ObamaCare Forces Disabled Mom to Choose Between Health Care and Food

ObamaCare. It’s what isn’t in your wallet.

An Allentown, Pennsylvania TV station reports that, because of Obamacare, one mother is forced to choose between a “new health plan or putting food on the table”:

“One mother tells us the choice for her has come down to selecting a new health plan or putting food on the table,” reporter Will Lewis says.

“A small group of people bound together by the need for health insurance, all say they are the people that the Affordable Care Act is not helping.”

“I feel it’s important for people to understand that the premiums aren’t affordable,” says Jennifer Most, a mother, who “told the crowd she went to the government website with all intentions of signing up … Jennifer and her husband are disabled, on a fixed income, and their five year old has a few medical problems as well,” the reporter explains.

The woman says, “My premium for health insurance was $947.63.”

“That is a over 765 dollars more than she currently pays,” says the reporter.

“It would take food out of our mouths to be able to afford these coverages,” the mother explains.

But Obama has a solution. ObamaFood. For only a thousand bucks a month, you get to eat whatever you like from a menu selected by Michelle Obama that limits you to only 200 calories a day.

Enrolling in ObamaFood is mandatory. Those who fail to enroll in ObamaFood will pay a fine/tax for being free riders.

  • Veracious_one

    Obamacare…where the government (led by Obama) takes control over your life and tells you what to do…or else…

    • truebearing

      I can hardly wait for Obama to appoint Chery Crow as Toilet Paper Czar. The she can teach all of us uninitiated, tree destroying wipers how to use one ply, in all situations! Isn’t it wonderful to have such wise people to guide you…and comfort you when you end up with a hand full of crap?

      • Softly Bob

        Cheryl is not available. She’s current employed as Toilet Paper Czar in Venezuela.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s the Affordable Food Act. It will be subsidized by smart management that leverages the savings of central planning. And income redistribution, but just a little bit of social fairness goes such a long way.

    Don’t look at history to see all of the socialist failures. Those people were not serious about their socialism. We need to get serious about it. Then it will be awesome and fair, socially speaking of course.

    • truebearing

      Yes! yes! The 5 year plans failed because the thinking was too small. We’ll roll-out the 7.5 year plan and feed everyone to the point they are almost not starving! We could add a half year to the plan but we need the profits to pay for foie gras and caviar for Czarbama and Michelletoinette.