Obama’s Ambassador Orders Egypt to Release All Muslim Brotherhood Members


This may have been filtered through the Egyptian media for that extra nationalistic flavor, but the demands are in line with those already made by Obama and State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Yesterday El Fagr reported that, during their most recent phone conversation, U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson demanded that Egyptian General Sisi release all Muslim Brotherhood members currently being held for questioning: “And when Sisi rejected this order, the American ambassador began threatening him that Egypt will turn into another Syria and live through a civil war, to which Sisi responded violently: ‘Neither you nor your country can overcome Egypt and its people.’”

Moreover, the day before the Salafi party withdrew from negotiations with the new Egyptian government, Al Nahar reported that Patterson had “incited them [the Nour Party, the Salafi party] to tamper with the political scene and the road map and to threaten to withdraw from political participation if Dr. Muhammad Baradei becomes elected as Prime Minister…”

Apparently, these are the “many forms of pressure” that Patterson earlier assured Hishan Qandil the U.S. would use to reinstate the Brotherhood.

Plan B for Brotherhood is moving forward.

  • Veracious_one

    it’s an Obamination…

  • Mel M

    This is vintage neo-colonialism; and demonstrates not only unfathomable warped judgment on the part of the Obama administration, but shows that America is fast becoming the bully imperialist nation that its detractors have accused it of for years. The people of Egypt do not want the Muslim Brotherhood . Why is the American president acting like a star struck groupie for Morsi and his band of brutal and barbaric Islamic thugs?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “This is vintage neo-colonialism; and demonstrates not only unfathomable warped judgment on the part of the Obama administration, but shows that America is fast becoming the bully imperialist nation that its detractors have accused it of for years.”

      It couldn’t be. 0’Bama and the MB are anti-colonial. That’s what they said. Why shouldn’t we believe them?

      • Mel M

        Good point. That must have slipped my mind. When has Obama or the Muslim Brotherhood ever said something that wasn’t true. My mistake.

    • Larry Larkin

      It’s not neo-colonialism at all, it’s a Muslim Brotherhood operative in the Oval office. Simple as that.

  • Drakken

    I never thought the day would come where I would say to the Egyptian military, take that bloody traitor out.

  • Charlotta Jones


    Translated Summary:

    • SECRET agreement between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood (not the Egyptian government) to give 40% of the Sinai and the annexation of that part of Egyptian territory in Gaza. The objective is to facilitate the conclusion of a comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.
    • This agreement was signed by Khairat el Shater (number 2 of the Brotherhood) by Morsi and the Supreme Guide FM.
    • A sum of U.S. $ 8 billion was paid in exchange for FM.
    • The document was seized by the army following the deposition of Morsi. This is the army that has leaked the news.
    • An investigation is ongoing Morsi and El Shater. An arrest warrant was filed against the Guide to FM and other members of his office.
    • FM signatories to the agreement are liable to the death penalty for treason.
    • The Obama administration would try to reach an agreement with el Sissi (chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces): recognition of the legitimacy of the “coup” in exchange for his silence about the secret agreement. But el Sissi would be more interested in the conviction of FM and discredit their organization which is Egypt’s main source of danger.
    • The Republican members of Congress are seriously looking into the case. If proven, the process of Obama impeachment could be triggered.

  • Toni_Pereira

    Send them “Wally”(The US embassador on the Domenican Republic). I’m sure his “skills” will be very appreciated there…

  • capt_z1

    No doubt about it now. Our American president is a dues paying memebe of the muslin brotherhood.

  • Patscholar

    This is absolutely insane. Patterson should be tried for treason. Obama is an Islamophile if not an outright Muslim. His support for the Mulim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syria, Libya, and here in his own administration is treason against the US. Impeach Obama and fire his minions.

  • Infidel51

    Makes perfect sense. The grand poobah has evolved from apologizing and appeasing to actively supporting radical islam across the globe. He has never acted in a way to further US interests. Anyone who examines all of these facts together and still claims that our supreme omam does not place islam before the American people is deluded, or a liar. (Mostly liars).
    As all of the informed people here have surely noted; The muslim in chief has accelerated his shameless support of islam since the election. We are barely 6 months into his second term!
    Our economy is in a death spiral which he seems determined to accelerate with damaging regulations and irresponsible monetary policy. He supports, arms, and ecourages our sworn enemies. He treats the American people as suspects and demonizes Christians and supporters of the Constitution. He uses government agencies to harass, penalize, and silence his political enemies. The media covers up or justifies all of these activities in order to keep the unwashed masses of useful idiots on board.
    Where will we be in 42 months!? If you aren’t scared. You aren’t paying attention.