Obama Throws Pajama Boy Under the Bus


I never liked you anyway

Alas poor Pajama Boy, dedicated OFA volunteer, there’s no one that Obama won’t throw under the bus. Including you.

They seem to have just thought of this in the past 24 hours — see, they didn’t really think Pajamaboy was cool or anything. They actually intended Pajamaboy to be a negative image, like “This is what people who don’t sign up with Obamacare look like.”

So they’re now claiming — like, two weeks too late for this to be plausible — that Pajamaboy was always intended as the Goofus, not as the Gallant, of health insurance status.

“Don’t be this guy sitting around in his pajamas,” a Democratic official told First Read said of the message, who requested anonymity to talk freely. “Have a conversation, and get health care. And it’s poking fun at that” idea of doing nothing.

They used Pajamaboy a lot, over the course of two months, in various OFA “get enrolled” messages. In none of these messages did they signal that Pajamaboy was the guy you don’t want to be.

But even Pajamaboy — even Pajamaboy!!! — gets thrown under the bus by Obama when his polls go down.

The actual ad had a pretty simple message…


“How do you plan to spend the cold days of December? Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting health insurance.”

If there was any doubt whatsoever that Obama Inc. was trying to say that only talking about insurance and not getting it was a bad thing, the hashtag for the whole thing is #GetTalking.

Pajama Boy is the hot chocolate drinking, pajama wearing, ObamaCare talking poster man-child for ObamaCare.

Now this doesn’t really matter. The ad strategy behind Pajama Boy is a small thing compared to millions of people losing their health insurance due to ObamaCare, but it shows that Obama Inc. is run by compulsive liars who lie casually, frequently and shamelessly.

Not just about the big things… but about the little ones too.


  • The Bechtloff

    LOL Never underestimate the disloyalty of the r-type liberal.

  • john spielman

    i wonder who this poor guy really is. He may never get another job again.

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      That’s obviously Rachel Maddow.

      • Ward Howard

        A blind person could see that.

    • Bonsall Billy

      He looks like a cross between Christopher Hayes and Rachel Maddow, which is a combination that is just a little to creepy to imagine.

      • Nutless Blunder

        Turkey baster? Butt-snorkler hayes and man-bitch maddow child?

    • Crassus

      His name is Ethan Krupp. He works for OFA. He’s a UW-Madison grad and a Cubs fan.

    • richard stenson

      He really is a former student at University of Wisconsin. This image may help to explain what a lot of people from other parts of Wisconsin have against Madison. He grew up in Chicago. That’s right. Obamatown USA.

  • pj


  • Mike

    um, how did Obama throw Pajama Boy under the bus? that was an anonymous Democratic official you quoted, not our President. sounds like Daniel Boy needs to learn how to do basic research for an article :p http://firstread.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/12/19/21972030-you-are-not-supposed-to-like-pajama-boy

    • CherDash

      NBC. LOL! Like they are credible.

    • DogmaelJones1

      If you believe what NBC (or ABC, or CBS, or CNN) says about anything, then perhaps you’re Pajama Boy.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      OFA is Obama’s SuperPAC. The Dem official is describing the supposed real motivation behind an ad broadcast by Obama’s Twitter account.

  • CaoMoo

    God I love that cartoon

  • mrbeverage

    Pajamaboy will this young lady on the island of misfit icons soon…. very soon.

  • Eddie Coyle

    Poster child for the idea liberal “man”.

  • Nutless Blunder

    Nutless, gutless, invertebrate feminine-libtard.
    Not worth the cost of a round to put it out of its misery.
    Much more fun to gut and skin it alive.

    • Scott Meilyk

      Yes, of course…Here we are: Yet another piece of neocon drivel trying to discourage people from having affordable healthcare. Disgusting. Don’t listen to the GOP Propaganda and lies: In the fact-based world, Obamacare is WORKING, it’s helping people, and here to stay. Deal.

      • Rick Harris

        And exactly what is Affordable about Obismalcare? Is it the taxpayer cost of 650 million dollars to build a POS website that functions like a wet bev nap? Is it the COMPLETE lack of security built in to said website? If you like your identity , you can keep it. Period. The ‘friendly’ hackers deem this website as toxic. Perhaps too FACT BASED for a shill such as you.Or maybe it’s Affordable because millions of Americans that could afford their healthcare coverage were suddenly dropped by their insurers because they could not comply and serve their customers with this LAW that was rammed down the throats of America , passed on a single line party vote (which by the way has NEVER happened in this country’s history) so that we could find out what is in it (Thank You Nancy Pelosi. You never read the law so you could never understand the meaning of it) It’s unfortunate for Obama living in a fact based world. A world of his own creation. HIS world of lies.

