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Obama’s Gun Control Meltdown

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 18, 2013 @ 12:25 pm In The Point | 29 Comments

hysteria [1]

The buzzwords for Obama’s gun control push have been words like “common sense” and ” sensible”. The tactics have been heavy doses of hysteria and emotional blackmail.

After the defeat, Obama doubled down on both, surrounding himself with Giffords, the Congresswoman-Martyr, and a few select Newtown families, whose grief is being exploited for political purposes. In a time when he should have been focused on the events in Boston, Obama tried his best to milk the last dregs of emotion from the Sandy Hook killings.

Observers are calling it a political defeat for Obama, but it smacked of another political stunt. Obama was as happy to lose as he would have been to win because while gun control was one of the purposes of the entire farce, the other was to spread divisiveness and attack his political opponents.

Obama may have lost the first battle, but it’s part of a war that is based on terrorizing suburbanites into believing that their children are about to be murdered in school because the NRA has too much control over politics and the Republicans won’t pass some “sensible common-sense” gun-control measures.

The dominant mode was hysteria. The only argument that the anti-2nd amendment forces were making was emotional blackmail. For weeks, Obama Inc. had been shrieking that the “victims” deserve a vote. But in a democracy everyone gets a vote, not just the designated victims. Especially when the issue is the civil rights of every man and woman in this country.

In the aftermath, the anti-2nders poured on even more hysteria. The dementia can be summed up by this Daily News cover which shoves minor stories like the Boston bombings and the Texas refinery explosion off the front page to let loose another histrionic shriek about the evil monsters who won’t trash the Constitution because they say so.

All these meltdowns are reminders that this was never about a sensible debate or common sense measures. It was about using a crisis to divide Americans, to turn wives against husbands, children against their parents and brother against brother.

Obama Inc. is the most divisive administration in American history, but its tactics have never been as ugly and shameless as this. Now once again Obama will head down to give another “healing” speech, but his partisan exploitation of Newtown shows that he is not interested in healing this country, only in dividing it further.

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