Obama to Egypt: “Arrest Muslim Brotherhood Leaders and We’ll Cut Off Your Foreign Aid”


The original statements were more subtle. Now the White House and State Department are turning their Brotherhood cards face up. As I wrote in Barack’s Plan B for the Brotherhood, the goal is to get the Brotherhood back into power.

Obama Inc is explicitly emphasizing that the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders and members must remain free and join a new government. The hypocrisy of Obama’s people claiming that they aren’t taking sides, when they never said one critical word to Morsi despite his abuses, but are now heating up their faxes and blackberries blasting out condemnations of the new Egyptian government in defense of the Brotherhood is astounding.

Even while Muslim Brotherhood leaders incite violence and their followers murder Christians, Obama is using foreign aid as leverage to protect a hate group and terror group.

 The Obama administration on Thursday sharpened its criticism of the Egyptian military and interim government’s arrests of supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, saying the continuing detentions are inconsistent with pledges of inclusivity made by authorities and may affect future US assistance.

While the administration has determined it is not in US national security interests to make any immediate changes to its aid program, officials said the continuing arrests of members of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood and political party are troubling. The criticism is some of the most severe of Egypt’s new leadership since Morsi was toppled last week and came a day after arrest warrants were issued for the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader and nine other Islamists accused of inciting violence.

The White House and State Department both warned against targeting any particular group in the aftermath of Morsi’s overthrow, calling it self-defeating and counter to the idea of restoring a democratically election civilian government.

“The only way this is going to work successfully for the Egyptian people is if all parties are encouraged and allowed to participate and that’s why we’ve made clear that arbitrary arrests are not anything that we can support,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said. “We could not support those, because if you’re arresting individuals from one group or one party, you’re working against yourself if your effort is to be inclusive as you make this transition back to a civilian, democratically elected government.”

At the State Department, spokeswoman Jen Psaki echoed those comments and went further, saying that the arrests contradicted assurances given to US officials by the Egyptian military and members of the interim government.

“The arrests we’ve seen, of course, over the past several days targeting specific groups are not in line with the national reconciliation that the interim government and military say they are pursuing,” she said. “If politicized arrests and detentions continue, it is hard to see how Egypt will move beyond this crisis.”

Psaki added that US policy makers would be looking closely to see if the arrests continue as they review decisions on assistance to Egypt.

Obama Inc. is intimidating Egypt into not arresting members of a terrorist group and hate group that is  terrorizing and murdering Christians.

  • phenry

    Wow! I did not know that it is the responsibility of the POTUS to dictate to other countries or governments who they can and cannot arrest. But I suppose that is the leftist way, to threaten and intimidate individuals, groups and now other nations into submitting to the leftist agenda or demands. Hmmm, what other group is currently trying to force others to “submit” to their rule or demands? It sounds similar to the Middle Eastern Studies programs that are now in many of American universities. The university receives ten million dollars to implement education programs that show preference toward the history of Islam. Now Obama is using money as a threat to Egypt if they do not stop arresting Muslim Brotherhood leaders or if they do not release those already in prison. Yet I have not heard any threats to Egypt or any other country to stop the murdering and raping of Christian citizens.

    • Deb

      It’s NOT! But King Oreo certainly thinks he can take that responsibility. Heck, he won’t even take responsibility for all his failings in THIS country. But you mention the Muslim Brotherhood and he’s all over it! Blood’s thicker than water.

      • aservantofelohim .

        Your racism undermines your credibility.

        • TexasVetgal

          your ignorance of the obvious undermines your credibility!

          • aservantofelohim .

            I never said she was not right. However, racist comments are unnecessary for effective rhetoric, and will always be counterproductive to a persuasive argument.

        • TheHutMaster

          You playing the silly race card shows you are a complete idiot. Take that horse crap somewhere else.

          • aservantofelohim .

            You clearly did not understand my meaning.

