ObamaCare Gets Its Own Country Song

Every terrible tragedy gets memorialized in a country song sooner or later. ObamaCare is no different. And now alongside the usual breakup and divorce songs, there’s a sad country song about ObamaCare too.

ObamaCare by morning is probably optimistic. It’s more likely to end up being ObamaCare by mourning.

  • OceanGram

    why people love country it’s from the honest heart

  • Cat’s Meow

    Bravo. Artists and entertainers weren’t always reflexively leftist.

  • GSR

    Carrie and Brad were great as they are every year.

  • Chavi Beck

    Can someone write down the lyrics? Thanks in advance.

    • gray_man

      The song is only about ten lines or so. It’s on youtube. Easy enough to copy it yourself.