Obama Trip Map Cuts Jerusalem, the Golan Heights Out of Israel

Diplomacy. This administration is bad at it. Sure you could write this off as a graphic designer’s error, but it’s an error that hews closely to  the geography of an anti-Israel policy.

I wouldn’t expect Obama Inc. to include Judea and Samaria inside Israel. But cutting out Jerusalem and the Golan Heights would seem to be a bit much.

Obama Inc’s bids to get Israel to give up the Golan Heights stalled when Assad became an international war criminal and the odds of the new Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda overlords making a deal with Israel for the Golan Heights seems wildly unlikely, even by the insane peace madness standards of the last twenty years.

But for some reason Obama Inc. is standing on principle. As for Jerusalem, cutting off all of it suggests what? A revival of the old international city plan?

And apparently Obama expects Israel to hand over territory within its 1948 borders to a Palestinian state on top of that?

The map of the Middle East displayed in an Obama administration video released days before President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel shows the Jewish state dispossessed of substantial parts of its current territory, including its capital.

The map of Israel, displayed repeatedly during the video, shows the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, northern Israel, and areas surrounding what is currently the West Bank as non-Israeli territory. The Golan Heights is shown as part of Syria; Jerusalem is shown as part of the West Bank; and northern Israel is shown as part of Lebanon.

The itinerary on the White House website also implies that Jerusalem is neither Israel’s capital nor even part of Israel.

The president’s schedule lists two stops in “Tel Aviv, Israel” and one in “Amman, Jordan” but his activities in Israel’s capital city are identified as taking place only in “Jerusalem” — with no country name attached. This keeps with a reluctantly-acknowledged administration policy of denying that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital or even a part of Israel.

Jerusalem? What, where is that.

  • Ar'nun

    Netanyahu should start using the pre 1922 Map of Israel.

    • Jeff Ludwig

      Where can I find that?

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      Look, if Israel's leaders had any spine, they would tell the Islamist-in-Chief to step off, and all that it entails. That their ancestors were freed from Egypt, and returning to the thousands yr old Jewish homeland entitles them, more than any other people on earth, to their thousands yr old capital. As to the Golan, if he isn't careful Damascus will be next. But that would take leaders with spines – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/11/23/spineless-lea

      Sick and tired of the humiliation….the average Zionist has balls, while the leaders are mostly gutless. Perhaps this IDF youtube will send the message – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQQIEQh8pU0&fe

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

      • Ar'nun

        The ultimate justification for a Jewish Israel is the Peel Commision and the Balfour report. These two documents clearly show the land was purchased by Jews from Arabs and Brittish. If Palestinians want to keepthe West Bank and Gaza they should be forced to buy it from Israel at it's current day value.

        The problem isn't Israeli leaders having no guts, it is Israeli Leftists, just like here in the US. The Politicians are doing what Politicians always do. If the people overwhelmingly showed the politicians that they should not give land to Palistinians, that the only way for peace is a ONE State solution (Israel), and that they want the Temple Mount back, the politicians would have no choice but to listen. But bottomless pits of ignorance, aka the Left, hijack the debate, make a lot of noise and no one gets in their faces and challenges them. It's one thing to right about Pro Israel positions, it is another to go out there and confront the enemies face to face and not back down.

  • Larry

    Israel should seriously start using a map that goes from the coast to the Jordan, and all the way down to the Suez Canal.

    Then start enforcing it.

  • Edward Cline

    To paraphrase a line from "Avatar," when in Jerusalem, "You ain't in Israel anymore!" You're in…well…the no-man's land of a "Palestinian" state.

  • Spikey1

    There is a lot of blame to be spread around for this including American Jewish folks who (the majority of) were instrumental in getting The Obama elected both times.

    • silver gonzales

      YES!!! Not to mention all of the Jewish and duplicit demoncrats on he East Coast and the West Coast

      • kasandra

        Okay, I'll try again. While our president is over there he is going to meet with the P.A.'s president, Abbas. This is a story I received today in an e-newsletter from The Israel Project:

        "Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has issued a posthumous award to the mother of three Palestinian “martyrs,” including one who died committing a 2002 suicide attack that killed five Israelis. A YouTube video shows Maryam Farhat, who later served as an elected Hamas official in the Gaza Strip, advising her son ahead of the attack and referring to the terrorist strike as the “best day” of her life. The PA in general and Abbas in particular have been criticized for engaging in what watchdog groups have described as “endemic” incitement against Israel and Jews, from the glorification of suicide bombers to Abbas’s broad attacks on the Jewish connection to Jerusalem."

