Obama’s $1.3 Billion in Syrian Aid Helping Al Qaeda


At the United Nations, Obama said, I “urge all nations here to step up to meet humanitarian needs in Syria and surrounding countries. America has committed over a billion dollars to this effort, and today, I can announce that we will be providing an additional $340 million.”

A billion dollars is a lot of money. 1.34 billion is even more money.

But where is all that money going. Some of it is going to Al Qaeda as this photo of an Islamic State of Iraq (Al-Qaeda in Iraq) commander hanging out in a USAID tent in Syria shows.

The photograph allegedly shows Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) linked Commander Muhajireen Kavkaz wa Sham, along with other rebels dawning battle-gear and an RPG, inside a USAID tent.

This isn’t the first such report.

ISIS have seized weapons and equipment from the Free Syrian Army. And members of the FSA have joined the Al-Nusra Front taking weapons and equipment with them.

Even the non-lethal USAID materials are falling into Al-Qaeda’s hands.

While Obama cuts the military to the bone (while expecting it to fight all his wars) he is squandering billions on aid to terrorists.

It’s the final insult to soldiers whose health care premiums are going up while that money is spent on arming and aiding those trying to kill them.

  • William


    When I print this post, the picture is not part of the printout.

    I save a lot of stories because after a 1,000 it gets tough to remember them all. I like to link news stories that support my arguments. Pictures help.

    Many news sites put the featured picture in the post printout. So I know it is technically feasible. Please let management know.

    The picture that runs with this story is powerful.

    Consider what a picture of Hezbollah firing from a UN observers post in southern Lebanon or from school yards would do to the debate about evil Israelis firing on civilians. It exposes Hezbollah’s game of trying to create collateral damage.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Isn’t this grounds for a charge of treason?

  • Gee

    I wonder why Congress allows this – they are the ones that have to approve all the monies yet the President is giving away billions to support terrorists

  • USARetired

    Is congress really so naive that they do not see what this ‘Ghetto Hopper’ Muslim is doing to support his Brotherhood?