Obama’s Afghanistan Deal Puts Homes Off Limits to US Soldiers


Let’s hope the Taliban never figure out that they can just step into a house and attack American soldiers from there. Just like they’ve been using mosques and human shields to get immunity from attack by using the rules of engagement of American soldiers against them.

The proposed Bilateral Security Agreement announced Wednesday by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Secretary of State John F. Kerry all but prohibits U.S. troops from entering dwellings during combat. President Obama made the vow directly to Mr. Karzai.

“U.S. forces shall not enter Afghan homes for the purposes of military operations, except under extraordinary circumstances involving urgent risk to life and limb of U.S. nationals,” Mr. Obama pledged in a letter to the Afghan leader.

A rare look at today’s classified rules of engagement is contained in the huge investigative file on the Afghan Taliban’s downing of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter last year that killed 30 U.S. troops, including 17 members of SEAL Team 6. The report notes service members’ frustration at seeing people they knew were Taliban fighters during the August 2012 operation in Afghanistan’s Tangi Valley, but they were denied permission to shoot.

An AH-64 Apache gunship pilot said he saw the spot from where Taliban operatives fired the rocket-propelled grenade that felled the chopper.

“Due to [rules of engagement] and tactical directives, I couldn’t fire at the building where I thought the [shooter] was, so I aimed directly to the west of the building,” the pilot testified, according to transcripts obtained by The Washington Times.

The Afghan Surge was a disaster because Obama handicapped American soldiers and then sent them into battle that way resulting in horrifying casualties.

The vast majority of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan were murdered on his watch by the very people he keeps trying to appease. If there was any basis for impeachment, the sheer number of dead American soldiers who didn’t have to die would top the list.

And now, Obama is going to keep US soldiers there while handicapping them even more.

  • Biff Henderson

    If I was a member of the armed services and my MOS put me anywhere near this hellhole I’d gladly do my time at Ft. Leavenworth then agree to be send into harm’s way under these suicidal rules of engagement. Those in the standing Army should write Oblasphemy a personal letter and tell him to prep the FEMA camps because collectively there won’t be enough room in the military prisons for the peaceful rebellion against the madness of the king.

  • A Z

    Any ROE that Karzai, Obama or Kerry would agree are good are not worth using.

    Their children and grandchildren should be made to use such ROE.

    But the buggers have made damn sure their kids will never be in the military, but will be protected by them

  • A Z

    Remember Rush Limbaugh’s joke about the mainstream media reporting?

    “The World ends tomorrow, minorities hardest hit”

    Somehow I can see support troops getting hit harder than advisers. The advisers will be combat troops who will be canny and harder targets.
    That leaves the support troops.

    I wonder how the minority service members are going to feel about Obama getting them kiIIed in higher numbers than would happen under a competent Commander in Chief?

    Terrorists go after the soft target. An American is an American for headline purposes. who is softer, support troops or combat vets?

  • onecornpone

    No doubt, Generalissimo o-Bozo’s latest attempt to force the Right to clamor for or troops return home. Yes, he absolutely IS that vindictive.

  • GSR

    I love those photos of Barry, especially of him at a military base. Its funny, nearly everyone in the armed forces in those photos is a Black woman. Gee, I wonder why that is?
    OF course, there has been a big push by Obama & Co. to “de-White man” the armed forces and it’s working. But those photos…..

    • BagLady

      I watched a documentary on the Army signing up young soldiers. They concentrated on down-trodden, no-hope areas. The recruiting officers, with their shiny buttons and strong jaw bones, were a real draw to new . The offer of training and a future were just too appealing to many and they signed on the dotted line. Within just a couple of weeks, they find themselves on the front line. Cannon fodder.

      As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the West has failed, just as the Russians failed. More and more of our boys are coming home in body bags, more and more Afghans hate us, poppy cultivation is at an all time high and our troops should all go home, never mind leaving a skeleton force of some 9,000 sitting ducks.

      • Drakken

        If it isn’t my favorite commi, well for your information minorities are REMFs for the most part and are in the rear with the gear and whites makeup 90 % of the combat arms including special forces.
        The Russians were winning in asscrackistan until we got ourselves involved and helped the very savages that are killing us now, we should have let the Russians deal with them, they at least are not afraid to break things and kill people.

  • CaoMoo

    Either use the army to destroy the enemy or don’t use them at all and save lives and money under your watch so someone with balls can clean up your mess later. It’s that simple.

  • tanstaafl

    Afghani men need to be able to rape their daughters in peace.

  • Michelle

    Obama should be shot as a traitor to the US constitution, its people, its culture and its dream.
    The only Taliban casualties in a war like this are those that die laughing at the US stupidity in allowing such wastage of US lives. Obama is starting to look like the liberal version of Stalin where casualties matter little.

  • USARetired

    This is by far the most ridiculous thing Dingle Barry and ahole Kerry have ever proposed!, Both should be summarily charged and executed for treason!

