Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Block Causes Environmental Disaster

This is what happens when your idea of best sustainable practices involves blocking a secure pipeline and instead relying on Warren Buffett to transport your oil.

A mile-long train hauling oil from Canada derailed, spilling 30,000 gallons of crude in western Minnesota on Wednesday, as debate rages over the environmental risks of transporting tar sands across the border. …

There has been a rapid increase in rail transport of crude in the last three years as booming North American oil production has outgrown existing pipeline capacity.

“Railroads travel through population centers. The safest form of transport for this type of product is a pipeline.”

But Warren Buffett has a piece of the rail business, but doesn’t have a piece of the pipeline. And he has a very big piece of Obama Inc.

So Western Minnesota gets a 30,000 gallon oil spill and Obama Inc. supporters get to parade around with signs and giant puppets warning about the dangerous of fracking pipelines and polar-bear killing oil.

Of course we could have avoided this if Obama had cracked down as hard on oil as he did on coal, forcing us to depend entirely on clean green wind and solar.

And then our senior citizens could be freezing to death the way they are in Europe, where wind and solar are synonyms for energy poverty.

  • Edward Cline

    "And then our senior citizens could be freezing to death the way they are in Europe, where wind and solar are synonyms for energy poverty." And killing off people is also part of the environmental agenda, by letting them freeze to death, or die of heat stroke when the A/C is too expensive to run. It all figures. Meanwhile, the Obama daughters frolic in the Bahamas with their 25 secret service agents, and the whole Obama family is probably at this very minute planning another outing to Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard. Let'em eat cake, they say to us.

  • JacksonPearson

    Four more years of Obama really meant, four more years of pushing America backwards to the stone age!

  • Rifleman

    I'm just waiting to find out how this is all George W. Bush's, Dick Cheney's, and Halliburton's fault, because we know it couldn't possibly be Obama's or Warren Buffet's fault.

  • SuicidePrevention

    The train was Canadian Pacific Railway, not Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Burlington
    Northern Santa Fe. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/03/28/us-usa-
    But it's true that BNSF, like Canadian Pacific, has been moving lots of oil recently.
    Pipelines within the USA don't need presidential approval. Only border crossings.
    The recent increase in tight oil in North Dakota is also moved southand east partly by truck, rail and barge.
    Pipeline builders don't want to build unless they expect those oil
    fields to last for decades. The tar sands will last for decades. The tight oil from North Dakota?
    Some people think the flow will peak within the next few years and then decline rapidly.

    • undrprsr

      The article never said this was BNSF,it said buffet has a "piece of the rail business"!

      • eddy.canuck

        Canadian Pacific (CP) has had a long association with BNR (now +SF) due to its western resource customer base and Pacific shipping orientation. Now more than ever I believe those connections run deep as its new COO worked at BNR+SF – as did new CP CEO Hunter Harrison (formerly with CNR). It is likely because of this close cooperation that CP has the guts to embark on this innovative project of shipping Canadian heavy crude oil by rail.

  • SuicidePrevention

    Pipelines rupture and spill also. http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/translating-uncl
    •Marshall, Mich.: A Canadian oil pipeline ruptures on July 26, 2010, releasing 840,000 gallons into Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River.
    •San Bruno, Calif.: A 56-year-old natural gas transmission line explodes on Sept. 9, 2010, killing eight people and destroying 55 homes.
    •Romeoville, Ill.: On the same day of the San Bruno blast, workers discover a leaking oil pipeline outside Chicago, which ends up spilling 250,000 gallons.
    •Cairo, Ga.: A corroded gas pipeline explodes while a utility crew is repairing it on Sept. 28, 2010, killing one worker and injuring three others.

    •Alberta, Canada: A Canadian oil pipeline running from northern Alberta to Edmonton ruptures on April 29, 2011, spilling roughly 1.2 million gallons.
    •Brampton, N.D.: The relatively new Keystone oil pipeline from Canada springs a leak on May 7, 2011, releasing 21,000 gallons into rural North Dakota.
    •Laurel, Mont.: Exxon Mobil's Silvertip oil pipeline ruptures on July 1, 2011, spilling an estimated 42,000 gallons into the flooded Yellowstone River.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Pipelines rupture and spill also."

