ObamaCare to Proceed Without Verification Until After Midterm Elections


A cynical man might think that Obama Inc. was trying to improve their odds in Congress by improving the popularity of ObamaCare by making it into a free-for-all until there’s suddenly a cutoff at 2015.

The Obama administration announced Friday that it would significantly scale back the health law’s requirements that new insurance marketplaces verify consumers’ income and health insurance status.

Instead, the federal government will rely more heavily on consumers’ self-reported information until 2015, when it plans to have stronger verification systems in place.

In other words, you’re eligible for ObamaCare if you say so. Until after the midterm elections when they suddenly stop taking your word for it.

After encountering “legislative and operational barriers,” the federal government will not require the District and the 16 states that are running their own marketplaces to verify a consumer’s statement that they do not receive health insurance from their employer.

“The exchange may accept the applicant’s attestation regarding enrollment in eligible employer-sponsored plan . . . without further verification,” according to the final rule.

Who needs verification anyway? Until the system crashes and then the real rationing kicks in.

  • Anamah

    Now is the time to close IRS and repeal obamacare… We put a flat tax easy to make and without the excessive bureaucratic apparatus too heavy and expensive only good for corruption. America must go back to her essence.

  • m4253y

    Again, Daniel, do some damn reporting. educate your audience. Stop being lazy. Stop inciting stupidity!

    The acts by the muslim in chief to delay the start, end, or what laws he likes/dislikes to enforce are unconstitutional and treasonous.

    The president again is circumventing congress and the American people. He cannot pick and choose when, and more importantly what laws he wishes to implement or enforce outside the agreed to terms enacted into law by congress/senate without the approval of congress, YOU KNOW, the representation of WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

    Congress on Monday needs to be on the doorstep of the Supreme Court to overrule this edict by the muslim dictator in chief and force this obummercare on the people/employers at the agreed to dates of the “enacted legislation” such that the American people can see just what an unmitigated disaster it is and will be and further understand if not now nor before, what a sham this muslim in chief along with that socialist n pos piglosi really are.

    Do some damn work Daniel, you are sloppy and overtly simplistic or genuinely lazy and stupid. Wake up!