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    That’s really too bad.

  • AmbitionsUnited

    This discusion is utterly rediculous. I just want to clarify a few things about what I read. On this feed, I actually read someone named Michelle state “the president should be shot for treason against the constitution”… Wow. That is the President of our country, and although you maynot have voted for him, the majority of the generation that is set to take over the responsibilities of tomorrow, did.
    Which signifies that we do not likle have things been running, we are thinking about 100 years from now, and what that time looks like. The way that we have been running this country, is not the means of which we can sustain the country for ever. He made a few mistakes, every president does. Every person on this earth does. And you want him shot. Its interesting becasue the constitution that you said he should be shot for betraying, is exactly what I think defends him and his decision for agreeing with Afghani leaders to pass this motion.
    If you look at the what the motion agrees to, it looks a hell of lot like our 3rd and 4th ammendment. Which we put in place, because during the civil war, people houses were turned into battlefields, and innocents died. when the war should have been kept away from residential areas. Now most of us werent born during this time, and reading the history books, makes it look more simple that it is.
    It is interesting that when a cop shows up at your door, you say give me a warrant, it is interesting that you have never had to deal with militray personel just busting down your door and using your house as a bunker or a route to catch the person that is perceived at that moment as a possible threat. If that happened to you if you sat in you nice little house, were sitting down to dinner with your family and a group of military personell ran through your house with no notice, and scared you and your children half to death, you may let it go the first time, in the name of justice, but go through that for over 10years all day every day, with bombs going off in the street, and guns blaring, and then you add to it that even though you are a civillian you are all pretty much perceived as terrorists, simply because of how the media portarys you and your country due to a few hundred mens bad decision. You might just want to have your house be a sanctuary too. Especially since outside that door is a war waging, that by all accounts has stopped. Yet you want the President of the United states to be shot, for giving innocent civillians at the request of their own governemnt, to be given the freedom, that we are given everyday, and been very lucky we havent had to use since the civil war.
    the act may be frustrating, but it does protect people, and a sense of normalcy that they deserve. We seem to forget that it is not Obama who put us in this situation, he is simply trying to clean it up, and protect as may people as possible. We seem to forget that I think most of you posting on this sight voted for Bush the first time, and most likely the second time, and then when he bagged the coutry for permission to go to war in the first place, no one thought about the lives of the people who live there, you gave him the green light, with out thinking of other options or the ramifications that this act will have 200 years from now. I was 10 years old and knew that death wasnt the answer, but I could vote. Most of you opn here most likey could, and know you want to “shoot” the guy who didnt contribute to it to begin with, and granted what the governemnt that we invaded and took liberty from what they asked for.
    Like I said, I can see that it is currently frustrating to sodiers there, but they will work it out and find a way to get the guys thuat contributed, after all Obama and his team is the administration that Got Benladin to begin with, It was not bush or any other person.
    Also remember that it is not our country, it is theirs and they have foght to keep for so long, if this is what they want as a country, then we should honor it.The world is full of unlimited possibilites, they will learn how to deal with and slowly the people when asked will give permission to enter, but only after we show that we are worth that trust, and that we really know who is at fault for terrorism. Only after we show them that we are capable of peace. I know, Ive done it.
    I cant believe I have to say this, but unless you are capable of empathy and seeing things from all sides, you probably shouldnt post anything on line, it sticks with you for the rest of your life.
    ohh and ps to the post of tanstaafl, before you make generalized statements about the men and women of Afghanistan, go there meet a few. experience what it is like to live there. I know several civillians there, and stating that fathers rape their daughters was unnecessary. I know more people here that have had that happen then there. Rape happens everywhere it is digusting, but it happens everywhere. In 2012 if Afghanistan there were 160 cases of rape reported, in the USA in 2012 there were 90,000 reported cases. Just some food for thought. Generalizing people is waht lead to hitlers mission. Not understanding and listening to people is what leads to many wars, and future wars that were though of as impossible.
    Again just some food for thought.
    by: Ambitionsunited

  • nalini

    why can’t all these countries withdraw from afghanistan or iraq? why are they destroying their soldiers’ as well as afghanis’ or iraqis’ life? whatever condition those countries are in let it be why is everyone getting involved in other country’s personal matter? photos of afghani and iraqi women being raped and soldiers being dead or coming home after many months, i’m pretty sick of seeing them! i don’t have any sympathy for these soldiers as well because due to lack of media we will never know how they are treating innocent people there. everyone should protest against their government and obama for enjoying with their families and posting pictures online and letting innocent people getting killed everywhere. if somebody attacks your country kick their butts but why invade the whole country like iraq and afghanistan. that’s sad and stupid! and yes my opinion is not biased because i don’t belong to any of the countries whose soldiers are posted in these countries and i’m not even afghani or iraqi (obviously) but seriously do something about this it’s just getting frustrating day by day!