Obama’s America: Even Convicts are Going on Disability


Everyone is going on disability these days. It’s the easiest job you can find. At this rate, pretty soon the entire country will be on disability and it’ll be fine as long as the 1 percent do their part.

Why shouldn’t cons go on disability. It makes sense. They have a lot of trouble finding jobs in prison and they are experienced at running cons.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) gave more than $1 million in improper disability benefits to 440 prisoners, according to the inspector general.

The Inspector General for the SSA (IG) based its report on a sample of 100 beneficiaries, and found that one-fourth had improperly received disability while they were incarcerated.

No worries. What’s one-fourth between Obama voters?

Roughly 317 prisoners received $879,000 in disability insurance, and 123 more were paid $143,000 despite the SSA having suspended their benefits. A total of $1,022,000 erroneous payments were made.

One man was able to collect $22,056 in disability benefits while he was imprisoned in Staten Island, N.Y.

I blame the Republicans for this. Why shouldn’t that man get the disability benefits he’s entitled to from his purse snatching accident? How is he supposed to earn a living with tennis elbow?

This is America. This is America on Obama.

  • bob e

    i think it’s against their civil rights not to have pizza delivered hot & fresh..

    • Cathy Bergeron

      If that’s true, in my opinion, it’s also perfectly reasonable. Again, let’s stop people from being rewarded for crime.

  • Biff Henderson

    Three hots and a cot on the government’s teat. If all your physical needs are met government disability payments should be suspended during incarceration.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Isn’t prison time supposed to be punishment, and segregating criminals from the rest of us? Sounds like many prisoners have more money in the bank than I have.

  • Scott

    And this bright spot of news as I search daily for ANY job that will pay my bills, after a medical related lay off. I was declared disabled as of Feb 2013, and wont begin to receive my mere 1k per month poverty entitlement until March 2014. Now I see why. Thats why they call it the Criminal Justice system.

    • Nana Monster

      Why do you have to wait so long?? I’m now disabled and went out of work on Feb 2013 and have just received my second check. I had to wait a 6 month “waiting period” and then another month with no income for the first check. Mine was $1k also but I have to pay taxes on the short term I got from work.

      • Scott

        Supposedly it was something I said in my application. I was diagnosed with a whole host of medical problems associated with type 2 diabetes. I was sent home from work in July 2012 as unable to perform my job functions. My feet were finally amputated in Oct of 2012. According to the SSA letter, good news you are disabled, no money until March 2014. I have NO clue what I said, but no income until March of 2014.

        But the bright spot is that all of those inmated including Jesse Jackson Jr. have all the “entitlements” they can digest lavashied upon them. 32 years of being in the work force and my contributions go to those who failed to productively patricipate in society.

        • Nana Monster

          l have arthritis, fibro, lupus, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, 3 blown discs, both knees operated on, nerve damage in legs, upside down heart, slow and missing heartbeats, diabetes, most of my “female” parts have been rearranged or taken out and now I came down with gitches in my brain and severe tremors in my right arm and hand..sometimes they get the upper torso (great when there’s music on). I gave them all of the paperwork I could find in the last year (made copies for myself and have them filed by ailment) and already had a lawyer in backup…just in case I was denied. If I were you please call a lawyer as it shouldn’t be a year..only 6 months for a disability like yours. I’ve worked 35 years and was told there is no retro for workers only if you get SSI not SSD. Check into it and maybe this will help you.

  • Cathy Bergeron

    I wonder when the public at large is going to say “ENOUGH; NO MORE. Common sense — oh, I forgot the government/public at large don’t use common sense — should be able to figure out that if you’re in jail/prison, you DO NOT deserve benefits of any kind. I’m not suggesting that we starve and beat them, but please… let’s stop giving them a “prize” for being in prison/jail. In California you’d be amazed what prisoner rights include. I’d outline some, however, I’d end up sick to my stomach.


    because she has to get back to work.

    Have a great week all.