed announcement to give CaMoron a chance to say "See, I told you that we shouldn't leave the EU!". "Call Me Dave" continuously tries to perpetuate the myth that, if the UK leaves the EU, all trade will instantly cease.
      The only hope is now UKIP.

      • Asher

        And guess what, thats what got Lee Rigby killed…that Samoli never should have been allowed to come back to the UK…Thats liberal leadership shining through and through. They brought all those muslims over to the UK to work and now they are paying the price, Big Time!

        • LindaRivera

          They were NOT brought to work! In Britain, 75% of Muslim females don't work and 50% of Muslim males don't work. Brits are also forced to finance Muslim males MULTIPLE WIVES and huge numbers of children.

  • kafir4life

    And people wonder why President Stinky (BO) Benghazi is called garbage. Trash. A little boy in a big boy suit. The first (half) African American openly gay president is a coward and a failure. Unless Congress can arrange an earlier pickup, garbage pickup day at the White House isn’t until January 2017. We’ll probably have to put up with Stink until then.

    • Paul Blair

      Please.. no need to cast aspersions on gays over this.

  • welldoneson

    This is indeed a very bizarre move by Obama. The ties between the US and the UK have always been greater than US with Europe. No surprise this gay crackhead prefers Europe; that's part of the "change" he and his backroom speak of. He and his handlers have no respect for any American tradition or values.

  • Rifleman

    It's no coincidence or accident that Obama kisses the butts of America's enemies and threatens our allies. He's obviously not playing for the home team.

  • Asher

    Why don’t the Brits tell Obama what he can do with his threats!

  • bob

    let him then dont buy any american goods this is a free country well it used to be we sould take care of us first and sod the rest

  • Norm

    It seems to me that America as a lot of iterated businesses within the UK .Better watch what you wish for America

  • theccur

    Great Britain was financially STRONGER before joining the EU.

  • LindaRivera

    Which country does Obama hate the most? America, Israel, or Britain?

    The EU is destroying Britain and Muslim Obama wants it to stay that way. Most Brits are absolutely desperate for Britain to get out of the EU.

    The EU is controlled by an extremely corrupt, ruthless minority of unelected wealthy people who seek absolute power and control over all humanity in Europe and Britain.

    Willing servant of Islam, freedom-hater, Prime Minister Cameron, is doing his utmost to have Muslim Turkey accepted into the EU. If that takes place, Muslim conquest of Britain and Europe will happen very rapidly. Most of Turkey's 74.72 million people will immediately swamp Britain and Europe.

    • Jaqueline

      Seriously? He bombs and kills Muslims. He says nothing as Israel bombs Gaza… Obama works for Wall Street like every US President, since the 60s….

      • LindaRivera

        I am one hundred percent against the war in Afghanistan as well as against the war that was conducted in Iraq. America and other Western countries should NOT be waging war against other countries. It is NONE of our business.

        I was against the ruthless war US/NATO waged for the KLA Muslim terrorist organization in Kosovo against Serb Christians. US/NATO achieved their goal: a Muslim terror state in the heart of Europe.

        I was against the war French military and UN troops waged with VERY strong U.S. backing against the Christians of Ivory Coast, Africa. France and UN troops triumphantly handed over the country to Muslims.

        A Christian couple in an Ivory Coast protest held up the same signs, a desperate appeal to the world for help: UN-USA-FRANCE = ASSASSINS

        I was against the war US/NATO waged for months for Al-Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists in Libya. Gaddafi was fighting AGAINST Al-Qaeda.

        I am against the U.S. the UK and other Western nations getting involved in Syria. The US and the UK are supporting the most violent Muslim terrorists in Syria, just as they have done in country after country. Making the world a far more dangerous place.

        As for Israel, they foolishly gave up land in Gaza. The result: increased war and increased rocket attacks from Gaza. Many thousands of rocket attacks on Israeli communities and cities. Jews must have the right of self-defense just like the rest of humanity. Israel RARELY responds to the thousands of rocket attacks from Gaza.

        How would you like it if your cities were hit with thousands of rocket attacks and YOUR government rarely responded back to all those attacks?

  • alan

    No worries, I think the U.K. has stood alone before and survived, I have full confidence they can do it again.

  • Ray Rowland

    Hey Obamaha mind your own business and straighten out your own country, you haven't got anything to do with the EU and remember this the UK was Great before the EU

  • no_problem

    As the title says it's a threat, pure and simple. America has done this before to Britain and succeeded. It took years for the American government to join WWII and that was only because they were attacked by Japan. When they did join, and later, all aid given to Britain was given on the proviso that Britain abandons its family around the world (i.e. it's empire).

    The EU has been the same. The conditions for joining the EEC included Britain abandoning it's family. They didn't like the idea that people from Jamaica, India, Bermuda, Falklands, Canada, Australia et al would have the possibility of living and working in Europe through Britain's membership (they would be British Subjects).

    America has a vested interest in Britain purely for it's own financial gains, but I say call them and Europe's bluff.

    I am a member of a society that seeks to promote a closer partnership of the Commonwealth, in particular the Commonwealth Realms (Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand to name a few). The Commonwealth is a powerhouse and Britain will prosper once it finds its way back to its true family.

  • http://yousite.it/ YouSite

    UK was in great troubles before “joining” EU, they took only positiveness.

    South countries of EU at contrary in the long term.


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  • FU HusseinO


  • v markwell

    keep ur nose out , kill ur own country, keep the fuck away from ours

  • v markwell

    keep ur nose out , kill ur own country, keep the fuck away from ours

  • herveg

    The British should leave Europa as soon as possible.