        • Simon Timothy

          Do you know the meaning of ‘racism ‘? You people use it without knowing the real meaning of it, just to accuse others of anything you can not agree.

          • aservantofelohim .

            Alright Simon Timothy, I’ll play along. Enlighten me then as to what non-racist meaning “King Oreo” could have in this context?

  • Ellman48

    Why is the Obama regime so dedicated to promoting the interests and agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? At the same time the regime neglects to or avoids making ANY comments about US INTERESTS in Egypt. Are US interests and Brotherhood interests identical? If so, how does the Brotherhood’s publicly expressed intention to “defeat the miserable House of the infidels” promote US interests when the US is one of the most prominent members of the Infidel House? In other words, how can allowing the Brotherhood to defeat us, to impose their will and laws on us, to abolish our system of government possibly be in our best self interest? Maybe Mr. Obama is the only one that can answer that question! Maybe some MSM reporter can grow a pair and actually ask him that question at a press conference? Or maybe someone in the US Congress can pose this question to one of Obama’s czars or princes? Don’t hold your breath!

    • janet

      He is the Muslim …he is AGAINST GOD.

  • Simon Timothy

    Obama may be one of the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated into US politics.

    • capt_z1

      Absolutely no doubt about it.

      • John Michael Hutton

        cuckoo corn puffs. Did you get your supply of tin foil hats at Wal Mart the other day?

    • TheHutMaster

      No doubt, whatsoever.

  • Gamal

    He never threatened to cut off aid to Pakistan while it tortured the doctor who helped us find Bin Laden. He never threatened to cut off aid to Morsi while his country persecuted the Christians. No, the only reason for Obama to cut off aid is if the radical Muslim brotherhood is in trouble.

    • defcon 4

      That’s a good point the zero has NEVER indicted/condemned or even MENTIONED the slaughter and persecution of people of other faiths that is SOP in ALL islam0-nazi states today.

  • capt_z1

    Obama has no problem with the killing of either christians or Americans by the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Obama is nothing more than a scurge on American history.

  • Nagia Sammakia

    Mr Obama, if they don’t arrest these terrorists we in Egypt will be killed and attacked, as they the MB’s have been doing since Morsi’s arrest. Who are you to say no to the arrests?? These MB’s are barbarians and there is footage of them throwing Molotov cocktails at the army and anti Morsi protesters. How would like it if the MB barbarians were to throw Molotov cocktails at your police and army, would you say no?!!! I don’t think so…The MB’s are ready to kill and blow up Egypt if they have to get Morsi back and the Army is the saviour of the people. Stop supporting terrorists or maybe these MB leaders should be shipped to the USA and you could take care of them????

    • glpage

      Unfortunately, our idiot President doesn’t care about people like you. For whatever reason, the fool thinks highly of the MB (Muslim Brotherhood, murderous bastards, seems like either will work). I think he really believes in tyranny.

      • defcon 4

        The zero’s greatest friends in the world seem to be muslime despots.

        • FreedomSpeaks

          Obama is a Sunni muslim, as was his father, as is his brother. The Muslim Brotherhood are Sunni as well.

          • aservantofelohim .

            Would you mind sharing your sources? I have always suspected as much, but never found substantial evidence myself.

          • FreedomSpeaks

            I have been learning and researching connections for years. One very good place to start and put the pieces together is a very well written book (85 pages) that can be found on Amazon, Radical Islam In the House, The Plan To Take America for the Global Islamic State by Michael S Coffman PhD and Kate Mathieson.

          • aservantofelohim .

            Thank you, I will read it at the first opportunity.

  • BenJabo1Machal

    Obama may very well be one of the “BROTHERS”, let’s no forget he’s hidden most of the records about his past

  • BenJabo1Machal

    Other Arab countries has already promised more than 8 Billion in aid & supplies, which makes the U.S. 1..5 billion peanuts by comparison

    • defcon 4

      I’d rather make it none.