        Now, since the P.A. undertook to cease such incitements under the Olso Accords, but hasn't, it would be nice if our president would tell him to live up to those undertakings before he gets anything more from the U.S. or Israel. But he won't.

  • kate5778b

    First of all digest this piece of history. Jud nach Palestina means Jews BACK TO Palestine:

    People forget that with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire there was, in 1922 a 4 State solution of the RE-Establishment of Israel, the Jewish Palestinian State and 3 Arab States: the RE-Establishment of Syria, Lebanon and Babylon which was called Iraq, I suppose because people knew their scriptures, then. Israel was re-split for a 4th Islamic/Arabic state: Transjordan. Compare and contrast the 5 State solution (look at big fat Arabia for Arabs too) to the EU/Obama.

    If someone was dead good at making posters/postcards it would be a great idea to put these 2 pics plus the above picture of Israel (sans capital……???) and send tons of them, like Arabs do to our Queen, PM and FO pre "Nakba" to show the true Nakba is the fact that UK is guilty of not keeping its legally binding Mandate to Israel. Anyone????

  • John Meoak

    What else would you expect from the Islamic President of the United States. Every move since the first day in office has been to degrade the county, its military, allow any invasion across the border, and now an open attempt at disarming the People to prevent any obstructions to his dream of total transformation of the country into a second tier, dependent on the world serfdom.

  • Kobi

    Looks like the 1947 partition map to me (with the Western Galil added). The inevitable result of Israel abandoning its claims (Levy report not adopted) to Yehuda, Shomron, Aza. The brutal result of agreeing to partition Israel. In the story of Shlomo haMelekh and the two whores, the whore who agrees to partition the baby gets nothing. The whore who refuses partition gets everything.

  • Rifleman

    Lucky for us, the dp can't resist letting the mask slip. This is one of their accidental on purpose errors.

  • Ben Jabo

    Ain't no Palestinan State, there never was, it's a figment of the imagination


    Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad Slams Egypt over Fuel Shortage in Gaza Strip, and Says:
    "Half of the Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis"
    Al-Hekma TV (Egypt) – March 23, 2012 – 03:09

    Hamas official reveals where Palestinians came from
    "Half of the Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis"
    Al-Hekma TV (Egypt) – March 23, 2012 – 03:09

  • Brujo Blanco

    What needs to be understood is that the end game for the Palestinians is the death of all the Jews. They do not simply want a homeland. They want it all. If you look at the maps the Islamist have there is no Israel.

  • Brian

    Mr. Obuma (not a spelling mistake ) is trying to prove that if he doesn't go to Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, that the areas don't belong to Israel. As usual he is wrong…again. Who gives him this advice, or is he deciding on his own? Either way once again he has proven to us that he is not a lover of the Jewish nation.

  • Robert Welch

    In many ways, it is a good thing that Obama wants to remove land from Israel, especially the city of Jerusalem. The land of Israel was given by God to Abraham thousands of years ago. It was and is an eternal covenant. When Israel became a nation again in 1948, that event was the fulfilling of a major biblical prophesy. .Israel acquiring Jerusalem in 1967 was again another fulfilling of a major biblical prophesy. The clock is ticking. Israel will never again not exist as it now exists. The upcoming meeting between Obama and the Israeli government could be momentous. Obama's position concerning Israel places him squarely as a declared enemy of God. It is a position Obama cannot win, and may well lead to disastrous consequences for him.

    • t. goldstein


  • t goldstein

    DEMONcrats beware: rising up against Gods People, the Jews, will bring the wrath of God Almighty down on your heads! God gave ALL of the Promised Land to the Israelites! There were NO PALESTINIANS mentioned in His promise! Obama is anti-Israel, has been since he was a young MUSLIM boy! He is fulfilling what he believes, as a Muslim, that his god has set before him to do. He is a human wrecking-ball, both at home, and abroad! We can not ALLOW Obama to wreck havoc in Israel, nor anymore at home. IMOPEACH THIS FRAUD!!! He is a despicable disgrace to the United States of America, and to God Himself!

  • shannygirl

    King O, the arab org. known as the UN,as well as millions of radical Islamists do not recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Obama wants Israel to go back to pre 1967 borders. I say, Israel didn’t pick the fight in 67′ but they won it. They shouldn’t give back any land, certainly not Jerusalem. That’s like saying the US should give California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico back to Mexico. They lost the wars for that land. They ain’t gettin it back!