ObamaCare is Unfixable… and That’s a Good Thing


ObamaCare tried to push through a sizable tax increase to subsidize a particular class of voters using insurance companies to collect and distribute the new welfare benefits.

The plan was so outrageously unconstitutional that it’s actually breathtaking. It was also completely cynical and stupid.

People don’t like tax increases. But they really don’t like seeing a vital product suddenly get taken off the market and replaced by one that costs twice as much.

Obama might have gotten away with blaming the insurance companies, if the Tea Party hadn’t put up enough of a fight that

1. The program became known as ObamaCare

2. Obama was forced to tour the country lying to everyone and telling them that they could keep their doctors

Now the Democratic Party has to choose between Obama’s legislative legacy, backed by powerful left-wing donors, and winning the 2014 elections and making it easier for Hillary to pitch herself as the woman who can fix healthcare.

Obama Inc. responded to public outrage over its lie “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan” with even more crazy lies, “Your insurance was a scam”, “It affects only a handful of people” and “ObamaCare is much better than your old insurance.”

That’s fine for Obama. He isn’t going to run for reelection and he’s reasonably confident that his liberal donor-media alliance can hold on to the Senate and maintain the status quo. Senate Democrats however are less confident.

But there are no good options.

Obama’s people seem to be talking up more subsidies. Pivot to blaming an unpopular Congress and calling for more subsidies for a handful of families, in the Obama base, who don’t currently qualify for subsidies, while still leaving most of the middle class screwed.

But if Obama Inc. gets the chance to push the narrative that heartless Republicans won’t provide subsidies to help people afford… blah blah, it will obscure his basic lie and help keep the ObamaCare train moving forward. And then it will hit a bump over employer plans, but by then it will be more deeply embedded and harder to stop.

Forcibly trying to restore canceled policies will be difficult, but it’s what Republicans need to embrace. Yes, the insurance industry will have trouble doing it and will take a major financial loss on it.

So what?

The insurance industry needs to learn a painful, bitter and expensive lesson that if it collaborates in a liberal health care nationalization plan, it will get burned. And burned hard.

Sure, a lot of companies didn’t particularly want ObamaCare. They warned that rates would go up and that the outcome would be a mess. But they didn’t fight it the way they would have if they thought it would wreck their finances, cost them a fortune and maybe even put them out of business.

Next time they need to react as if it will. And there’s only one way for them to learn that lesson. If they get stuck with the bill.

The only way to destroy crony capitalism is make it clear that it’s painfully unprofitable and a disaster for the companies that get involved in it.

There are three choices of who gets screwed. ObamaCare screws everyone on the list in varying degrees.

1. The insurance industry

2. Health insurance customers

3. Taxpayers

The Obama plan is to take a little pressure off health insurance customers (while still screwing them) and screw taxpayers some more.

The Republican plan should be to protect taxpayers, win over health insurance customers and punish the companies that chose to play the ObamaCare game.

Abolishing ObamaCare is difficult, but sabotaging it at a functional level, playing divide and conquer with its stakeholders and backers, using popular outrage over its failures to make it more dysfunctional and unsustainable is a lot easier.

ObamaCare is Obama’s Iraq. Republicans should treat it the way that Democrats treated the Iraq War.

  • TangoTommy

    I believe that Justice Roberts saw that Obama care is unfixable, thus he did the nation a great favor in calling it constitutional. Now that we street people are involved, everybody will get to watch it self destruct…and that is a good thing.

    • jpohl

      Tango….You called it. I was as disappointed as anybody when Roberts didn’t kill it but I said at the time that the silver lining may be that a bigger lesson for the American people will emerge about big government in general. We will see but the drum beats from the rank and file get louder every day.

      • TangoTommy

        Yesterday, Charles Krauthammer said that this disaster called Obama care may be the death spiral of liberalism. I’m guessing that Roberts saw that possibility. Assume for a moment that Roberts called it unconstitutional. The Democrats could then have said, “We tried, but your Republican Justice won’t let us. So now it’s your turn” And then continually hammered anything the Republicans tried to do. As it is, I think Roberts decided that since Congress created this mess, let’s force them to fix it. Since, as you say, the rank and file are now getting involved. The current Republican House has passed a number of bills that attempt to do some fixing, but can’t get past the Democratic controlled Senate. If the Republicans are smart, they will sit back and do nothing until the Senate acts, and with 21 Democratic Senators up for election, the weeping and gnashing od their teeth is getting louder and louder.

        • jpohl

          The only thing I would disagree with you on is that the Republicans should stand together with Democrats and let those old policies stand. The WH would turn themselves inside out on trying to sign that thing. The people would want it but it would be the end for Obamacare if you let people have policies that don’t conform to the Obamacare standards. I think it would be the end of Obamacare but if not, it would be fun to watch

          • TangoTommy

            My intent was for the Republicans to stand pat on the laws the Republicans already passed in the House and are now waiting for action by the Senate. If Harry Reid won’t bring those to the Senate floor for an up or down vote, then the House should tell Reid we have done our part, it’s now your turn, and you aren’t going to get the time of day until you do. Let’s face it. The only thing that will fix this mess is total repeal. The Republicans are in a position to force the Democrats to make a choice…total repeal or losing 21 Senate seats.

      • Boots

        I am wrong so often in predicting things but I was right about the huge silver lining that… by 7-2 the Justices said the feds couldn’t force the states to take money obligating them to an unfunded mandate (Medicaid expansion and exchange set-up). Obama never saw that coming and that 34 states would tell him to pack sand. I expected more states to cave. They all saw this was designed to force red states to raise taxes in 2017 (after the 2016 presidential election) to support a federal program.

        • jpohl

          LOL, it has not been destructed…..yet. There is still time for the DummyCrats to come to their senses and ask Republicans to help craft an entirely new workable system. This must be done with both parties…..you don’t implement something like this on a totally partisan basis. It doesn’t mean everybody is 100% on board but at least get some buy-in from both parties.

          • Boots

            This is an ongoing adventure at this point. I just hope the Republicans don’t figure out how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This bill is so messed up Republicans shouldn’t assist with the fix so that Democrats can share the blame. Republicans had no input and have no obligation to fix it… especially in light of Obama today saying that he welcomes input as long as he agrees with it (that’s my interpretation).

      • ObamaYoMoma

        You guys need to stop drinking the kool-aid. So you guys believe that the destruction of the best healthcare delivery system the world has ever experienced was worth it to teach the American people a lesson about big government. You guys sound like Karl Rove bots, i.e., progressives.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    There are no fixes for Obamacare. Obamacare by design forces insurance companies to cancel millions of insurance policies to force people to go to the exchanges. If people were allowed to keep those policies, per Obama’s lie, there would be no one going to the exchanges and Obamacare would simply collapse.