  • freelance Egypt

    President Obama go to hell with your foreign Aid, you either keep on terrorists killed kids by throwing them from building roofs because they are against the terrorist looser called Morsi and killed civilians in streets or you cut that damn Aid, so cut it and no more relation between us and that damn agreement about peace with Israel will be thrown to garbage as well, you don’t have any right to threaten us or interfere in our internal affairs.

    To the good American people your president supports terrorism in Egypt. he pays your money to terrorists that kill Egyptians in the streets

  • Melinda Craig

    obummer is just said there are not enough of the brotherhood here to kill off the whites maybe if all the blacks convert to muslim soon he can get the job done

  • glpage

    American imperialism the lefties will support. Yet another example of the hypocrisy of the left.

  • onecornpone

    Obama to Egypt: “Arrest Muslim Brotherhood Leaders and We’ll Cut Off Your Foreign Aid

    WHAT foreign aid???

    Traditionally Egypt has been one of our most dependable purchasers of U.S. wheat.

    NOW can you see why the U.S. government should rightfully subsidize American agricultural producers? Our products are regularly and widely used as a hammer on the heads of unruly trading partners in foreign policy disagreements.

    Agricultural producers spend massive amounts of time and money developing these reliable markets, only to have some petulant fool kill the long-term, lucrative relationship in a political hissy-fit.

    What would you think if your work product was used in this manner? Would you expect compensation? Do you believe that you would be able to absorb the damage with no consequence to your bottom line?

    No wonder the grains went down the ter’lit today… Ugh!

  • Joe Tedesco

    This guy is not now, nor has he EVER been a friend to the U.S. He openly supports our enemies and our own supposed watch-dog media sits by and says nothing, reports on none of it, and openly supports his agenda. That alone should frighten every American!

    • Well Done

      Well, I’m Canadian, and I’m frightened that such a complete asz whole even got in to your country, never mind that he cheated and lied his way to the White House with the support of people I should hope would have known better. As we learn more and more about his supporters, though, it is obvious that American’s very success in the world is what allowed such an obviously subversive creep to get elected. If you’ve never seen true evil you sometimes can’t – or don’t want to – recognize it right in front of you.

      • Joe Tedesco

        You are 100% correct, shame on Congress for not properly vetting this guy. And his blind supporters for their continuous support of him and those like him.

        • allensouth

          nancy pelousi certified him

  • Well Done

    Until this gay crackhead unseals his records he has no moral authority to issue ultimatums to any country on behalf of the United States.

  • slhancock

    Who knew that Egypt is an American territory? While one could understand that a warning to treat people fairly might be in order, to not rush to judgment to do anything foolish….but to publicly chastise another nation for the steps they are taking to try to correct the course of their country? I don’t recall any words of warning in regards to the treatment of Mubarak.
    How about here at home, Obama? We hate your Communist ways, but you are trying to force YOUR own way on EVERY ONE OF US, regardless of our disdain for these policies and the ruin they are causing America. Mind your own business. Listen to your own people, and our problems, and let Egypt take care of their own. You only look more and more ridiculous, as it is. How embarrassing you have come to be.

  • Nagia Sammakia

    The army is being attacked and police in Sinai, because of those demons called Muslim Brotherhood….Anne Patterson the USA Ambassador wants Morsi released…If that happens then we are negotiating with terrorists. Now the Muslim Brotherhood are blocking a bridge in Cairo, so that the police intervenes and they will make a seen and look like victims. I hope you don’t have too many MB’s in the USA!

    • defcon 4

      No but we have the whole gamut of other islamofascist organizations like ISNA and CAIR.

