Obama’s Inauguration Prayers Featured Three of Soros’ Anti-Israel Rabbis

All of Obama’s inauguration rabbis were members of the same radical leftist groups opposed to Israel and funded by George Soros. This isn’t a wacky coincidence because the J Street Rabbinic cabinet isn’t that big. Instead Obama deliberately picked three extremist left-wing clergy, “Rabbi” Rick Jacobs, “Rabbi” Julie Schonfeld and “Rabbi” Sharon Brous.

Jacobs and Brous are or were members of the J Street Rabbinic Cabinet, an Anti-Israel organization funded by George Soros. The “Rabbinic” part is a name only as these people are not legitimate clergy, they are left-wing activists dedicated to the destruction of Israel and Judaism.

Rick Jacobs was involved in the New Israel Fund, another extremist left-wing group which funds groups that boycott Israel. Julie Schonfeld was also involved with the NIF and was on the advisory committee for Jewish Funds for Justice. Rick Jacobs was on that same advisory committee.

Jewish Funds for Justice is an extreme left-wing group very closely tied to the Soros family. Soros’ son sits on the board of the merged organization of JFJ and the Progressive Jewish Alliance.

These connections aren’t a coincidence. Obama has gone out of his way to meet with Jewish clergy who are affiliated with left-wing radical groups. White House invitations have neatly gone across the JFJ, American Jewish World Service and J Street nexus, and their associated affiliates and front groups, such as the pseudo-orthodox Uri L’Tzedek.

Sharon Brous sits on the board of Rabbis for Human Rights, whose Israeli affiliate works to drive Jewish farmers off their land and is a rabbinic adviser to the American Jewish World Service. Rabbis for Human Rights is funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute and gave an aware to Aryeh Neier, the president of George Soros’ Open Society Institute. RHR-NA also named Rick Jacobs as one of its supporters.

While Brous tries to conceal her extremism behind the “love and peace” exterior that some of the anti-Israel clergy have begun to throw up, she got her start as a “Rabbinic fellow” at Bnai Jeshurun, the most Anti-Israel “synagogue” in the city which is linked to extreme left-wing groups, including supporters of suicide bombings. Americans for Peace Now included Brous’ ravings in their annual reading.

The Soros Lobby’s push against Glenn Beck for his criticism of the Nazi collaborating billionaire used Sharon Brous as its front for a venture that it described as Al Tirah USA.

Obama’s selection of three left-wing extremists belonging to a small group of interlinked organizations funded by a man who has been at best hostile to the Jewish community, is itself a hostile act. It shows that rather than choosing Jewish Rabbis who authentically represent America’s large community, he instead chose three polarizing figures who reject Jewish values and represent his movement’s biggest financial backer.

  • tarasbalderdash

    I'm not Jewish, in fact I'm not religious, but as a reader of history I've seen a pattern. Those who go out of their way to destroy Israel are themselves on the path to destruction.

  • JacksonPearson

    Nothing is surprising coming from closet Muslim Barack Hussein Obama II…NOTHING.

    “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage,
    Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

    —-Pamela Geller

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Nothing is surprising coming from closet Muslim Barack Hussein Obama II…NOTHING."

      As wicked as he is, he's also very predictable. I'd have been shocked with anything less than 3 out of 3 fake "religious leaders" to stand in and use to attack Israel and believing Jews. There may not have been a single Bible-believing soul at that event as far as I can tell. Not that I'm judging them all, I just hate lying phonies who stand up and act like they represent something in a lead role that they are in fact making a dedicated effort to destroy. That is extremely wicked. Leftists love it.

      • JacksonPearson

        Yes he is very wicked, and an evil person to boot. We've never had a president like this before.

        The church that Obama attended in Chicago with the wrong Rev.Wright, the Trinity United Church of Christ can call itself Christian till the cows come home, but isn't, nor comes close. The rant that is preached from Black liberation Theology pulpits does nothing but keep the fires of racial hate stoked, and does very little about the heart and soul of God's love, and salvation. Chicago's murder rate is the highest in the country.

        Let's just hope Margaret Thatcher's theory correct, of Obama being through, when he runs out of other people's money. Or, if our ball-less congress ever decides to shut the money spigot off to him. that would cut off his ridiculous, and wasteful spending.

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        Never apologize to a left-wing Rabbi, no matter how offended they act, because they rarely, if ever, deserve one. Apologizing to a left-wing Rabbi will only elicit some phony response; which makes one feel quite foolish. They're very good at THAT.

  • beez

    God help us all. I'm not Jewish, nor am I religious, but these "clerics" are sanctifying the destruction of Israel, a goal so wicked as to scarcely be believed. That anyone could even wish for such a thing would have been unthinkable a mere 10 years ago. That few in the government or the liberal establishment understand this, is as incomprehensible as Barack Obama's veiled hatred for America. In any case, we now begin to see the face of Israel's enemies, and Israel's enemies are America's enemies.

    • Cat K

      Ach hit wrong tab- meant to give another thumbs up to you. Sorry & thanks for your support & comment.

