Obama Wastes $2 Mil Taxpayer Cash Giving Speeches About the Economy


The one thing a leader who presides over an economic disaster probably shouldn’t do is spend more money than most American working families will see in a lifetime boasting about his economic performance.

But that’s just the Obama Way. He can’t help it.

President Obama’s speeches are already costing taxpayers well over $1 million – and probably closer to $2 million – as the president jets around the country campaign-style to drum up support for his agenda.

The tally includes a two-stop trip Wednesday that took Obama to Galesburg, Illinois and Warrensburg, Missouri; an excursion Thursday to Jacksonsville, Florida; and a fourth speech planned for Tuesday in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Further trips are on tap but haven’t been announced.

The bill for Air Force One, which is known to cost about $180,000 per hour to fly, totals close $1.3 million alone based on the travel time already incurred and the estimated travel time Tuesday.

Additional costs include tens of thousands of dollars for a cargo plane that accompanies the president everywhere he flies, spending on the chopper that takes him from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base where he hops aboard Air Force One, staff, motorcades, and logistics on the ground in the places he visits.

So Obama really does cost the country more money every time he opens his mouth.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    ABC – Always Be Campaigning

    We’ve got a sleazy communist car salesman occupying the Whitehouse.

    • USA Retired

      Actually it has been renamed the ‘Outhouse’, as once being occupied by ‘Ghetto Hoppers’, and an illegal immigrant, it will never be truly white again!

  • msbets

    Senator Hatch says, ovomit, does exactly as it pleases……….THEN WHY IN THE HELL CAN’T THIS MONGREL DOG BE STOPPED!!!!!!!


    Campaigning is the only thing he really loves about his job. It is a matter of gathering prizes. His whole life he has done nothing else at all. He wants to be on the focus, with everybody mesmerized by his charisma.

    I am amazed that Marco Rubio has the aspiration to become president. Obama spent a lifetime among communist lowlife thugs in order to set in motion the engine that brought him to be Teleprompter One. Rubio is nowhere close to that but in his fantasies and miscalculations.

  • USA Retired

    O’Bozo the ‘Jokester Idiot’ can’t waste our tax dollars fast enough in his effort to destroy America!