      Any method is only as safe as it's implementation and operation. The pipeline was demonized as extraordinarily harmful. Having diversity of choice and strict standards for safety is what the government should encourage and regulate.

      • SuicidePrevention

        I agree that government should regulate. BP's executives should have been jailed and the compnay fined into bankruptcy before their Macando spill in in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. http://www.businessinsider.com/bp-has-been-fined-
        Our government, both parties, will only slap wrists of big business. That's because the regulators make big bucks and their egos swell riding the revolving door between big business and government.

        • Western Canadian

          Actually, the lack of standards in that instance was due to a 'favour' being granted to the party in power, to BP…. Guess who…. Not Bush.

          • Western Canadian

            Sorry, should be 'FROM" the part in power.

    • patron

      You lump in refined and natural gas infrastructure including residential service lines which often leak due to some moron digging in their backyard with the backhoe they stole from their construction site.

      Due to the insane environmentalism, the oil industry is incredibly stringent in comparison to other manufacturing industries. You screw up you are fired and may go to prison like the Cameron engineer who did not put in the blowout preventer on the deep water horizon.

      Good intentions will not lead to good outcomes especially with the amount of thought put into protests by the modern environmental lobby and the rabid-for-any vote Democratic party. Environmentalists should start with how many million humans they want to freeze or starve to death to keep America "carbon neutral".

    • undrprsr

      A 56 yr old pipeline bursts sept 9th 2010,I would think they have inproved the technology since 1956,back then the only phone was a rotary dial and a V8 engine produced what 200 HP,how oid were the other pipelines?

    • ytdontplay

      And then there was the Gulf of Mexico deep water Horizon rig oil spill which Obama milked it as long as possible in order to destroy the independent Cajun culture who have lived off the gulf coast marshes and swamps for hundreds of years because they were not fans of his and didn't vote for him.

    • gee59

      Let's compare the the spills to amount of product being moved. Am willing to bet that you will find that railroads are at least 1,000% more likely to have a spill per ton of product than say pipelines

  • http://twitter.com/quark1912 @quark1912

    Good thing these railway lines were built a hundred or more years ago. Environmentalists would block like that undertaken by the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railways during the 1860's.

  • Western Canadian

    One comment about this form of Canadian oil: whenever you hear anyone, bought-off "scientist", over the hill actor, brainwashed student, scum bag politician, or anyone else use the phrase "tar sands", you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that you have heard from an ignorant jackass, or a knowing liar. There is no such thing in Canada as a "tar sands". They do not produce tar, which is a by-product of coal. They produce oil.

    • Mary Sue

      you know what's really stupid? Years ago when I was still in school (many many moons ago), the name I was taught for the oilsands was….. the Tar Sands. I kid you not. And nobody was making any noises about Global Warming back then, either. In Canada.

  • truebearing

    Seniors freezing in Europe? I believe that is what the Environmental Left wants. They want to de-industrialIze, stop large scale farming, deny health care to those they deem unworthy, abort as many babies as possible, etc. The net effect is that people would die off in large numbers due to exposure, starvation, illness, etc. It would create a negative situational eugenics where tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions would die without the Left being directly culpable.

    The Left still chafes when reminded of their track record of 150,000,000 democides in the 20th Century so they've become more subtle — still trying to succeed by committing mass murder, but slightly less obviously.

    • Spider

      You forgot Obamacare is also going to kill off undesireables – pretty soon they will start checking which party you vote for before giving you medical care…Just like China

  • pyeatte

    I am trying to see what the disaster is. You have a 30,000 gallon spill, you clean it up. Nothing magic about that.

  • Ohio Resident

    Why do we need the pipeline ??? The oil could be refined in the upper midwest. It can be used through out the midwest. As of today Canadian oil from this region can only be sold to the United States. The oil companies want this pipeline to the gulf because they can sell it on the world market and not to the U.S. Canada will never build a pipeline to their west coast or the Hudson Bay because of environmental issues. They have to sell to the U.S. or no one. Why would anyone one want a pipeline built so that the oil companies can ship this oil to China or India. Keeping refineries pumping in the midwest keeps LONG TERM employment possible and North America more energy independent !!!! Pushing for this pipeline instead of having it refined in North Dakota and used in OUR markets is foolish.