    • Palimadar

      Why be surprised? Soros closely cooperated with Nazi high command in his native country, Hungary. It's well documented, as Germans always recorded everything they did, even the hours they went pissing.
      Soros was born into a Jewish family, yet he is a self- hating Jew. Yes..those twisted creatures still lurk about…he would give half his fortune to destroy every entity that reminds him where from he came…Judaism….but with all his fortune, he will Fail. Good thing he resides among U, in the USA…Hungary won't allow him entry, Israel will not let him come close. If not for the good old USA, Soros would be the best example of the "Wondering Jew"…even the Nazis despised him…so not much love for Soros since childhood…

  • Arlie

    If you want to know what's coming from 0 it's CHINA. We have been sold. That is why 0 wants to disarm Americans. China is DEMANDING it be so. There is a video interview with Dr. Jim Garrow a Nobel peace prize nominee that everyone MUST see. Please make it viral http://www.trevorloudon.com/2013/01/obama-to-top-brass-w...

    In addition their is an excellent article that lists all the give aways 44. Plus the U.S. States and Companies involved. by Michael Snyder at http://www.infowars.com/does-china-plan-to-establish-chi...

    Scroll down through this article before you start to read it and just see what's coming.

    This is why the Demoncrat/Commies are spending money like water….they think they have it figured out. They just sold us completely OUT.

    Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and America. Evil is spreading and our Freedom is eroding faster than ever. 0 is a fraud and has NO soul, he will try and split Jerusalem…Don't let him. Please.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah, that figures. The real Red Dawn.

      Fortunately Canada's not completely sold out…….yet. But at least you guys can fight back.

    • Koos

      It seems that worldwide, there is a coin toss between nations turnig Islam or Communist. If my observation is true, you'll have the option of (1) becoming a muslim and eradicating all other religions in the name of allah; (2) becoming a commie and eradicating all religions in the name of crimes against mankind (Marx actually approves of this, as "religion is the opium of the masses" – giving the oppressed hope for the hereafter while the only hope and truth must be HERE AND NOW; (3) becoming a Christian and knowingly die for the Name of Jesus Christ – as He has promised His disciples it would be (Mat. 24) – and with the modern occultism posing as christian mega churches, it will be that those killing christians will believe they are doing a work for God. Option (4) is to stand aside and hope you're not found. Of course, that means no phone, no bank account, no ID or passport, no internet (your nick is already connected to your ID and your phone), no shopping…. wait a bit, that sounds like Revelation 13!!

      • Koos

        The Rooivalk gunship i use on my account is my WordPress pic. I haven't log into that account for years. That's how i can state for certain that your data are all already conveniently compressed for quick retrieval and comparison and tracking.

  • http://twitter.com/nwzPaper @nwzPaper

    "State of the (Monetary) Union 2013"

    The DeRps are incapable of surviving this cancer intact.

  • foranconsulting

    Following are important Soros Quotes re: Israel. “I think there are enough Jews to take care of Israel.” He has also blamed Israel and the Israel Lobby for the unrest in Egypt: “The main stumbling block is Israel…and some U.S. supporters of Israel are more rigid and ideological than Israelis themselves. Fortunately, Obama is not beholden to the religious right…The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is no longer monolithic or the sole representative of the Jewish community.” Source "Erroneous Drones: Saving the Economy from Legions of Self-Destructive Liberals" http://amzn.to/NLG7Z2 for further original sources.

    Also important to understanding Soros born George Shwartz was that as a teenage boy he was an anti-Semitic traitor working for the Nazis going door to door confiscating property from the Jews before the Jews were sent to Auschwitz. See 60 Minutes Interview with Steve Croft that aired December 20, 1998

  • Marianne Lordi

    Those who go against Israel are actually going against God himself. It is He who will repay this evil! Israel will not be destroyed for the hand of God is more powerful than all the weapons of this perishing world.

    "Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep". Psalm 121

    • Bren


  • Ruth Ben-Or

    Whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes mad.

  • Ar'nun

    It's time that we Jews start being a little bit pickier about who accept into our group. These three are not Jews. They are the disgraced children of Jews. And what ever school graduated and accredited them as Rabbi's should be shut down immediately.

  • asd2mom

    The election of Rick Jacobs is the reason my family left the Reform movement. We realized at that moment, that these so-called Jews are no longer interested in the survival of Judaism or anyone who is truly proud of their Jewish heritage. These individuals are modern day kapos-since they are funded by a Nazi collaborator I suppose the label really fits doesn't it?

    • thatsitivehadenough

      Boy, you appear to rub a lot of people the wrong way, but I like your style and your comments. Keep up the good work!

  • Firebird

    Soros need to be banned from america and his leftists groups need to go with him and he can take his contaminated money with him

  • bulbsnather

    Obama wants to declare marshal law and take weapons away from everyone weather they are good or bad, he wants marshal law, he claims to be christian, but he contributes to the Muslim brotherhood, who vows to destroy Israel, he wants to amend the constitution, so he can keep running for president or dictator? he says he has Israels back? china does not trust him, they think he is a traitor to his country, according to what is on the web, and action speaks louder than words, he wants more mosks in the usa, he wants sharia law, he will turn his back on Israel, he will tell them i gave you the iron dome system, now you are on your own, he wants Iran to have a nuckular weapon, he has been stalling, he is a type anti Christ.