Obama’s Egypt Coup Position

obama egypt

Obama’s goal in Egypt is to maintain control over foreign aid in order to pressure the Egyptian authorities into restoring the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

That is why Obama is avoiding the “Coup” word. That step would risk taking the leverage of aid out of his hands. Instead this way Obama can turn it on or off, delay individual packages until he achieves specific concessions.

There’s no doubt that Obama and his cronies are angry over Morsi’s overthrow. They’ve made that clear. They have also made it abundantly clear that they want to see the Brotherhood back in power. And their best leverage is aid.

Obama Inc. has avoided going the straight denial route. That involves a losing gamble. And pushing Egypt out of the American camp could open the way for other world powers to step in. Instead of an aid denial, the policy is that of aid ambiguity. Some aid gets denied or delayed, held up in exchange for specific concessions, such as releasing Brotherhood leaders or easing up on Brotherhood protesters or accelerating elections.

That’s the game plan. And it’s why Obama is likely to go on avoiding the Coup word.

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