Obamacare May Push Hollywood to Shoot More Movies Overseas


Hollywood loves Obamacare. So long as it, like the unions, Congress and the State of Massachusetts, doesn’t have to live under it. They like Obamacare as an idea, but not as a reality the way that Socialists liked the idea of the Soviet Union so long as they didn’t have to live under it.

Hollywood, which helped sell Obamacare by promoting it in TV shows and is now being recruited by the Obama administration to make the unpopular law look “cool” to youths, is bracing itself for the law’s implementation.

“It’s a morass of regulations and requirements, and everyone’s trying to figure out what their exposure is,” Eric Belcher, president and CEO of Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, told the Hollywood Reporter. “[Obamacare] is thousands of pages and it wasn’t written with this industry in mind.”

The entertainment industry is already having difficulty determining whether employees can be considered full-time or part-time and is fearful of the fines it will face if it chooses incorrectly.

Another issue the health law creates is the outsourcing of productions to foreign countries, since Obamacare’s regulations and fines don’t apply to US citizens abroad.

Studios may find it much cheaper to film in another country and avoid the burden of Obamacare. They may also cut the number of production days in the U.S. in order to avoid paying a penalty or providing health insurance to full-time workers. This would hit independent films and TV pilots the hardest, as they are the least likely to be able to afford Obamacare.

Hollywood is already moving a lot of movies overseas. Obamacare will give them a bigger excuse to do it. And states will try to offset that with taxpayer subsidies so that taxpayers will be funding Hollywood, the way they already fund so many liberal businesses, like Green Energy.

  • VHG1

    Another job killing strategy by the Marxist tool named Obama and his democrat allies who should merge with the CPUSA to end any confusion about what they stand for!

  • OfficialPro

    At this point even Canadian health care is cheaper than USA’s Obamacare.

  • tatave

    What difference does it make?Most of the movies are not shot in the US,but in Canada or other countries.

  • http://www.outsourcingtocostarica.com/ Richard Blank

    Enacted in July 2010, the end result will show North American companies deciding to send appointment setting, sales, lead generation and customer support jobs offshore to stay competitive or risk going out of business. Many business owners will hire a nearshore employee who is 100% qualified and dedicated for their project.

    Bilingual companies are claiming that their bottom line will increase since ESL call center employees in Costa Rica are as effective as transitional in-house staff for half of the cost. This proven strategy will give small to medium sized companies the option to scale up their BPO staff without getting caught in the Obamacare challenge next year.

    Will the delayed start date of OBAMACARE affect the US unemployment rate in 2015? The U.S. healthcare reform (“Obama Care” or the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”) is intended to pressure large and small employers through force and taxation.