Obama’s NASA Spent $390K on Cartoon “Green Ninja” to Fight “Coal Man”

green ninja

Obama trashed NASA turning the space agency into a Muslim self-esteem program with no space vehicles. And since then his appointees have found important ways to spend what little money is left in its budget after the space shuttle was shut down and the replacement vehicle cancelled.

Green energy cartoons.

 The agency spent $3 million for a seminar on “how the legislative process really works” in Congress; $237,205 to study red crabs; and $390,000 to create a cartoon superhero, the “Green Ninja,” to teach children about global warming.

The character fights his archenemies “plastic man, coal man, and junky corporate man.”

“These are only a few of the 100 examples of government mismanagement and stupidity included in Wastebook 2013,” Coburn writes.

Let’s learn more about our mysterious taxpayer-funded superhero who hates cheap energy and loves crony capitalist windmills.

With NASA’s manned space flight programs grounded for the foreseeable future, the agency seems to have shifted its focus from making contact with little green men to teaching children about fictional green ninjas.

The “Green Ninja” is a cartoon superhero created to motivate “kids to take action on climate change.” Eugene Cordero, one of the creators, says “the goal of the project is to make the Green Ninja the new Smokey the Bear.”

The animated climate-action superhero has a number of enemies he must defeat, including “a carbon ninja — the Green Ninja’s archenemy —, plastic man, coal man and junky corporate man.

Based on this photo, I’m going to go ahead and say that the plan has failed miserably. But this isn’t about whether kids want to see a chubby man draped awkwardly in green cloth pretend to be an environmental ninja. It’s about programming them with Global Warming hoaxes while the snow falls outside.

If you want to see what $390,000 in stolen taxpayer money looks like, that could have gone to space exploration, feast your eyes on the Green Ninja Show.

It’s like something a local principal who still fantasizes about becoming a standup comedian would make and send around to television networks only to be laughed at.

But when your cause is green, the money is always there no matter how lame you may be.

  • DogmaelJones1

    The jerk works with a hand puppet??? I think now the “Space” in NASA means the empty void in the craniums of its managers and propagandists, a “frontier” Captain Kirk wouldn’t want to explore.


    The Obamacare website works perfectly so a ObamaNASA space program will be just as successful.

    Outreach to islamist savages will only turn NASA into a savage program.

  • WalterBannon

    NASA has become a joke. They are pathetic Luddites.

    • BS77

      Just love to watch the delusional global warming liberals getting driven to their hot air conferences in stretch limos and private jets…..it is just that absurd.

  • DogmaelJones1

    The guy looks like he’s swathed in sample curtain fabric from Wal-Mart’s home furnishings department. Add a mask and he could be dubbed “The Green Hezbollah Ninji Man.” What a joke.

  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    NASA Now Another Sophist Abomination

    • tickletik

      Now Another Socialist Abomination


  • A Z

    “The character fights his archenemies “plastic man, coal man, and JUNKY CORPORATE man.””

    The left is always casting aspersions and and playing semantic games. The saying about lawyers arguing before court is: “If you have the facts argue the facts, if not argue the law if it is on your side, if not just argue.” That is pretty much the MO of the left along with the indoctrination and semantical games.
    corporation (Merriam Webster)
    1 a : a group of merchants or traders united in a trade guild
    1 b : the municipal authorities of a town or city
    2: a body formed and authorized by law to act as a single person although constituted by one or more persons and legally endowed with various rights and duties including the capacity of succession
    3: an association of employers and employees in a basic industry or of members of a profession organized as an organ of political representation in a corporative state
    There is nothing inherently evil about a corporation. But they are a punching bag for the left.

    • belfast

      It is actually like this.
      1. IF the law is on your side, hammer the judge.
      2. IF the facts are on your side, hammer the jury.
      3. IF neither, hammer the table.

  • Hass

    I can see what will happen in the near future if this nonsense keeps up. NASA will start to lose its top engineers to other countries.

    • blert

      They’re simply retiring en masse.

  • Well Done

    When will Green Ninja, fight non American Moslem President man?


    It’s incredible that political propaganda this blatant gets funded even by a Democratic Congress. If Republicans take the Senate, this is one item that surely needs to be zeroed out of the next budget. And yes, it is worth shutting down the government over.

  • lessthantolerant

    More proof the Triad of Propaganda (Education, Media and Entertainment) are busy working to help dumb down fellow Americans to comply with the great robbery of our treasury for their benefit.

  • joshuasweet

    but they want to cut the military funds and not these programs.