      • ZZ

        Hilarious. Even Obama’s trolls are completely incompetent.

        • Cliff Arroyo

          How long before Obama throws Scott under the bus?

          5, 4, 3…

          • notalibfool

            Not soon enough,

      • http://www.glitternight.com/liberals-and-conservatives Balladeer

        Again, little Scotty since you’re trolling the site just to cut and paste this drivel see my previous reply to your lies. I’m still waiting, little one.

      • tickletik

        By “Deal.” do you mean we should have all your people thrown out of office and then dismantle the entire system you’ve shackled us with over the past 50 years? Or by “Deal.” do you mean we should simply acknowledge the country is finished and send our assets and resources to a safer place where you won’t be able to get your grubby little paws on it?

      • notalibfool

        Who is it helping? Now I have to shell out even more money each month.

  • Scott Meilyk

    Another day, another piece of neocon drivel trying to discourage people from having affordable healthcare. Disgusting. Don’t listen to the GOP Propaganda and lies: In the fact-based world, Obamacare is WORKING, it’s helping people, and here to stay.

    • Rick Harris

      Back your statement with facts that it’s helping people. I’m truly interested to hear them.

      • Chris Behme

        Trolls/liberals don’t have any facts.
        They just spew. Obamacare and Obama are massive mistakes.
        The trolls are getting comical.
        It’s not a train wreck! It’s wonderful!
        These people can’t be reached

    • Axelgreaser

      Obama Care most certainly is not WORKING! Saying it is so does not make it so, and that is what separates lying, detached from reality liberals from the sane population. Obama Care isn’t working, it’s TWERKING. Us! America rejects Obama’s ugly open sored baby, chock full of 30,000 pages of choking regulations and coated in a bureaucracy that will kill by death panel impartiality for generations if not stopped. Just the term ‘Obama Care’ has become nauseating.

      • Ivy_King

        The Chairman 0 Propaganda Machine is Solyndra-powered and firing on all cylinders. Remember, the legislation is titled the “Affordable Care Act”, so by lefty logic, it is deemed “Affordable”. Now lefty at MSLSD has decreed that detractors’ use of the term “Obamacare” is a racist pejorative. Dear Leader is a victim once again.

    • http://www.glitternight.com/liberals-and-conservatives Balladeer

      Hey Scott, if you can set your cocoa down for a minute and if your plaid footie pajamas aren’t chafing you let’s hear some specific names of people Obamacare has helped and some specific dollar amounts it has saved them. Generic claims that “it’s helping people” are as worthless as Little Barry’s promises.(I mean lies)

    • tickletik

      Repeating yourself here bro. Think of trolling as a chance to indulge in the more creative aspects of your passive aggressive bottled up gamma rage. Remember that hot girl in the cafeteria who wouldn’t acknowledge your Deep! Inner! Thoughts! and Genius! and instead chose to hang out with all the jocks? Well, this is your chance to express your resentment and frustration over the time she patronizingly smiled at you when you pulled together all your courage and clumsily approached her, only you had to keep a fake smile on your face as your heart broke when she treated you like the greasy fat kid that you were/are.

    • Ivy_King

      “…..affordable….” LOL!!!

  • Lanna

    Did anyone really think that pajama boy was going to get normal people to sign up for Obamacare. My point is that the Left has a twisted mind and does not think like the average person with any kind of rationality, they are minus all the chromosomes necessary for stable thought and reasoning! He looks gay, Gay men are not going to get people to sign up for Obamacare!

    • jonjct

      i think he’s kinda cute. i’d do him. so put that hot chocolate down boy cuz ima gonna reach up those jammies and find out what kind of medical benefits you got. i’ll bet he’s manscaped, down to a stubble, front and back.

      • poetcomic1

        I think he’s kind of cute and sexy too, but I am a heterosexual male.

        • jonjct

          don’t let that stop you petcomic1. just jump on it.

  • Spike Morden

    And they wonder why it’s called ManginaCare. He doesn’t need maternity
    benefits. Some alpha is servicing that girl he has been
    secretly sending flowers to down at the JavaHut.

  • eyesfrontmen

    The feminist dream boy.

  • OttoDog
    • Ivy_King

      The prototype Obama Youth – soft, pretentious, smug, self-absorbed, narcissistic.