Obama’s Global Warming Task Force Met as Snowstorm Shut Down Fed Gov


I blame Global Warming

I blame Global Warming

Ah but it’s not Global Warming anymore. After a few too many snowstorms, the Warmists learned their lesson. Now it’s Climate Change. And it’s responsible for all the weather. If weather happens… then climate change caused it.

A winter storm warning from the National Weather Service was enough to close down the federal government’s offices in Washington Tuesday.

But neither snow nor sleet  could keep members of the State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience from their appointed round at the White House.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee tweeted a photo of Tuesday’s first meeting of the task force, which was created by an executive order of President Obama on November 1st as part of his Climate Action Plan.

The meeting was also attended by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn – right after Chicago posted its lowest subzero overnight temperature since 1995 and one day after the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth in East Antarctica.

So how is that “acting on climate” thing working out? Are the polar bears saved yet?

  • O’Paque

    I haven’t seen a lot of liberal zombies anymore on the internet pushing the climate hoax. Even they seem to believe it’s not true, though they won’t go so far as to admit it was a lie.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    And, of course, “climate change” is anthropogenic, right? The Left wins whether Earth is a sweatbox or in a global freezer. Since it’s “caused” by us, they’ve got to shut down coal, get rid of cars, and tax us for breathing and eating burned cow …

    • glpage

      Of course climate change is anthropogenic, even when it’s happening on Mars and Jupiter.

  • happytrails5


  • BS77

    A University Prof told me it would take about a thousand years of climate data to confirm so called global warming for that period of time. Besides, most of the shifts in our temperatures are due to increases and decrease in solar radiation and volcanic output. The Mt. Pinotubo eruption in 1991 blasted more gas, dust, dirt and smoke into the atmosphere than all the human activity in history. 19000 years ago there were ice sheets two miles thick sitting on top of what is today Chicago, Indianapolis and so on….and it all melted away before there was one SUV or jet to blame. Global warming is a THEORY…not a fact……just like the Big Bang or the Tooth Fairy.

  • Icarus62

    Of course we’re still heating up the planet rather rapidly as all the data shows, and there’s no prospect of any serious mitigation measures any time soon, so the best advice anyone can really give is to take steps to protect yourself and those you love.

    Living at sea level is a fairly bad idea, as is living in somewhere that is prone to drought or floods, as both of those factors are likely to get worse as anthropogenic global warming amplifies the hydrological cycle.

    People in high northern latitudes are already finding that houses, roads and pipelines built on previously stable permafrost are now subsiding, so that’s another situation to avoid.

    Areas of the world already prone to extreme heat are going to become effectively uninhabitable in coming decades, as the increased heat will make it physiologically impossible to live and work in such areas.

    The list goes on – do the research and try to protect yourself.