  • John Michael Hutton

    It sure is if they are inciting violence. What’s wrong with Obama

    • freelance Egypt

      I’m sorry sir, we don’t have a coup, more than 33 millions of Egyptians left their homes in 30/6/2013 and in 3/7/2013 to stop the terrorists from being rulers of Egypt, the army supported our efforts and avoided the country from a civilian war, but those terrorists supported by your president Obama didn’t stop violence against civilians despite all the efforts exerted they killed kids, women and men; peaceful civilians from all religions said no for fascism and terrorism,if you don’t believe my words please see these videos to see how Musilm Brothers killed the Egyptian Kids “in Alexandria”:


      and this shows how they killed peaceful civilians in “ben elsarayat”:


      and if you need more of their crimes you will find alot starting from hitting people, attacking churches and mosques, killing kids, hitting women, harassment, raping, tell attacking military and sensitive places in Egypt

      Muslim Brothers and all that kind of people are killers and terrorists, we stopped their rule and we are working on stopping them at all even if with the american administration support to such killers.

      please check our case well.

      • Fuckthensa

        I met a guy who was Templar night. He told me he was an advisor to president Obama or Barry as he called him. The Muslim brotherhood is who funded Obama’s campaign. He owes them money.

  • Deb

    You are correct and many of us in the U.S. already know that. Unfortunately, for the moment, we can’t stop him. But his day is coming and it won’t be pretty when he meets Almighty God and WILL give an account for all of his evil. On that day there will be no excuses that will satisfy God.

  • allensouth

    Obama is a mason idiots

  • Rania Ahmed


  • Coptic

    go away Obama from our country Egypt …take these nice and joyful Muslim Brotherhood to be your Masters and enjoy ..Good Luck Stupid

  • aservantofelohim .

    Obama’s concerns are not the ethical and moral treatment of human beings, nor is it to represent the will of the people of the United States. His goal is to empower Islam globally (particularly radical Islam), promote extreme leftist agendas within the United States, weaken her as a world power, and limit the freedoms of her people so that she will fit more perfectly into a coming global economy and government.

  • EgyptianPatriot

    Mr. President how can you side with terrorists ? You are aware that they are in bed with Qaeda. Remember Qaeda – 9/11. Egyptians are fighting a war on terror and all you do is threaten them. Stop it or forget Egypt all-together. My God what is wrong with you ?

    • TexasVetgal

      Those are the folks this fraud supports.. Obozo is evil and stupid… Bad combination for Americans and Egyptians.

  • Soumaya Marzouk

    Obama is not only supporting Terrorism in Egypt but also intends to send weapons to the Syrian rebels who mainly belong to the Brotherhood…. He is using the money of the american tax payers to support terrorism….

  • Peter Saad Ezzat

    Mr.Obama .. It’s a matter of national security for us ( Egyptians ). So, go to hell with your Democracy and your Aid. For USA national security, USA has launched war on elected presidents and killed hundreds of thousands all over the world.

  • M.Sadek

    Obama is a looser like Morsi hhhh

  • H Mostafa E

    Obama is using the rule of “Divide and Conquer”. When you create division between your enemies, it’s easier for you to dominate. Obama did not start this: think about the USSR, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Bosnia, and maybe more. These were all countries posing a threat to the USA through their threat to Israel. Now they are busy with their own problems. The Egyptian army is the strongest Arab army. Egypt is also a very strategic country: Suez canal, Sinai bordering Israel, natural gas reserves (also supplying Israel), the Muslim Brotherhood, in and by themselves influential to similar ideologic groups throughout the Arab world, and if they obey America, they will influence their brethren abroad to follow suit and give the US and Israel peace of mind. Therefore, Christians don’t matter, nor does anybody else.
    God’s truth will win. I am an Egyptian Muslim.

    Divide and Conquer.

  • Elchagie Youssef Elchagie

    Egypt will be free from Muslim brotherhood ,Obama wake up M.B is the biggest enemy for USA ,YOU and Egypt they are anti civilization ,please Mr. Obama keep the good relation with Egyptian people and don’t support Muslim Brotherhood they are terror group ,their history killing and blood .

  • TexasVetgal

    Defund the MB and Defund ObOzo!

  • Abu